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Players looking to download Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D from the eShop in May should get a sizable SD card ready. We can confirm that the platformer, a remake of the Retro-developed Wii hit, weighs in at a hefty 17,693 blocks, making it one of the largest downloads in the eShop — for comparison Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is 14,284 blocks. By estimates based on the principle — widely believed — that eight blocks represent 1MB, that makes Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D roughly 2.16GB in size.

All standard 3DS models are packaged with a 2GB SD card, while 3DS XL models get a 4GB equivalent; naturally that makes an upgrade mandatory for those on the original storage in the smaller system. For players who buy most of their retail games via eShop download, an SDHC card with more space may prove useful, and they can be found at reasonable prices through various retailers.

Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D has been developed by Monster Games and will be released on 24th May in the USA and Europe.

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