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Official Youtube App Launches On The Wii In North America

Posted by Orla Madden

Better late than never?

Just days ahead of the Wii U launch in the US, Google has announced today that it has launched the official YouTube app for the Wii. For the time being, the app will only be available in North America, but Google has plans to bring it to other countries soon.

The app has previously been available on the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360, and has been announced as a partner for the Wii U. It isn't known whether this will be a launch application or not - but lets hope it doesn't take several years, like its predecessor. YouTube support on the Wii was promised what feels like a lifetime ago.

Are you surprised the app has taken this long to arrive on the Wii? Will you be downloading it from the Wii Shop Channel today? Let us know below, if you can pull yourself away from videos of cats doing funny dances and that accursed Gangnam Style nonsense.

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BlueCurry74 said:

Well, I guess at least someone will have room to complain if the Wii U won't have a YouTube app (which it will).



Pro-N-Gamer said:

Are you kidding me?! It took 5 years to bring a YouTube app to the Wii.. And just when Nintendo is releasing the Wii U :-/



Wonder_Ideal said:

@turtlelink Yes they do. I am one of them.
I do find it strange that it's showing up now. Hopefully this means that it will be on the Wii U as well.



Shotgunryugan said:

I for one welcome this app,i don't have a computer of my own and i don't even have a phone(yes i have been living under a rock).
So using this app without needing the Internet Channel should be good,i hope it's good kinda got tired of 240p quality after a couple of years...
Gonna download this now,thanks for the update!



Tsuchiya said:

Does it even need one?

Youtube worked fine for me without an app even if you had to go through the internet channel to get to it.



Shotgunryugan said:

Oh wow,just downloaded it,a lot better than i was expecting,the quality is definitely there.
The video i am watching right now is Ke$ha's Die Young and it does look much better than it does on the Internet Channel
Sadly i get an advertisement box on one corner of the screen from VEVO,not sure how to get it out of there >.<



6ch6ris6 said:

at the beginning there wasnt any need for a youtube app
cuase the opera browser had the latest flash version and youtube had an own version for the wii.
i remeber watching music videos that way.

then the opera browser never recieved an update



R-L-A-George said:

6ch6ris6 wrote:

at the beginning there wasnt any need for a youtube app
cuase the opera browser had the latest flash version and youtube had an own version for the wii.
i remeber watching music videos that way.
then the opera browser never receive an update

Well it will make it easier to update since Opera is not able to update the browser anymore.




I don't care for the App. You can't search as freely or see as many videos displayed as the old app the PS3 used. I do love the fact I can see my subscriptions and still get to see the hottest new videos as the PC doesn't allow you to see the hottest videos unless you sign out of your account.



SCAR said:

Hmmm... well going to GS the other day, and seeing the Wii U kiosk is making this not surprising. Having a Wii Remote right next to the game pad to use was pretty smart, even if some people didnt realize it was for a new console. Especially if they actually go to the storre and ask questions, it wouldn't be hard to figure out they are different if they really want the new console. They're just trying to help the people who didn't preorder one in the first 3 days or so(not including GS), feel better and keep their customers probably. Besides, Xbox 360 just released Internet Explorer, and thats 7 years late, and also not that great compared to any other console. I don't get their marketing plans, but they just try to make things funner and more enjoyable for their customer. Simple as that.



SheldonRandoms said:


getting that out of the way, it's cool that it's finally coming to the Wii, but I already have Youtube XL on the wii, plus I don't really have that much space left to download it, maybe they could put it on the 3DS and Wii u soon, it would be nice to see some of my shenanigans on the 3DS



DrDaisy said:

I haven't seen a Wii or eShop update. Is this all that's being offered today?



vio said:

YouTube on that god awful Opera browser was a nightmare and crap video quality to boot.

pntjr: The Wii is the BEST selling video game console of this generation. A market leader, revolution and true innovation. Bow down to it's greatness, peon.



koops330 said:

took them long enough so how long will it take for the app to get to hopefully the app wont take 5 more years to get on the wiiu and 3ds



Tsuchiya said:


Even if they did. Why in gawds name would you want to stare at a tiny little screen when better options exist? It would be awful.



