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Wed 13th Apr 2011

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jgary1 commented on U.S. February Sales Figures Make Grim Reading ...:

The state of the economy in the U.S. is a HUGE reason for the lower sales in the video game industry over the past few years, IMO. Most people simply do not have the disposable income they had a few years back.



jgary1 commented on Retailers Call for Summer Blockbusters:

It is utterly ridiculous that 95% of a year's releases occur within a few weeks around the holidays. Weeks later, many of these games have been reduced to bargain-bin prices b/c no human being could possibly play them all. Then, executives sit around and try to figure out what is wrong with the sales of video games. It is complete madness.



jgary1 commented on Review: Chuck E. Cheese's Arcade Room (DSiWare):

How hard is it to make a little kiddo game like this that doesn't completely suck? I mean, with the Chuck E. Cheese name attached ... this thing will practically sell itself. Pathetic, but completely expected.



jgary1 commented on Review: Zen Pinball 3D (3DSWare):

such differing opinions on the physics. i thought that this was a definite for me, but now i am reconsidering. especially with pushmo getting rave reviews.



jgary1 commented on Nintendo Japan Unveils Ice White 3DS Console:

The Flame Red 3DS may not look like much in pictures, but in person it is a real head turner. By far, the best looking color of the 3 released in the US. It is probably one of the most gorgeous finishes on an electronic device that I have ever seen.



jgary1 commented on Review: Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Col...:

Thanks for the comments regarding screen darkness. The early reviews on Amazon really made a point of this issue. Since I already own it on Xbox, I'm still on the fence about buying - especially without Medieval Madness and Arabian Knights.