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Nintendo Launches Wii U Virtual Console Trial Campaign Today

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

In celebration of the Famicom's 30th Anniversary

Following the announcement of the Wii U Virtual Console in today's Wii U Direct, Satoru Iwata went on to announce the Trial Campaign, which is to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the original Famicom. Although the full Virtual Console doesn't officially launch until after the Spring system update, this promotion is actually already live in the eShop.

The celebration theme will pick up on "30" to offer a new classic NES title every month for just 30 cents/30 pence, with that price being available for 30 days before the normal price is applied; this will run until July. To be clear, there will be a different game each month available for 30 cents/30 pence, and if you buy a game at that price it's like any other download, so it's yours permanently for that cost. The titles that arrive before the Virtual Console in April will, also, have standard features such as save-states, off-TV play and Miiverse integration.

As mentioned, this promotion is already live, with Balloon Fight now on the Wii U eShop at just $0.30/€0.30/£0.30. With Miiverse also integrated, Satoru Iwata mentioned a hope that high-scores would be posted with screenshots, while the choice of this title makes sense in the context of its updated appearance in Nintendo Land.

What do you think of this promotion, and does Balloon Fight tempt you to part with a few pennies and cents?

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Handy_Man said:

A 0 second post, and there's already at least one comment? O_O

Anyway, I got Balloon Fight just now. One of my favorite NES games!



Tasuki said:

Nice I am going to get this one as soon as I can. In fact everyone should to show their support for the Wii U VC.



Bulbousaur said:

I don't know what a compaign is, but if its anything like a campaign, its going to be really good.



tripunktoj said:

@ThomasBW84 I didnt get how the promo works, at first Iwata makes it sound like this article explains, but at 12:24 he says "So I hope you will try out this games during the campaign period to see if you might be interested in buying a particular game". This and the fact that its called a TRIAL campaign makes me think that the 30 cents downloads will only work for 30 days or for the campaign period, having to buy the game at normal price after that period to be able to continue using it (In this case I wont be DLing this games). I am not an english native speaker, so I could've misunderstood or missed something. Could @anyone please clarify on this?



C-Olimar said:

Already had it on 3DS, but got it for the multiplayer! Shame about the slower game speed in Europe (and perhaps Australia) though



Nareva said:

According to Joystiq the controls are completely customizable on all controllers. Well done Nintendo.



Zyph said:

@Burning_Spear He went to bed I think.

Anyway, I gotta keep my wallet in good shape. This stream of news is just to much for my savings. xD



Starwolf_UK said:

They had to use the word trial didn't they? Like others have said before, this will confuse consumers into thinking the game is playable for 30 days (or this might well be the case).

Anyway, question for Europeans plunging in. Is it the full speed 60Hz version it should be or are Nintendo crazy enough to keep persecuting us with the 50Hz junk?



Hokori said:

Have this on 3DS and the 3DS is the only system I'd rebuy the VC titles for...



MikalM said:

In before all the UK folks complain about have to pay 10p or so more due to the exchange rate.

It wouldn't make much sense if it was "30 Years, 30 Days, 20~ Pence" now would they?

Disclaimer: I'm in the UK. I just find people who'd complain about it funny.

Also, for those thinking it's a trial; it is not. It's 30 days that the games will be 30 pence/cents. After that they'll go up to normal price. The trial is so-named because you're "trial"ing the Wii U eShop before it officially launches in Spring.



Emaan said:

This is awesome! I loved playing Balloon Fight via Animal Crossing NES Games. Really glad the game got some recognition with Nintendo Land. 30 cents is an absolute steal.



Geonjaha said:

Just so everyone is clear about this: I'm pretty sure These are rentals. You only get the game for 30 days. I haven't watched the Nintendo Direct but given the responses I'm seeing on several sites it isn't very clear. Just be aware that this might be a rental (If it's not its astoundingly out of character for Nintendo and I'll buy every game).



Jazzem said:

WARNING TO PAL GAMERS(ie those in Europe or Australia)

The version of Balloon Fight up is the dreaded 50Hz version, which means borders and slower gameplay all over again. I suggest you don't buy it and fire an email to Nintendo to show that this is unacceptable in this day and age, especially considering the 3DS VC is in 60Hz.



