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New Super Mario Bros. U Update Arriving with Luigi's DLC

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Remember that Wii U Pro Controller you bought?

While the updates to the browser-based Miiverse attracted the most attention yesterday, it seems that an additional message was posted in Japan to confirm a planned update for New Super Mario Bros. U, which will arrive shortly before or on the same day as the arrival of the downloadable version of New Super Luigi U.

The update will include two features. The first will allow you to buy the New Super Luigi U DLC from within the Mario title's software, without the infrastructure forcing you to the eShop — a notable improvement over the purchasing model in other games to date. In addition, the update will add controller support for the Wii U Pro Controller, the absence of which was slightly baffling in the first place; this should be helpful for those that want some multiplayer fun but don't have a lot of Wii Remotes sitting around.

With New Super Luigi U arriving in North America and Europe, in its downloadable form, on 20th June, it won't be long before this update and a whole lot of new platforming goodness arrives; those waiting for the boxed version of Luigi's adventure will need to wait longer, as it hits Europe on 26th July and North America on 25th August. The DLC version is also confirmed to be $10 less than its physical retail equivalent, at $19.99, in the U.S.

Are you planning to pick up the DLC version of New Super Luigi U using your copy of the Mario title, and will you make use of the Wii U Pro Controller support? Let us know in the comments below.


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User Comments (75)



Ravyu said:

Finally, a Nintendo game that supports the Pro controller. I have hope now that other Nintendo games will follow suit



MrWalkieTalkie said:

I remember day 1 with Wii U. I was about to play NSMBU with my bro and we had our fancy Pro Controllers ready only to find out its not compatible for this game and so we returned them. Now you're telling me we can use!?



Zach777 said:

Getting the DLC. Unnecessary box is unnecessary. Though it would be a nice collectable, mind you. 10 extra dollars will go well elsewhere... Perhaps towards Mutant Mudds D-Lux???



Whopper744 said:

Cool! I was wondering why that controller didn't work with that game to begin with.



gaby_gabito said:

I am really looking forward to this update! I will be getting the Luigi DLC, both soft and hard versions (I'm going to try and collect more from now on). Looking forward to all the new stuff the Wii U brings!



MadAdam81 said:

I use pro controller for Most Wanted U, FIFA & Blops 2, and quite often with VC games too. They are great controllers, and it was puzzling to find out that I hand to go and find all my Wiimotes and some batteries (at least I got the Energizer Gamepad charger with 2 docking cradles & rechargable batteries for Wiimotes as well).
One of the best thing about the pro-controllers is that they go for ages without needing to be charged again, and they charge via USB plugged into anywhere.



Kolma said:

certain parts in NSMBU require tilting, will these get moved to the right analog?



Bob-t-Gmaestro said:

They should make NintendoLand pro controller compatible. Chasing Mario with a Dpad hurts after awhile.



TheEmerlLad said:

me and buddy have been dying over this to happen. I'm glad they made the necessary output. super Luigi U sounds better and better!



Azikira said:

Still aiming for the boxed edition, but the Pro Controller news is pretty good. :3



ueI said:

I don't yet have a WiiU or NSMBU. If they release a bundle with both the original and Luigi game, I will buy that. Otherwise, I'll download the DLC.



Blue_Yoshi said:

Well considering I haven't even got past the second world I'll try and beat the game with the pro controller first before getting the boxed version of Luigi U.



Shworange said:

So when playing multiplayer, can one person use the game pad and one use the procontroller now, or is multiplayer still relagated to wiimotes?



Yoshi3DS said:

how long will the boxed version be available for because its limited edition is it not?



Tasuki said:

Wow that will be nice but I have to ask will the boxed version of Super Luigi U also have pro controller support? What about the Wii CCP does either game support that as well?



mike_intv said:

I plan to get the stand alone version. 10 dollars more is worth not having to take up so much space on an already crowded internal memory.



