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Nintendo Direct: Expect 3DS and Wii Announcements This Week

Posted by Damien McFerran

Nothing for Wii U, though

Nintendo has confirmed the date and time of its next Nintendo Direct presentation in Japan, as well as divulging what goodies will be revealed within.

August 29th - this Wednesday, no less - is the magical date, with 8PM JST being the time (around 4AM PST for North American readers, and 12PM BST for those of you in UK). Before you start getting excited about possible Wii U news, Nintendo has confirmed that the focus of the broadcast will be 3DS and Wii.

What are your hopes? New titles for the resurgent 3DS, or a final swansong for the Wii? Let us know in the comments below.


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Geonjaha said:

Localisation of Terry's Wonderland, Rocket Slimes 2, Monster Hunter games all coming for next year. 3DS VC getting Game Freak and Square Enix games. SGB support for GB games on the VC. Flipnote Memo being released. Luigi's Mansion and Animal Crossing confirmed release dates for early next year.

Any of this please Nintendo. :3
However isn't this another Japan only Nintendo Direct?



FluttershyGuy said:

Still waiting for word on the next Zelda 3DS (A Link to the Past remake, Majora's Mask remake, or something original). Also want to hear about any combo of 3DS Metroid, Star Fox, and F-Zero. 3rd party-wise, I want a traditional Final Fantasy (c'mon V and/or VI 3DS)!



Jamouse said:

I always get a little excited when they announce these Nintendo Directs



Geonjaha said:

Judging by the last one that was Japan only - we're in for absolutely nothing.



BenAV said:

If it stays Japan only then it'll be nothing.
There's still the chance that they'll announce something for Europe/America before then though.



Jamouse said:

Actually I prefer it when it is Japan only since it usually means they'll announce brand new titles instead of just announcing release dates for the west.



Tsuchinoko said:

Well, I can't wait. If anyone needs anything translated I can help out. I did that for the last big Nintendo Direct, and made a thread for it though...



Tsuchinoko said:

@Damo The June 22nd Nintendo Direct thread is up in the "News" section of the forums if anyone still wants to take a look at that. So far I think most of those games are still Japan-only, but I think quite a few of them have the potential to go out of Japan.

If there is interest, I'll make a new thread for the one tomorrow. It took me about 30-45 minutes to take all the info from the last video and write up that summary. Nobody replied on it though.



fchinaski said:

@Geonjaha I'm also starting to worry about the lack of news regarding the localisation of Terry's Wonderland. It has sold so well in Japan, why not localise the damn thing already?? At the very least, it would keep the name of the series alive in the head of Western gamers until the announcement of DQ X for the West.



Linkstrikesback said:

I wonder if we will be getting a Europe specific one again. If not, I won't be tuning in, the summaries are enough for me.



Marakuto said:

Animal Crossing Jump Out will come out on September/October, I'll say this as a fact that it will happen on Nintendo Direct which it'll be announced.



madgear said:

Erm yes on news for Wii. I'm more of a PC gamer now but the Wii is, and will be, my only console for a loooong time. Any new announcements for it are good.



Tsuchinoko said:

@fchinaski OMG, on my surechigai connections for my 3DS all I see are people playing Terry's Wonderland. I see more people playing that game than Pokemon or Monster Hunter 3G

BTW I am all over that 3DS news. I love my little game machine.



Chris720 said:

Maybe we'll see James Newton?

Moving on... Wii news? What Wii news? That's been dead for months now... I'm hoping for a system update for the 3DS though, bring me some coloured folders!



iphys said:

I'm not really anticipating anything too exciting, but I can't imagine they'd use a Nintendo Direct unless they have something of significance to say.



Ichiban said:

Love it they said oops we messed up, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon is coming out this year!




I'm hoping something Monster Hunter 4 related. It will at least give some hope of it coming to the states. Or the ability to take advantage of Miiverse on 3DS already. Again, another great way to transition to WiiU's functionality.



TheAdza said:

3DS firmware update to allow for account creation, and a little taste of MiiVerse.



Chunky_Droid said:

Fingers crossed for something reasonably interesting, Nintendo Directs don't normally disappoint



TruenoGT said:

Virtual Console games transfer between Wii and 3DS? Probably not, but a guy can dream!



Araknie said:

Why thinkning Wii U will be in a Nintendo Direct?
Isn't that limitating the possibile number of followers?
For a new console isn't better a conference in public?