Smooth27 said:

What about the 3ds? Now I'm gonna be waiting on hulu plus which was promised on 3ds and the youtube app.



pntjr said:

@vio no kidding i knew what it was i was making a joke about how the Wii U is coming out so everybody is like WIIUWIIUWIIU but nobody gives a crap about the Wii anymore.



RR529 said:

I'm fine with the 360 YouTube app. I'd be interested in a 3DS version, though.

@Tsuchiya, why would someone want YouTube on 3DS, you ask? Um, because just maybe, they live with other people, & those other people might be in control of the TV and/or computer, when they want to be on YouTube. I know it's a hard concept to grasp.

(sorry if it sounds like I'm being snide just to you. I'm just tired of various people saying "Teh 3DS screen is too tineh, why would u want dis on teh 3DS!?", without taking the short time to realize there are legitimate reasons for wanting this kind of stuff on their portable device).



Odnetnin said:

There was an ad for The Piano Guys before Gangnam Style and I thought it was a Piano Guys rendition of Gangnam Style and I was like "GOOD JOB INTERNET," then I realized it wasn't and I was sad.
also i downloaded the app; no HD and no USB keyboard support make me a sad panda



Super-Mario-Fan said:

oh! Facepalm I thought it said it was coming to the Wii U. I didn't notice the missing U.That is kinda sad



nothankyou said:

I just checked, and I've logged about 300+ hours on the Internet Channel (Witch I mainly use for Youtube).
Yeah, maybe I'll get this



Lunapplebloom said:

@Krimbatize I don't know... Good point though, guess we'll need to download it and see.

I for one see this as to little to late, though it is good for people who don't have access to a smartphone or computer.



Hyperstar96 said:

This... would have been much better five or six years ago. Does anyone even care about it now? I know I don't.



Marakuto said:

Won't even bother to download it even if the videos really lag on the web browser version on the Wii.



bkdove said:

buy why so late??? and hope will receive a firmware update as well cause the connection with the router is very sloooow



LexKitteh said:

Don't see anyone else mentioning it yet, but YouTube has 3D content nowadays. If they made a YouTube App for 3DS, we could see the 3D content there too!!



HappyHappy said:

They should have made one for the 3DS the Wii will be practically dead in a few months after the Wii U is launched.



Urbanhispanic said:

Well yeah it may be showing up late but it doesn't hurt the Wii at all. Sometimes, I don't check YouTube on the PC but I would do so more often now that the Wii has it.



HaastMK7 said:

Alright, now if I was Google i would be smarter and put this App on a appropriate Console, such as the Nintendo 3DS. I will download this, though I dunno if I will use it much. It will save me from using the computer.

Have they not realized that the Wii is coming to a end, with the Wii U coming soon?



renaryuugufan92 said:

i do believe this will be available for the Wii U, having said that the quality is great, so much better then the youtube XL we've been using for 6 years on the internet channel, i recommend downloading the youtube channel regardless if your getting the Wii U in 2 days or not~ ((10:38 EST when i posted this so its technically a day and a hour 1/2 for the midnight launch here in the US~))



Lalivero said:

@Tsuchiya I'm sorry your vision only allows you to use decent sized screens for viewing. You may find it too small, but devices like iPhones are just as small as the 3DS screen wise(the XL being a good size bigger) and I see people constantly viewing videos.

Quality aside, you've only been judging screen size so far so my guess is that that is your biggest concern or reason as to why it shouldn't be on the 3DS, despite the fact that it really isn't an issue, haha.

On top of that, we've been waiting(3DS owners) for 3D video watching for some time now.



HuntheUniverse said:


You finally got what you asked for.



