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Midnight Purple 3DS Hits North America on 20th May

Posted by James Newton

Told you so

North American shoppers get a new colour to choose from in a few weeks when the rumoured Midnight Purple 3DS console hits stores.

Coming on 20th May for a suggested retail price of $169.99, it joins Cosmo Black, Aqua Blue, Flame Red and Pearl Pink in the rainbow of handheld console colours.

Will you be picking one up?

Nintendo 3DS Gets a Royal New Color on May 20: Midnight Purple
April 30, 2012

Just as lilacs and hyacinth bloom throughout the spring, so too a new color is blooming for the Nintendo 3DS system. Midnight Purple gives the hand-held a royal new look. The new color will launch May 20, the same day Mario Tennis Open becomes available.

The Midnight Purple Nintendo 3DS, offered at a suggested retail price of $169.99 in the United States, becomes the fifth color in the always-stylish Nintendo 3DS color palette, joining Cosmo Black, Aqua Blue, Flame Red and Pearl Pink. Now fans have another option to customize the look of their systems to suit their individual styles and personalities.

Nintendo 3DS lets users enjoy games and videos in 3D without the use of special glasses. Mario Tennis Open adds to the strong library of Nintendo 3DS games, which also includes Super Mario 3D Land, Kid Icarus: Uprising and Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir. Fans also can check out 3D videos on Nintendo Video and access new and classic downloadable games in the Nintendo eShop.

Remember that Nintendo 3DS features parental controls that let adults manage the content their children can access. For more information this and other features, visit

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Samholy said:

looks great but ill keep my cosmo black until it dies.
ill wait for the next system change before i buy anotehr one. like a 3DS xl )



RevolverLink said:

Midnight Purple is nice, but let's not pretend like any of the current NA colors are on the same level as the Cobalt Blue Japan has.



JayceJa said:

looks better than all the current colors, as did the orange one shown at the same E3 for that matter

ill definitely be buying one for my own system(currently sharing aqua blue with brother)



Enzo_V said:

i want green and nintendo must release 3ds skins such as nintendo franchises as designs. and purple looks sexy



Kimiko said:

Finally. Now I'll be able to get a 3DS when the right games appear (SQ4 for example).
Any details on the European date yet?



SkywardLink98 said:

How much trade credit do I get for a 3DS at gamestop? AND I'll only upgrade after I can link my games to an account so I can re-download my games without re-buying it.



Radbot42 said:

I WANT IT! Too bad i already have a cosmo black. Maybe if my friend buys mine I will get the purple one. Honestly I doubt they will ever make a 3DS with a second circle pad, so there is no point in waiting for a remake.



Shotgunryugan said:

Gosh dangit,i already have Aqua Blue since January this year and purple is my favorite color

Oh well....



Djrr-ific said:

Is it the same purple as at E3 2010? It looks different, more ehm.. ugly?
I loved the E3 purple one though.. If this ever comes to Europe and is the same as E3 2010, I'll consider getting one (:



Alienfish said:

Don't people like green? I like green. I would buy a green console. Not Xbox, that's gross radioactive green.



photofool83 said:

I have NEVER been a fan of purple, but I've got to say that system looks good. If I didn't already have a Cosmo Black one...



shingi_70 said:

Have a black one but will upgrade to a different color as soon as a 3ds lite comes.



JustYourAverageBleh said:

I want a yellow one. And green, of course. But the fancy kind of green, not the near-vomit green they did with the DS Lite.



NintyMan said:

That looks great, and better than the other colors right now in NA. I'll stick with my Aqua Blue one, though. A green one would be nice.



LuigiTheGreenFire said:

i wonder if this will be exclusive to North America? As of now, there are no plans to release the Ice White 3DS outside of Japan and Europe, and now words on the Cobalt Blue 3DS. If Japan gets Midnight Purple, their will be 7 different colors to choose from!



TheMarioFanatic said:

why they keep releasing colors we dont want,bring the cobalt blue one down here instead of that funky green blue



AVahne said:

Please consider that these are just concept pictures. They're not photos, so they don't have that nice pretty shininess that the actual systems have.



