We've had a number of enquiries about how many SD card blocks are required for upcoming release Animal Crossing: New Leaf, which is of little surprise as the daily commitment that the game demands is perfectly suited to a download. Intriguingly, the results vary slightly depending on region.

Our man in North America, Jon Wahlgren, has been playing in order to post his dispatches as Mayor of Trash, and reports a block size bang on 6,000 blocks. Our Editor Damien McFerran has the UK download, and reports a size of 6,336 blocks, with the extra memory perhaps accommodating localisation content such as translated text or region specific items. Either way, that's only just over a third of the beastly block size of Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, with the slightly larger UK version equating to roughly 0.77GB; it's a decent chunk out of the bundled 2GB SD card in a standard 3DS, but not too horrific.

So there you go, a hefty download without being too damaging. Let us know whether you plan to download this title when it lands, or whether you're kicking it old-school with the boxed retail version.