SonataAndante said:

I haven't had a chance to watch the Direct yet and people seem conflicted on whether or not the games are rentals or not. If the games aren't "rentals" then I'll pick up all of them, 30 cents isn't much, even if it is an older, simpler title I've played before on Animal Crossing. I'll download this when I get home, I always did like Balloon Fight.



citizenerased said:

30 cents is a sweet deal, but I'm hoping they're doing this with SNES games as well (maybe for like a buck). I just don't find NES games that playable anymore.



Nareva said:

@Geonjaha They're not rentals. It's a promotional sale for the anniversary of the Famicom to get people to try the Wii U virtual console. Not rentals. I promise. After the first 30 days on sale they go to regular price. It's very clear in the Direct video.



E-Man said:

I think $.30 should be the price for most NES games and $1.00 for SNES games. That would make me download almost everything for cheap.



tripunktoj said:

@Nareva at first Iwata makes it sound like the article explained, but at 12:24 he says "So I hope you will try out this games during the campaign period to see if you might be interested in buying a particular game". Of course I wish this is just a confusion.



sr388survivor said:

I'm almost positive these are not rentals. I purchased it and there was absolutely no indication that it would only last 30 days. Again I could be wrong but I'd be very surprised if they'd be that deceptive



RedYoshi999 said:

Wow, the Aussie eShop will be charging $6.50 for this when the 30 days are up! Really puts how cheap this is in perspective.



ThomasBW84 said:

If there's any confusion about whether these 30 cent purchases are permanent for you, apologies. These are normal downloads, once you buy it at the promotional price it's yours, it's not a rental. Below is the paragraph I've tweaked in the article:

"The celebration theme will pick up on "30" to offer a new classic NES title every month for just 30 cents/30 pence, with that price being available for 30 days before the normal price is applied; this will run until July. To be clear, there will be a different game each month available for 30 cents/30 pence, and if you buy a game at that price it's like any other download, so it's yours permanently for that cost. The titles that arrive before the Virtual Console in April will, also, have standard features such as save-states, off-TV play and Miiverse integration."

Apologies for any confusion!



Xilef said:

Will probably end up getting all of the promotional titles, even though i already own most of them. F-Zero and Super Metroid on the Gamepad could be pretty sweet.



Kinsale said:

Look what I just read on
Japan will be seeing a similar release lineup with a few key differences, most notably Mother 2 (Earthbound) being released in March. The Japanese lineup can be seen below.
January – Balloon Fight (NES)

February – Fire Emblem: Monshō no Nazo (Mystery of the Emblem) (SNES)

March – Mother 2 (Earthbound) (SNES)

April – Kirby’s Adventure (NES)

May – Super Metroid (SNES)

June – Yoshi’s Cookie (NES)

July- Donkey Kong (NES)

They are so lucky that they are getting Earthbound! If they can give out earthbound on Wii U VC in Japan, maybe the US will see it soon too.



tripunktoj said:

@ThomasBW84 No need to apologize, the confusion comes (at least in my case) from the camaign's name and the Nintendo Direct Video itself, and not from this article. I just thought I would ask a reliable source like NL and I found this article appropiate to do so. Thank you very much for the clarification.



AVahne said:

Whoa, from the Direct, I thought that you were paying 30 cents for a trial version. But this article makes me happy!



hypercoyote said:

Hmmm, this would probably be the third or fourth time I've received Balloon fight somehow from Nintendo, so I think I will pass, but definitely looking forward to the next releases!



Starwolf_UK said:

@Jazzem Wait, it has borders on the Gamepad? Given that is 480 pixels high (presumebly for SD content like the VC being beamed over) that means it is getting scaled (then again Game Boy games on VC are similarly poorly scaled unless you hold the buttons down to get the GB screen).



Kaeobais said:

Also, side thought. While it might be unlikely, wouldn't it be freaking amazing if split screen games allowed one player to be on the Gamepad alone, so their screen wouldn't appear on the TV? An option to toggle that would be even better.

I read somewhere that porting your Wii VC games to the Wii U would require a dollar or so in order to upgrade them for use with the Gamepad? Is that true?