Morpheel said:

It's so... Beautiful.

If I ever need to replace my 3DS and a redesign hasn't come out yet, I'll totally get one of these (or a lime green one).



Shugo said:

Oh man, Nintendo is actually listening, for once! I remember there used to be a big petition on 4chan before the 3DS launch to bring the purple one seen at E3 to retail. It took them over a year, but at least they're doing it. Very tempted to trade mine in for one, if only to live up to my own word from that email I once sent NoA saying I'd buy one...



ayylmao22422 said:

Looks really nice, but I'm gonna hang on to my flame red. It is really nice that Nintendo is listening to our suggestions though!



jgary1 said:

Ice White looked sweet, but Apple has played out that color to death. Anxious to see what purple will look like in person ... and if it will de-throne Flame Red as the hottest 3DS color.



CBattles6 said:

Looks pretty good, but I've never liked the two-tone effect where the area around the top screen is still black. That's why I love my Cosmo Black.



Squiggle55 said:

With these newer models did Nintendo fix the 3DS design flaw that lets the top screen rest right on the bottom causing smudges?



Marakuto said:

I think it will have a difference with the hinge this time probably the moving part.



Megajack said:

Hmmm. should i pay $169.99 for a new colored 3DS when i already have a black one? No.



Tasuki said:

Dang it I am half tempted to trade in my red one for that. Someone needs to come out with interchangeable 3DS coverings so you can swap colors.



ATDI said:

Sorry for the caps, but I love purple.



Chris720 said:

I wish we could just swap the covers of the 3DS... change it from Aqua Blue to Purple... Red to Black... Blue to Green etc. rather than buying a whole new system...



Wintendo said:

Why aren't there more 'manly' colours? Red looked like Pink, Then pink, now purple? Blue is a little too babyish looking (Although it's not bad). Black was the only colour that looked cool, imo



lanabanana said:

Yay! My friend LOVES purple and I've been trying to convince her into getting a 3DS for a year!!! I'm pretty sure she's gonna want one when she sees this!!!!!!



PuzzleMaster7 said:

I wish that the Cobalt blue 3ds that Japan has was released in America. For now, I'll just have to stick to my cosmic black.



grimbldoo said:

@RevolverLink #6
Seriously. I raged so hard I went Super Sayin and blew up half of my house. I spent $170 on my Cosmo Black, which was a nice color but I prefer blue and the Aqua Blue is just so damn ugly, and then two months later, "Hey! We're releasing it in the actually nice shade of blue that you wanted in the first place!"...I would have punched my screen besides the fact that I am too poor to afford a new laptop.



Undead_terror said:

[youtube:qIc4hr3uvHI]thats for the purple fans
but me imma sticking with my black 3ds,or wait for a green



pariah164 said:

safasdfasdf NOOOOOO

First they release red, then the Zelda one, then pink, and now my favorite color: purple. And I'm stuck with my Aqua Blue one. DAMMIT. Just... dammit. I'm gonna be upset the rest of the week now. Friggin Nintendo.



Undead_terror said:

@pariah164 just keep clam and drink tea!
as for midnight purple i got a midnight blue dsi xl



Lalivero said:

This looks nice I admit, but I'll be waiting on an orange one before I put my current to rest.



RedYoshi999 said:

The only thing that would make me change my red 3DS to a different one is a gold Zelda console and they ruined that by making a black Zelda console.



Objection said:

that is a sexy, sexy colour

/sticks with black one i already have for obvious reasons



HaNks said:

very nice the best colour so far. the previous purple one shown looked better though...less dark and more shiny. will have to see some real life pics of the one going to retail to get a better idea ;0



WolfRamHeart said:

I really like this shade of purple. Looks really nice! As cool as this color looks I think that I will stick with my black 3DS until it dies or until a must-have limited edition model comes along. That or if they make a really gorgeous shade of green(my favorite color). /me crosses my fingers for an electric green.

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