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Originally a hit in the arcades of the early ‘80s, NES classic Balloon Fight puts you in control of a heroic balloonist. Simply, pop the balloons of your enemies before they pop yours!

Falling enemies will deploy a parachute, so hit them again to knock them into the water below or into the jaws of a hungry fish. But watch out, the fish has its eyes on you, too!

Balloon Fight also features a two-player mode with cooperative and competitive play, plus a side-scrolling survival mode called Balloon Trip.

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3DS eShop Review

USA USA Version

Posted by Stephen Kelly

Balloons don't float forever

In Balloon Fight you manipulate a little fellow who can flutter through the skies thanks to a pair of balloons strapped to his back and vigorous arm flapping. The world is a dangerous place for the intrepid defier of gravity, particularly when it comes to...

Game Review

Wii U eShop Review

USA USA Version

Posted by Ron DelVillano

Float on

To mark the arrival of the Virtual Console on the Wii U, Nintendo has launched a very generous promotion to mark the 30th anniversary of the Famicom (the Japanese version of the NES, in case you were wondering). What this promotion entails is the release...

Game Review

Virtual Console Review

USA USA Version

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Balloon Light

Before games like Metroid and The Legend of Zelda, Nintendo's NES console relied on simple arcade titles to keep itself afloat. Balloon Fight used an already-successful gameplay mechanic similar to that of William's Joust arcade release, and while it...

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User Comments (63)



KQ said:

i'm a big fan of balloon fight. esp in two player mode. just like 'joust' (the game it was clearly insired by) its great fun playing competatively and trying to kill the other player

please bring this to VC soon ninty!



Al said:

omg i love this, i really am going to download this the second its out, duno why i love it so much but i do.



chiefeagle02 said:

This is a game I've been waiting for ever since I got my Wii. I'm in the US, but seeing it unexpectedly in Europe, or anywhere for that matter, is a good sign is a good sign for us on the other side of the pond. I hope it comes out soon.



KQ said:

W00t! Been waiting ages for this classic Joust rip-off. Like joust, its even better fun in 2 player. My GF loves it



Mendez said:

I've just started again on Animal Crossing and I've really got into it. So I ported my NES games over from my old file, and Balloon Fight's just as good as I remember.

Probably one of the best NES games out there.



SKTTR said:

For such an old game it's very addictive, looks good, has nice air physics and a memorable sound. but after about 16 levels everything is repeated.
2 player co-op/vs and highscore-random-track makes this game more fun. as a NES game it has not aged that much. but seeing that there are bigger and better games and that i got it on animal crossing for free this is more of 3 stars than 4.



Masuyo said:

it'd hard to say this is worth $5... but for an NES game the mechanics work really well. It's a joust clone but it's got some awesome 2 player action. Decent game but it just doesn't last very long...



rarson said:

I just watched the video... the game seems more annoying to me than anything else. Doesn't look like it's my bag. Oh well.



Jon said:

$5 for this game? in my opinion there's much better games on the NES that you can buy for your 5 bucks.

__Mii be you


Mii be you said:

I'd give this a few hours of my time. I like this a lot!
I recommend you find someone to play this with you.
(I play this on Animal Crossing!)



Nando said:

This is a fun game. One of the best multiplayer for the NES.
I'd recommend it mostly for die-hard platformer fans.
And those who just love to pop balloons.



Pocketmego said:

Best game currently on the VC in my opinion. It never gets old for me. I can go back to it again and again. It seems simple, but it has this addictive quality that pulls you in as you realize it gets trickier and tricker. I was a big fan of Joust and I think this game improves on that game in every way.




Ben said:

Ballon Fight Is A Little Fun If You Like To Go Out At Night



Beau_Skunk said:

For some reason, I never ever get tired of this game. I've played it hondreds of times, and never got sick of it. It's really addictive to see how far you can go in this game, and how big a score you can get. (I managed to get the highest score possible.) Or just even to play the game brieflly for relaxing.

The game does remind me alot of Midway's "Joust," but is definatelly more fun to play, and less frustrating. It features 2 contol schemes you can chose from to use to. (Hold B to flab rapidlly, or tap A repeatedlly.) A nice 2 player mode for 2 people to either cooperate, or fight against each other if they chose. (Like in "Mario Bros." or "Ice Climber.")

The game also features a nice mini-game called "Balloon Trip," wich is also a nice challenge to see how long you can last in an increasinglly difficult automatic side-scrolling stage. And for it's day, it has nice hummable music in it. Definatelly one of my favorite NES games.



learn_japanese_ds said:

If you are into Balloon fight you should rent Wario Ware smooth moves because they have retrofitted balloon fight as a 1st person, 3d game. And use use the wii mote and nunchuck to wave your arms to fly!



agent_lime said:

I downloaded this and its really fun and addicting, i havent gotten bored of it yet (2 weeks)



Vader0954 said:

I love the game. Reminds me of joust.
May not last long if you play alone, but with co-op, it doubles the replay value, and the Trip Mode...I can't stop coming back to it! I just want to keep going.

In the end, some will see it as a classic, while others think it's just a fun little trinket.
You might stick to it for a while. 4/5



Virus said:

Nostalgia junkies will have a party with this game, but for the modern gamers out there who expect a game rounded with replay value, great music, and equally-good graphics, this might not be the best game. Sure there's three modes, but single player will get repetitive once you get past stage 10, co-op doesn't last much longer considering the chaos will kill one of you eventually, and balloon trip doesn't offer much to be fun for more than five minutes (at most!). The music (when it exists) and graphics don't necessarily compare to that of Super Mario Galaxy either (to put it kindly). Still, for five bucks, if you're one of those people who likes playing a game for ten minutes off and on and you remember liking this game from the NES or Animal Crossing, you wouldn't regret buying it.