AyeHaley said:

Animal Crossing release date please! For Japan at least so I can import that piece of magic! (and a JPN 3DS..)



NintyMan said:

That's too early in the morning for me to watch, but hopefully something good will be shown. I'm not going to expect a bomb. With the Wii they might talk about the upcoming Kirby's Dream Collection and Epic Mickey 2. The 3DS might have the more exciting news, but we'll see.



Stine said:

3DS and Wii news, and no Wii U? Yes, this is my kind of Nintendo Direct.



Tsuchinoko said:

@SkywardLink98 I feel like we already answered that. Anyway, whether its a Japanese Nintendo Direct or not, the news will still be related to other regions since things get localized.



ajcismo said:

Maybe he'll finally refer to the Wii as a "glorified Gamecube" since that's what its going to become in my house by mid-November.



Rect_Pola said:

Weak E3 (tallking "all about" Wii U without an ounce of specifics. Or energy)
Post E3 announce of 3DS (Something wrong with your E3 show? Or your second E3 show?)
Dead silent for months (you can't ride E3 buzz you didn't create)
Announcing they are GOING to announce things later (couldn't have said this before the silent period?)

Am I the only one who thinks Nintendo is having a bad year handling their press? I wonder if trying to push Nintendo Direct is part of the problem.



Rect_Pola said:

Can't say I ever saw Wii that way. It was at least comfortably different.
However, the current situation feels vaguely like Wii was the prototype they had to kick to market because Wii U was nowhere near ready.



ajcismo said:

huh, I was actually just saying that my Wii will be doing nothing more than playing Gamecube games when the Wii U is released since GCN games won't work on the new system. But you do bring up an interesting point.
On a side note, here's to hoping the GCN will be added to the Wii U VC when that all gets its press in 2 weeks.



Tsuchinoko said:

@Rect_Pola I don't know if I agree with you, at least regarding the situation in Japan. I don't know much about E3, but the Nintendo Directs here are really in-depth and nice, and give a lot of info about upcoming games and events, demos, updates, and host nice little extras like teasers and interviews. I look forward to them a lot.



zipmon said:

I love this new trend of Nintendo Directs coming out so often! Looking forward to it! =)



ToadFan said:

So it's 7AM for Eastern time? I'll be up by then, so I can finally watch a Nintendo Direct live. But I hope theirs a North American one!



NintyMan said:

If it's 7AM Eastern, then I might be able to watch after all. I still think the 3DS will have the more exciting news than the Wii now that the Wii is starting to wind down, but who knows?



rjejr said:

The only Wii news they should be announcing at this point is how to transfer saves, Wiiware and VC games over to the WiiU. Or at least that you will be able to, they can leave the "how" for later.

If this is Japan only does that mean it will be in Japanese?



hYdeks said:

@player310 I was actually gonna say the same thing, here's hoping it is but I really doubt it will be coming to North America

Can't wait to here what's coming for 3DS too though, maybe alil Monster Hunter announcement, maybe?



Drewroxsox said:

My wii started collecting dust a few months ago, so I'll just be watching for the 3ds.




LEGO Lord of the Rings, Inazuma XI Strikers and Epic Mickey 2 are still potentially big selling games on the Wii ... We need release dates on the big 3DS games we already know about as well as Project X Zone and Prof Layton v
Pheonix Wright (et al)



bahooney said:

In all seriousness, I'm really hoping for a localization of Tomodachi Collection!! It will help soothe the pain of waiting for Animal Crossing Tobidase.



19Robb92 said:

I don't see how this could be anything interesting if it's Japan only. My hopes are low.



Cloud-San-VII said:

As much as I would like that, they said they probably won't localize it, sorry. Question is: is it just a Japanese Nintendo Direct or is it global (I'll watch each of them either way)?



motang said:

Wii announcement?? Hmm, I wonder what they will announce for the Wii.



Windy said:

@zezhyrule Yikes who cares about wii? Wow Last Story has been great and a possibility of Dragon Quest X Online coming. Dragon Quest X will extend the wii's life 10 years as Square has pledged 10 years of updates. I hope to see this happen Of course dragon Quest X will look nice on wii-u as well



Kyloctopus said:

It's also sad that I may be one of the only people, who asked for The Last Story, and bought it.



