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Sun 5th Aug 2012

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WolfZombie commented on Nintendo Download: 16th August 2012 (North Ame...:

Does anybody think Theatrhythm will see a free song download or possibly a bundle of 3 songs or something? Something like that would get me to buy a couple additional songs.
Also, might look into Crazy Chicken Pirates but not sure if I will get it.



WolfZombie commented on eShop Sees Turnaround For Nintendo's Digital S...:

I've been fairly happy with the eShop on the 3DS so far. The quality of the some of the games actually surprised me a bit at first. Hopefully they start releasing a lot more good classics as well as new games. The revealed list from the other day didn't have much that interested me, hopefully some surprises are in store for the future.



WolfZombie commented on Rayman Legends is Exclusive to Wii U:

Disappointing to hear. Still, would rather not have a lot of that touch screen gimmicky kind of interactivity, something more like Origins instead, so for now the exclusivity isn't that big of a deal. Hopefully this(meaning a timed exclusive) or another new Rayman game will come out next year to all consoles. Anyways, this does look pretty good, hopefully the single player is solid.