AzureShadow said:

Nice also wondering the same as Tasuki will it support my Wii CCP or should I just buy the WiiU Pro controller for future games that may only support that.



ULTRA-64 said:

But still no numchuck/remote combo support??? Only put an hour into Mario b4 it got to me I couldn't do it....not gone back!!!



Kolma said:

@ChaosAngel Just popped in game and switched motion control to on..
All it does is disable steering, no tilt motion in the Pro Controller.
Not sure what you got going on there.



ledreppe said:

Getting the DLC for sure, and welcome the Pro controller support. Does anyone know if u need a save file with the game finished to use the DLC, as I've lost my save file.



sonicfan1373 said:

They should really add Pro Controller support for some of the Nintendo Land attractions as well (like Mario Chase, Luigi's Ghost Mansion, and Animal Crossing).



Sean_Aaron said:

I will also be getting the DLC. I only use my CC Pro for Virtual Console games so I never had a use for the Wii U Pro Controller myself. It does seem odd to have a Nintendo game which doesn't support it, though I had thought it had gyroscopic innards and tilt sensors which might have been a mistaken assumption.



Fazermint said:

Just let me get this straight:
The New Super Luigi U game will be just as big as the original (as in amount of levels)? And it will retail at half the price of the original?
Then I'll just skip the original and get the Luigi version, lol



Dreamcaster-X said:

@Fazermint Well the levels now have a shortened amount of time to get through them as Luigi and only the Luigi levels will be playable. You will still need the Super Mario U game to take advantage of the full game.



Raylax said:

Those wondering if this is the same size as the original: Remember that whilst it does have same number of levels, they're like the DLC coin rush levels in NSMB2. Limited timer, so you'll be doing a lot of running to the goal with less exploration, the levels will likely be considerably shorter too.



Yoshi3DS said:

i think that the 100 second thing is an absolutely horrible idea. still excited though. will there be a different last boss?



bassoongoon said:

Cool! The pro controller would be more comfortable for this game than the Wii U gamepad. With regards to New Super Luigi U, I am going to get the retail copy. Gotta love that green box!



redoschi said:

I have 1 Wii Remote (didn't have a Wii), 1 Pro Controller and the Gamepad! The only time I played true multiplayer on NSMBU was when some friends brought extra remotes as just 1 playable character and another player in the gamepad isn't multicharacter (even if it is technically multiplayer)!



GiftedGimp said:

I'm more interested in the update enabling eShop purchases within the game. Is this only for SMBU or universal? Hopefully universal as Zen Pinball has shown the need to enter eShop to purchase dlc is a painfull way to do things and it will also make it easier for developers to market dlc... Past AC3 dlc i've not even noticed appear untill after the fact as it is buried away on eStore, unless you specifically go to the game entry in eStore.



hYdeks said:

They should have had the Pro controller support from the begining, but happy they are not fixing that issue. As for Luigi U, got Mario U, but I will be getting the retail version, don't like DLC very much.



Alienfish said:

Pikmin 3 is also confirmed to support the controller. I can only imagine that all future games from Nintendo will support the Pro Controller to some extent. It is a fifty dollar peripheral that has just been collecting dust so far, after all.



MrGawain said:

I've been using the Pro Controller quite a lot since I got Injustice, and have being using it on Sonic Transformed. On the games that support it it's nice to have the Pad propped up on its stand like a mini TV or separate map/item screen or while you use the pro.

Shame I completely finished Mario 3 months ago though!



Ambermoon said:


Would you expand the details in the game overviews with the size of downloadable games/content?
E.g. I wanted to buy the download version of "Need for Speed Most Wanted Wii U" (although knowing that the retail version is much cheaper, just wanted to try a gbig budget download game and its loading speed), but looking at the game details on your site I didn't find this information - as goes for other games,too - so I'm not sure whether the free space on my Wii U is enough.

Or did I just overlook this piece of information?



