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funny cool easy to get used tooo

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I play video games i own a PS4 PS3 PS Vita 3DSXL Wii U Nexus 7 i play rpg platformers arcade FPS puzzle Tower defense no i dont share my 3ds friend code unless if i actually know you

Sun 20th Nov 2011

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crazyangrygamer4 commented on Game Breaking Pokémon X & Y Bug Affecting Som...:

IM surprised that the President of Game Freak and the head master of Nintendo ALLOWED this to pass by that's what you get when your rushing im probably sure it wasn't meant to upset gamers probably they just didn't double check the 1sth 500hundered copy's of x and y



crazyangrygamer4 commented on Talking Point: E3 2013 Is All About The Games:

i think that Nintendo wants to discontinue the basic set is because they are afraid of competition and they are afraid that Sony and All in one Xbox will be more powerful than the Wii u its a shame that game stop has to return them all after E3 i wonder if they will still be releasing Smash brothers U this fall the games for the brand new system are insanely high priced and i think that's why its not selling cause i know Nintendo try to sell a certain number of Units of the system and they been failing pretty bad. i think if they cut all the prices on the video games maybe more people will buy them and more games will be made



crazyangrygamer4 commented on Scribblenauts Unlimited:

its not in 3d in in 2D i dont think they have anything in this game expect the title that says scribblenauts unlimited in 3d and i also think the intro of the game and the ending is in 3d ts the only game i cant tell wether its in 3d or not



crazyangrygamer4 commented on Madden NFL 13:

hopefully this is better than the 3DS style i wasnt to happy with what they did i would rather get this for the ps3 instead it runs better on the ps3 better but who knows maybe this might be a good game for the system i dunno hope its worth my money



crazyangrygamer4 commented on 3DS eShop Set for Maintenance in Europe, Right...:

Euros are sooo freaking Lucky they get Better much better VC Content than us Americians lucky hay is anybodys wiishop not working mine isnt i wonder why
my internet is on my wifi is on im just not getting anything my mom payed the bills or at least i hope soooo



crazyangrygamer4 commented on Talking Point: The Possibilities of New Super ...:

im sorry for being off topic but Is Rollercoaster Tycoon for the 3DS NOT Comeing out in 2012 they said october and they also said may of this past may now i don see it in the upcoming games and its funny i was able to preorder this i preorder a big freaking scam was this game sopost to be a Joke or is it just being post pone



crazyangrygamer4 commented on Review: Retro Pocket (DSiWare):

This looks good i havent seen any good DSIWARE Apear on the 3DSESHOP lATELY THAT ARE COOL YA IT MIGHT BE A kNOCKOFF OF GAME AND WATCH BUT ITS 8 IN 1 CANT BEAT THAT Sorry i had my caps on opps



crazyangrygamer4 commented on Nintendo Lists Game Boy Advance Title for 3DS ...:

okay whats missing from GBA for ESHOP

Pokemon ruby
Pokemon sapphire
Super mario advance
Super mario advance 2
Sonic Advance
Bomberman Story
Donkey Kong Country

im not done yet

Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure
Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories
The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night

that is what should be on for GBA VC For 3DS