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Fri 26th Dec 2008

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CBattles6 commented on Oster Lays Out WiiWare Criticisms:

I think there are some legitimate criticisms to be made about WiiWare, but it also sounds like Beamdog half-a**ed the game. You can do QA in house before submitting the game. You can put together marketing efforts on your own to boost sales. WiiWare isn't code for "make a game and then expect Nintendo to do all the work."

I don't remember World of Goo having any sales problems. Maybe Beamdog should have made a good game and taken pride in it instead of porting something from 1997.



CBattles6 commented on Talking Point: Does Nintendo Finally 'Get' Dig...:

If the price for the digital version is going to be the same, I don't really see the benefit. A game card can be lent to friends/family, or resold once you're done with the game—plus there's always a psychological benefit to purchasing a tangible object. The only reason I'd buy a digital game over a physical one is price—Nintendo's fooling themselves if they think there's any other legitimate selling point.



CBattles6 commented on Telltale Games: 'Wii Audience Is Perfect For Us":

I've gotta think that the iPhone/Wii comment doesn't represent the company correctly. The fact of the matter is that TT screwed the pooch on MI Episode 1. I understand the WiiWare file size limit, but there have been too many successful complex games (Goo, LostWinds, My Life, Onslaught) to lay this only at Nintendo's feet.

Hopefully all the negative press and fan reactions will prompt TT to step their game up and fix the problems in time for Episode 2.



CBattles6 commented on Review: Tales of Monkey Island: Chapter 1 (Wii...:

You might want to re-review this game. Although the game is exactly the same as the PC version, it's not an 8 on WW...Choppy graphics, music, and constant loading knock this down a couple pegs...I'd say the polish is worse than StrongBad.



CBattles6 commented on Dunaway: No E3 Snowboarding This Time:

Cammie's E3 debacle probably soured a lot of people on what turned out to be a great game (Shaun White Snowboarding). Oh, that and the fact that Mr. White looks homeless half the time.



CBattles6 commented on Review: High Voltage Hot Rod Show (WiiWare):

For a studio their size, you can't expect every game to be a winner (especially since I bet they're putting a lot into the Conduit). I agree that the Conduit should be a standout game, but don't sleep on Animales de la Muerte. If that game lives up to the videos I've been seeing, we may have another huge WiiWare hit on our hands.



CBattles6 commented on Metacritic's Best Wii Games of 2008:

How about some love for de Blob? It just won about 3 or 4 of IGN's year-end Wii awards (including best platformer, over Mega Man 9). It's a beautiful game that takes a hardcore gamer to master, and it's got enough achievements to keep you playing for hours (try a 70-minute level about three times just to get everything).

I'm not knocking Brawl; it's a good game if you like games you're already good at. But after awhile, I couldn't shake the feeling that I was playing the N64 version with a new coat of paint. Fun game, lots of great characters, great visuals and music, but it's just more of the same if you play it long enough.

Metacritic proves what I've been saying for awhile. de Blob is the Zach and Wiki of '08. Best game nobody's playing.