WiiLovePeace said:

I'm greatly looking forward to the Pro Controller part of the update, I've wanted to play it with my Pro Controller for a while now. As for Luigi DLC, I might wait until I've completed the main game, or I might buy it before then, depends on the price (the retail version is quite expensive in Australia) so we'll see.



miiandmario said:

Awesome I still havent gotten Mario U but I will get it very soon and then get the DLC version of Luigi U.



UnseatingKDawg said:

Hey, another game I can use the Pro Controller for! And I'll be snagging both the DLC and retail versions of New Super Luigi U.



ikki5 said:


kind of strange that you would return should have know that there will be at least games coming out that support them and possibly updates for current games to support.... Just returning it because it didn't work for one game seems.... a little odd.



WaxxyOne said:

Pro controller support at last! Now hopefully I can play multiplayer with my friends without having to employ the silly "shake the controller" move to do a spin jump. This is very welcome news, and I'll definitely be picking up New Super Luigi U as soon as it's out. More 2D Mario = Happy me!



WaxxyOne said:


You baffle me, sir. You own Mario U, but you're not going to download Luigi U for 10 bucks cheaper because you don't like DLC? You'd rather have two discs to play the same content you could play with one, again at a cheaper price? The only reasons I can think of for not liking DLC would be lack of storage space, no Internet connection, or you just dislike companies charging extra for "content that should have been included in the first place."

So, tackling those one at a time, 1) Storage space, I suppose that could be a concern if you have the basic model, but I seriously doubt the space requirements here will be very high. They're utilizing all the same graphics and sound assets, so the only thing you're really downloading is a little bit of code and level data. If it's over 100 megs in size, I'd be shocked, and that's a high estimate. 2) No Internet connection... Well, you're here, so I'm assuming that's not an issue. Is it the time to download? See my point about small size above. Most likely you'd have it quicker if you downloaded it rather than running to the store. And 3) Content should have been included. First off, in this case, I don't see that at all. Nintendo delivered a rich, fully fleshed-out game with Mario U, even including bonus content like challenges and extra game modes, and these levels have obviously only been developed since after the game was released. But, secondly and more importantly, if you disagree with the "price gouging" aspect of DLC, why are you planning on spending 10 MORE DOLLARS for the same content on a physical disc?

So very confused.



ROB98374 said:

You probably weren't talking to me, but I bought 4 pro controllers and was very unhappy that Super Mario didn't support them. I will actually play it now! I also will buy the disc to collect and buy the DLC to play.



KongFu said:

I never understood, why they did not implement the pc functionality in the first place. But much appreciated. Will be getting the crisp green retail edition of the Luigi DLC though...



fluggy said:

Too little to late!!! Couldn't believe my new Mario game wasn't compatible with Pro Controller. . . How hard could it have been to release a day 2 patch to allow support!!! Even Trine 2 got a Pro Controller patch very early on! Unacceptable!!!



Araknie said:

@MrWalkieTalkie What you returned a controller just because it wasn't supported on one game?

EIGJSJIGJIJR8IFJU895GJE98FRG8UU89R9G8URE89 01010102010011010101030. Error.



DarkNinja9 said:

of course! but im getting the DLC version since i also find the box is unnecessary along with paying $10 more D= but it does look nice so idk i might get it later on

what they need to do is make the gamepad turn off if you are already using another controller <.<



LavaTwilight said:

I'd be buying it for sure, but I'm undecided on the downloadable version or retail... retail will look really nice and if, for whatever reason, they pull the option to download it, the boxed edition will become incredibly rare and valuable. Saying that the digital version will probably be cheaper in the UK too, and will be here sooner



readypembroke said:

NSMBU would be cooler with support for the nunchuck and CCP, as I have both. Next week is going to be cool because I am getting a WiiU!!!! (Thanks Gamestop!) with NSMBU and hopefully Assassin's Creed III and maybe Black Ops II!