Like our reviewers above: 3/5 stars. For a score system more of my taste but exactly the same: 6/10.



Bensei said:

I prefer Tingle's Balloon Fight, although it's much more expensive if you aren't Japanese. You can play up to 4 player, which is much more fun.



AchubaNanoia said:

I'm just going to repeat what most people said here: a fun and addicting game for Multiplayer, but it get's old quick if you play it by yourself.



yeeat said:

I totally agree with comment "33."
It'll make you bored soon if it's played by oneself...



Manicfatty said:

An interesting take on the Joust play mechanic. Balloon Trip is a great little diversion, Multi-player is a lot of fun...and if you're of age...a fun game while tipping a few back. The single player gets a little repetitive after a while, but that's the way it should be. This game isn't meant to be deep. It's a quick shot of fun that you can always come back to. I miss those games. With my schedule, it's nice to know I can come home and get a quick gaming fix, without having to navigate menus, or wade through cut scenes. Nothing wrong with those; I just don't have time most days. I leave that gaming for the weekend. During the week, my VC gets a workout...mainly due to games like this.



Roo said:

Nice multiplayer game. It's not gonna hold your attention for too long, but you'll return to it every so often. 500 points isnae bad for this. 4 stars!



SBOY said:

It's a great game but like the reviewer said it's a little to repetitive... Download it if you thinks that it's look great but keep in mind that it's a 5min play from time to time (at least for me that's what it is)...



calc_nerd said:

A great game for on the go, but it does not live up to the standards of quality nes. I had it on e-reader, and enjoyed it for time to time.



MyAnonBox said:

I just CAN NOT believe that all of those games come with Animal Crossing. I've bought like half of those for the virtual console!!! Gah! Several others are games that were up next to buy on the console, so I'm really glad I was on the fence about this game so I could read the review and find this out. Thanks!



Ricardo91 said:

This is one of the games I have for my e-reader. It's pretty fun to play every now and then, and I love the balloon trip, but sadly, that version lacks 2-player, and I don't have Animal Crossing anymore .



classicmike said:

I think balloon fight is a decent pick-up-and-play kind of game, especially with 2-player mode and also being an arcade style game to boot. So overall, I'll give this game a 4/5 just for 2-player being in there with the game.



Stijnco said:

It was fun on Animal Crossing, getting away from your daily activities, but Animal Crossing was a rental so bummer:(. And it's a fun game, a fun 2-player mode (even if the second player can sometimes really piss you off by popping al of your balloons accidentally). The bonus is quite lame though.



Andio_Pandio said:

Pure Simple 2-Player fun !!!
The little balloon-guy is so cute the way he flaps his little arms as he swims his way through the barren void, with naught twixt life and death other than 3 blown up johnnies on a bit of string.
I think that's what it said on the box...



puresthatred said:

Basically Joust for the NES. Not a must have but a bit of fun. Wont last you long and at 500 points, there are better classic games to get first but if you have all the rest, the challenge offered by this game is classic early Nintendo...will make you angry when you repeatedly die, but you will always know next time you will do better.



Marvel_Maniac said:

I remember playing this at my cousins house as a kid at Christmas gatherings. Back at that time, games like Excitebike and Balloon Fight were just so new that I thought they were incredibly deep and fulfilling. Turns out that nowadays, they aren't. Still fun though, I've bought Balloon Fight, but will hold off on Excitebike.



Kurachi said:

i did this game with a friend back then, i never liked that you could defeat each other, but when that friend discovered that, he was chasing me, lol
was nice time, so i might buy this one aswell
also made a level from this game in ssbb, kinda hard if you cant fly, but made spikes in the middle, so wont die that easily



Corbs said:

Sure, it's a Joust rip-off, but it's actually even better than Joust itself so I guess it's alright. This was the first game I bought for my NES system after I had played through Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt a few hundred times and I still love it.



Divock said:

Well, it's a great experience. It's fun, no doubt about it, but unfortunately, it's not worth 500 points. Why? Well, you can get Balloon Fight and a bunch of other NES classics on Animal Crossing. That's the only reason it's not worth 500 points. As a game it gets a 4/5, but still, hold off on it. I recommend buying Animal Crossing on the gamecube, and going online and looking up the codes for the NES games. It saves you 30 bucks and gets you a fun game for a gamecube. If you want to contribute to Nintendo's fund of the virtual console, I won't hold it against you. It's just a recommendation after all.



Sp3nc3r said:

This stinks. Not even worth 1 star. I thought it was going to be worth my money, since I played it online, but it hardly was hardly alike. Online there was custom character too.



tatemon555 said:

Fun, and great to play with a friend. The controls can be stiff, and it is basically a clone of Joust, but I still love playing it.



slangman said:

I have this on Animal Crossing. It's a really fun game that's great in single player. Balloon Trip is quite fun too especially since it's tests your skills.



Ferret75 said:

Why isn't this higher?
Anyways, I love this game.

Especially with multiplayer, and the music rocks.



GN0LAUM said:

I think that's the key. Multiplayer is really where the game shines. Alone, you'll get bored after the 10th level. The thing about multiplayer is that you have to balance the killing of enemies with managing your ally (without killing him too). There's a sort of energy or inertia that a friend can bring to the game. If you only play single player games, pass on this- if you have a friend around, $5 is less than a meal at Burger King; go for it.



deeztreezeez said:

This game is without a shadow of a doubt is my FAVORITE 80's Nintendo game...I LOVE THIS GAME!

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