WiiLovePeace said:

Ooooooooh I'm ready for a new Nintendo Direct But what is with them announcing it so close to air time? Do they want to have no one watch it or something? :S

I hope they announce a European Nintendo Direct one soon



sketchturner said:

I would love it if the Wii has an unexpected final title that's actually worth picking up. I still wish somebody would publish Rodea the Sky Soldier. And if it would be possible for Nintendo to port Kid Icarus to the Wii, that would be cool. Or port NSMB2 to Wii. Gosh, there are a lot of options for them to make an easy buck off the starving Wii owners.



LittleIrves said:

@sketchturner I would LOVE a last little holiday Wii title that's out of nowhere. And since Wii U is backwards compatible.... hmmm? Don't think it's going to be Icarus or NSMB, but some Japan-only thing that's been sitting in their back pocket would be cool. But they'll probably just mention Kirby and DQ again.



Hokori said:

Guys it's a Japanese event so FE, Kirby, DQX DQTERRY, MH3G, and any other already out in Japan games WILL NOT be announced for the west, at least not until Sep 13th.



MrWalkieTalkie said:

Wii news huh? Hopefully they announce soumething huge that will help the Wii go out with a BANG as we enter the new era of Wii U.



Hokori said:

@Crazybrain1 Why? Unless you mean MKWii Patches because they could try to fix the hackers online.
Also I wonder how WiiU MIIs will look on a wii game? Imagine playing MKW on your WiiU, the game will recognize your WiiU mii, but what would happen if you race against someone with only a wii?



Cesco said:

1) All the Virtual console games you have purchased on the Wii can be also downloaded with no extra charge and played on a 3DS (or at least NES and Master system games)
2) A new WarioWare game for the 3DS with elements of WW:Twisted and WW:Touched plus the ability of making our own games just like in WW:DIY
3) A new Punch-Out! videogame for the 3DS (or at least the original arcade game on the eShop)
4) Animal Crossing 3DS available this year instead of 2013

Now this would be cool...



The_Fox said:

The Wii has been more or less dead for months so I wouldn't get excited for anything to be announced in that regard.



Salnax said:

Probably just confirmations for the Q4 lineup. Still, it'll be nice to see what does and doesn't come out this year.



RR529 said:

I actually get more excited for Japanese Nintendo Directs. It usually means all new games are going to be announced (even if there are some we won't get), instead of just release dates of games we already know about.



Hokori said:

@RR529 Ditto, plus they usually send out cool stationaries and puzzles to everyone. With the exception of Japanese only puzzles like FE and Oni Training, but at least the stationaries we can get on our non Japanese 3DSes



GammaGames said:

yes! Its on my birthday! hopefully animal crossing release date, that would be an awesome present



Dyl_73 said:

The surprise launch of the Holographic 3DS Lite U XL Micro dual dual screen with Portable Reality Integrated Colleague Keys (P.R.I.C.K.) which will replace friend codes and display holographic images of your friends.



Kyloctopus said:

It's probably nothing for anyone outside of Japan, because other Nintendo sites don't seem to be anticipating it.



Vava said:

I pray for getting the coins system ported to Europe, allowing us at last to buy games with our tons of club Nintendo stars...



AyeHaley said:

I'm sure AC 3DS date will be Japan only. :/
I would explode into kittens and diamond butterfly's if they'd annouce a sudden earlier date for EU and US (as in this year). But that would never happen.



DeadAntelopesGo said:

So the timezones are confusing me...for north american viewers is this 7am EST tomorrow morning or the day after?



triforcepower73 said:

Nintendo: Hey! Listen!
Me: What? More news! Yes!!!
Nintendo: Yeah! We got news about the 3DS and the wi
Me: U!! Finally! It's about time!
Nintendo: No. Just the 3DS and wii.
Me: Oh.



UgliestSoup said:

I wouldn't have high expectations this time around. Nintendo will fail to present this time again.



Furealz said:

I hope they make an announcement about Wii VC. Lord knows we need Earthbound, Yoshi and Starfox.... 16-bit fall/autumn VC blow-out plz!



Royspaceghost said:

So, we are talking about a couple hours ahead, or a whole day so we can stream it here in North America?, I'm from Mexico.And my picks would be:That Retro game that's been on the works for quite some time.Something Metroidish.And I don't wanna get my hopes too high, but something Earthbound related? That would be awesome.

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