DudeSean said:

I will be getting the Luigi game as DLC and I will be using the pro controller.



MadAdam81 said:

@kakah personally, I don't use variable triggers. The only time I might would be a Sunday driving simulator, but you can map the accelerator to one of the analog sticks, and if you can change your brain to actually play a racing game that way (and assuming other racing games allow you to remap the accelerator), then it won't matter if you need variable accelerators when playing racing games.



Marioman64 said:

2 month delay on the boxed copy? WELL, good thing I decided to go digital in the first place. why would I even want to have to swap discs to swap to luigi mode anyway?



Marioman64 said:

@supered91 um, of course. it's a Wii U, so of course Wii remotes will work. you don't even need the motion plus included ones. I still use my four wii remotes from when the wii first came out and they work fine, except the one that died from an orange juice acciden



ungibbed said:

Just finally catching news of this overshadowed by the Super Luigi U content more Pro Controller love! Needless to say I was rather frustrated by the limited battery life of the game pad for single player. I hope the patch has a SNES button layout for the Pro. After buying two Pro controllers I was rather annoyed that I'd be waiting for the days of the new Super Smash Bros offering support for them.

I feel that Pro Controller support should be mandatory in all Wii U games. Next up is hope for Lego City to get an update.



daveh30 said:

@ungibbed I can't see games like Lego City or ZombiU getting support for the Pro. Those games (and others) were designed to use the gamepad as a fundamental part of the gameplay and switching to the Pro would require a large over haul that would change the entire experience (especially in the case of ZU) It's the same reason those games don't offer off-tv play, and won't... they were designed to use the 2 screens.



ungibbed said:

@daveh30 that I can understand in a realistic form where games designed for the game pad are stuck using it as the developer intended. Other games though that make minimal use of the game pad features should be able to be played by the pro controller.

Games like Lego City with a patch could do much the same as what's displayed on the game pad screen could easily pop up in a window or corner of the screen for much the same features.

A better example would be Nano Assault Neo. A perfect example of a twin stick shooter begging for pro controller support. All the game pad display does is mirror the image on your TV.

Even Netflix of all things when watching on your TV, the display on the game pad never shuts off even through the course of hours of viewing. Making for wasted battery life sitting idle.

I'm sure there's other games that do this and while I don't hate using the. Game pad, it does get a lot of push at the behest of Nintendo, there should be an option for a choice considering the cost (and comfort).



daveh30 said:

@ungibbed I completely agree about games like Nano Assault. That game makes no special use of the GamePad or its second screen for anything other than off tv play. All games like that should absolutely have Pro support.

A game like ZU, would require a major overhaul to use the Pro as a primary input for the single player campaign, or to offer off tv play. It would fundamentally change the entire atmosphere and feel of the game. Not gonna happen, nor should it. Regardless of whether or not someone likes that game or not, right now its the best example of what can be done with the Wii U's unique hardware.
Lego City could most definitely exist in a form that doesn't use the second screen. At its core its no different than any of the other Lego games... BUT at this point, its not gonna happen. the game was designed to use the pad extensively, and any patch to change that would be MAJOR.

I like the Pro, and would love to see more games support it, but I would absolutely not want to see Nintendo make that mandatory. What I would really like to see is more games that use the Pad to its full potential, more along the lines of what ZU did. If a game doesn't have Pro support because its using the Gamepad in a way that enhances the game, even better. I wanna see one or the other in every game. For NSMBU to make no use of the gamepad, yet not offer Pro support is inexcusable.



ungibbed said:

As I said before. Games designed around the game pad that make full use of it are expected as well but the battery life is a real letdown. I do like many of the apps that make use of the game pad but if the game can have a logical way of being played on the pro controller, having that decision is nice or a combo of the two.

An example of such would be a driving game where your primary display is the TV and the option to use the game pad as a rear view mirror or instrument cluster or other info that is useful without cluttering up your view.

The options of both can be quite interesting if so inclined.

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