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Thu 26th Jul 2012

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Ninjuggernaut commented on Zero Escape Series Director Struggling to Find...:

By God. Please everyone support this. In all honesty 999 is probably my favorite game of last gen and just a few days ago I secured a copy of VLR online.

If you haven't played either of them yet do yourself a favor and go get them. I promise you, they will not disappoint, and afterwards you will definitely be willing to support this third game



Ninjuggernaut commented on Matters of Import: Shining Force Gaiden: Final...:

I only wish more of the original shining force titles made it over from the east. I've only played the first 2 for the genesis, but from what I've seen from videos the later entries really missed the mark.

Such a shame too. Shining Force II is still one of my favorite games ever and it would have been nice to see the series evolve to say, where FE Awakening is now. Hopefully these releases will get plenty coverage on the Japan Eshop