TrueWiiMaster said:

I'm getting all of them, and I don't even like Yoshi (the game, not the character) that much.

This got me wondering though. Will Nintendo have VC sales in the future?



Kaeobais said:

@TrueWiiMaster I certainly hope so. At least, the developers of the games could have sales. If I'm not mistaken, Sega held a couple sales on the Wii VC at one point. I don't see why the same couldn't happen now.



Ryno said:

I don't care what the games are. I'm going to pick them all up for .30 cents! Nice Nintendo.



ohhaime said:

I already own all the games in some form but for 30 cents I'll rebuy all of them except Metriod.



Dreamcaster-X said:

Just played it. It works really well. I LOVE the customization you can do for the controller. Beautiful interface too. Now we just need better games for the VC. =)



Ruthven said:

Got it this morning and love it.
Not looking forward to the Aussie (NZ) eShop charging $6.50...
Hopefully as I read else were when the virtual shop is finally open you can re-download the Wii virtual console games you have already purchased, to the Wii U upgraded for the Wii U controller for only $1.00 (NES) or $1.50 (SNES)



Pikachupwnage said:

Japan is getting mother 2 as one of the games ;_;

Also hyped for super metriod! Only 30 cents in a few months!



Ruthven said:

This is what I have found for the line up:
January: Balloon Fight (available now!)
February: F-Zero
March: Punch-Out Featuring Mr. Dream
April: Kirby's Adventure
May: Super Metroid
June: Yoshi
July: Donkey Kong



Ristar42 said:

50Hz really? Pay for games you already bought, and they dont even add a 60Hz mode to an NES emulator? I've pretty much decided the Wii U isnt for me, but they should have fixed this.



TrueWiiMaster said:

You're not paying for games you already bought. The games you bought are playable for free in the Wii mode of the Wii U. What you're paying for is the new features.



ToxieDogg said:

Awesome about Super Metroid....I still have my original SNES cart and have been tempted to download it from Wii VC for a while because I've wanted to play it again without having to rig my old SNES up. I'll just wait a few months and get it cheaper on the WII U

I think they're all worth a reduced price point though so will probably get the whole lot.



Ristar42 said:

@TrueWiiMaster Scratch that bit if you like then, I can still play them on the Wii, but the 50Hz thing is disappointing for PAL retro gamers. Maybe it'll change, who knows.



b_willers said:

So what resolution is the Wii U outputting when in Virtual Console mode? And do they stretch the image on widescreen TVs and GamePad or display it correctly in 4:3?




Mine is 4:3 which is great, i don't like stretched pictures. 30p is a sensational price too! I'm just jealous that Japan get's Mother 2 and Fire Emblem 2! I pray that these get translated and released here one day!



Jukilum said:

Why are so many people unsure about the games line up? Did nobody else watch the Nintendo Direct?



Dogpigfish said:

It will be launching in the spring, but we will allow you to access it today, but not an official launch, a pretend launch. We will continue to allow you to download a new game each month until the "official" launch when we say "it's the official launch", but until then make believe launch is now, not a real official launch, just a pretend, pretend its a launch, not really a launch, because it hasn't been officialized yet.



PALgamer said:

PAL stigma is back again. 100% emulation.
Thanks Nintendo, we remember already.



NintendoCat14 said:

EarthBound? F...f...for 30 CENTS? And they fixed the copyright issues? Am I in Heaven?

Sadly my Wii U is in purgatory. How long does Balloon Fight take to load once you open it? =(



PinkSpider said:

Nice that they added Wii Remote and Pro Controller support and the ability to play it 2 player on the Game Pad without even touching the game pad now when the misses is watching something I can show my son what real games are lol



Big_A2 said:

@Jazzem: Balloon Fight's running in 1080p@60Hz, according to my TV, but it is the slowed down version. WHAT IS THIS?



Marioman64 said:

now my money is going to be slowly drained from me instead of quickly, it's like the theatrhythm dlc all over again... and i love it



Lopezdm said:

.30 for a HD copy of Punch out!
Love yeah, here is a 20.00 keep the change Nintendo.. Now go get GTA5
Watch the profanity — TBD

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