Megumi said:

...Sooo, does this mean the Wii U's Youtube App won't appear until 5 years later? o.o



SMW said:

Perhaps this is the same one the Wii U is getting? Makes sense to me. Release it for the Wii and you'll be able to use it on either the Wii or Wii U! That way everyone is covered.



kurtasbestos said:

FINALLY I'll be able to watch worthless videos that someone downloaded and re-uploaded so they can get more views than the original, then scroll down to read the most horribly racist/sexist/just-plain-offensive comments on the internet... all on my Wii! Ahhh, progress.



millarrp said:

I would get this, but it doesn't look like it's available in Canada, only the US



DarkNinja9 said:

ummm wow srsly?!?!?!? like you had to wait 5 or so years just for this app when tons of ppl been wanting this on the dsi and 3ds as well but finally at least but should of made one for the wii u along with the wii -__- and for day release download duh



Zombie_Barioth said:

Wow, a bit late to the party aren't they? Well at least it'll come in handy for anyone planning on moving their Wii into the bedroom after getting a Wii U like I am.



Tsuchiya said:

My vision is perfectly fine and dandy but I just prefer those thar bigger screens.



3DSNoobieNerd said:

a little late, dont ya think google? Wait a second, this is only on North America!? Grrrrrrrr....



FluttershyGuy said:

Guess I can use it for the two whole days I continue to have the Wii hooked up, before my Wii U gives it the boot. Actually, watching Saturday's new episode of Ponies on the app will be a great swan song (or pony song, as it were ) for the Wii!



kyuubikid213 said:

Well...yeah. I mean, I may not even use it a lot since the Wii U is going to be in my house in two days, but when I go to plug in my Wii for GameCube games...I might watch it for a bit.

I just hope the quality is more like that of Netflix than what the Wii does with YouTube, YouTube XL, and the Nintendo Channel.



OmegaBlacky said:

The YT PS3 app really wasn't that good in my opinion hopefully it's better on the Wii U then again it could just be more or less of the same thing.



NintyMan said:

It's silly that they would put it off until the very end, although I think SMW had a point. Maybe they did this so the Youtube app on the Wii could cover both consoles by downloading it onto Wii U?

I wonder why it took so long.



weirdproq said:

Where is it?! I can't find it in the Wii shop channel. I looked in the Wii Channels, Wiiware and Virtual Console sections and can't find it. I'm in Canada, maybe it's only in the USA.



iphys said:

I heard US-only, but you should just be able to change your Wii region to download it and then switch it back.



Zausimo said:

@Krimbatize It doesn't look like we'll get any coins, as it doesn't even show up in my Club Nintendo registered products. I tested this by downloading the Youtube channel and a demo from the shop channel yesterday. The demo is already listed in my registered titles, but no Youtube Channel.

And I was hoping for some free coins as well.



FonistofCruxis said:

They waited until a few days before the Wii's successor is out?! Well, I guess not everyone is getting a Wii U at launch. I'm not but I've never used the Wii to browse the internet so I doubt I'll need this.



Tasuki said:

What a waste they should have just waited a few days to for the Wii U to launch.



WindWakerLink said:

That's really weird considering how Nintendo plans to stop making Wii after this year or next... I can't get upset of the lateness of this though. Wii U is coming in two days!! ^__^ The Wii U overshadows this "lateness." (Chuckles)



alLabouTandroiD said:

Dunno how it works so i just hope that you can watch embedded videos on other websites as well not having to start the application seperately.



justjoined said:

Are you sure this app is available in North America? I'm in Canada. I performed the system update as requested by the shopping channel, but when it finished updating nothing changed. There's no Youtube app anywhere. When I open the shopping channel I see a message that says "important info:" with nothing written underneath. (Must be real important.) So naturally I tried re-downloading the system update but it says I already have the latest update.



ReshiramZekrom said:

@justjoined Just change your country to United States then download it. That what I did. (Hehe) Hopefully it will still work when I change it back to Canada ('cause it's downloading right now)!



weirdproq said:

It still worked when I changed back to Canada and looks really good. I bet you might be able to do this in other countries as well.



eks said:

Yeah, still waiting on Hulu+ for the 3DS as well. Altough, the one on the Wii is the worst I have used for hulu, so maybe that's why they haven't put out a 3DS version.

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