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Extend 3DS Battery Life with CTA's Deluxe Power Grip

Posted by James Newton

Fully charged

The 3DS battery life has arguably received just as much discussion as its games line-up, and there have been plenty of peripheral companies trying to solve that problem with add-ons. CTA Digital is the latest, launching its Deluxe Power Grip to combat the issue.

The grip includes a rechargeable battery that, according to CTA, "effectively doubles" the console's battery life, and is recharged either through the included USB cable or the regular 3DS adaptor.

Here's a video showing the grip in action. Don't get too excited when the video says "can wirelessly charge or power your console" — this isn't magic, just using the same contacts as the regular 3DS charging cradle.

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CTA Digital Introduces New Deluxe Power Grip for Nintendo 3DS
New product allows comfort, extra battery life.

Brooklyn, NY - CTA Digital ( announces its new Deluxe Power Grip for Nintendo 3DS, designed to solve the problem of short battery life and extend playing time for gamers while adding comfort during longer playing sessions. This stylish grip snaps on quickly and easily converts a 3DS system, which already uses console style control placements, to a more home-style console gaming experience.

The ergonomic shape helps players endure long gaming sessions, while the textured grips fit fully into a player's hands for a secure grasp even during rapid and aggressive play. The 3DS controls, headphone jack, sliders and game slots all remain within easy reach, making the
game-plus-grip combination a natural and intuitive experience. The silicone material keeps the grip comfortable, but is tough enough to resist scratches and bumps, and adds a layer of protection for the system. A lock-on latch keeps the grip mounted to the 3DS securely.

The grip is charged using the included USB cable or the original 3DS AC Adapter which effectively doubles the 3DS battery life. The LED light on the power grip will turn from red to blue when the grip is fully charged. Many users reported issues with the battery life of this console, and can now play longer hours without worrying about charging their systems too often.

When players need to rest their hands but don't want to stop the action, a convenient built in stand folds out to hold the system upright for easy tabletop play. Not only does the stand base snaps into two positions to adjust the game playing angle for player preference, it also has a slot for storing an extra 3DS game.

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User Comments (66)



TheAmazingRaccoon said:

not compatible with the circle pad adapter

EDIT: "modeled after real console controllers"

as apposed to fake console controllers (my favorite is the Okama Gamesphere's controller)



sgotsch said:

Poor guys. Would have consireded this, but I may be planning to use the circle pad extension. :x



sgotsch said:

Right. So I'm going to wait with the circle pad until they build me one with a good battery in it.



JettiBlue said:

I think I need some sort of accessory for better grip. Star Fox 64 3D makes my hand ache after a while because I use the buttons so much



Blaze said:

My Nyko Power Pak serves me fine anyway...

Well, until I innevitably have to get rid of it because of the Circle Pad Extension.



goldgin said:

There's something undeniably hot about pretty girls holding game devices.



Milkman-123 said:

nah, ill pass on this one. its not like it will wrap around the upcoming c-pad attachment



SuperLink said:

Oaky......that's all well and good, but...I really don't think I'd be able to fit that in my pocket, so pass.



daznsaz said:

that would be good at big for in pocket out and about.but when your at home you can run off the for me its just a grip ok though



Aqueous said:

Closer to what I want, though I came up with the idea that some attachment you could just slip on and it would start charging back when I heard of the niko+ which would make it so I can't use my peral peroder case with my 3ds. I just want someone to say we have a battery, it doubles the life span, just replace the old one with the new one and keep the original back. oh well....



Spoony_Tech said:

Like everyone is saying what's the point! Fortunately for them not everyone knows about the circle pad but once people realize the circle pad is coming out they might get mad that they bought this! I to have the nyko battery and wont be picking up the circle pad till its absolutely necessary!



Jono97 said:

They should combine this with the extra circle pad add on. Well, either way, this ad on doesn't look so portable.



Omenapoika said:

That would be a must have if the circle pad wasn't coming... (as everyone before me already said). I'm looking forward to c-pad with extra battery.

(C-pad, why didn't I think about that before? I'll never say or write circle pad anymore.)



Pokefanmum82 said:

yeah but who knows when the second circle pad is coming out. and it's not like you can't just interchange the two. i think it's a good idea and it adds more battery life. the only question is will it void the warranty?



NESguy94 said:

This was such a great idea, too bad they had to announce before the second circle pad. Too bad, I might have bought this.



Link245 said:

2 Issues:
1. There's the Circle Pad Add-On!
2. This can void your warranty or repairs.



Savino said:

This... with a second slide pad (probably coming soon) will be way better than the official! Looks much more confortable.



Ren said:

anyone who is enough of a nerd to be seen using this massive, ugly thing on the bus and simply MUST play for 3+ hours in the desert where there are no power outlets will probably want the equally overkill and dorky c-pad so this is pretty much dead in the water.



Terave said:

Just no. This... is even worse than the 2nd circle pad. However, the grip might be better.



gamecubefan said:

so why couldn't nintendo think of this for the circle pad add-on? actually the circle pad add-on looks like it wasn't even designed for comfort at all

i was just thinking last night after playing star fox a while about how uncomfortable the 3ds is to hold for long periods of time (i do have large hands though as i'm 6'3")



Detective_TeeJay said:

3 words: Nyko Battery Pack. So no thanks. n_n

Although the easy detachment is new, so this is a better option for those planning on getting that god-awful circle pad attachment.



Tigus said:

I think ill stick to the circle pad add on unless they make there own or nintendo makes a better one.



EdEN said:

What Aqueous said would be the ideal solution: "buy a new system, buy our $40 battery and you'll have 10+ hours of gaming from a single 4 hour charge".

The Circle pad add on would have been GREAT at $29.99 with an extra hour or two of battery life but instead it uses a single AA Battery which is odd in this day and age.



Magi said:

I'm waiting for the backpack version which will contain the second analog stick, 197-hour battery, printer, fax machine, and 580watt speaker system. Rumor has it that there will also be a blu-ray peripheral too! ::crosses finger::



TheGreenSpiny said:

Wow, some many negative reactions to this... It looks far better than both the Nyko battery and the circle pad attachment. Unlike the Nyko battery it doesn't require you to take apart your system, or void your warrenty.

As far as the circle pad goes, that's just gonna be another usless add-on that never gets supported.



Tasuki said:

I dont know what everyone is complaining about the battery life. I take my 3DS with me to school from 8 in the morning till 8 in the evening and play it in between classes which adds up to 4 to 5 hours of play time and I still have a decent charge when I get home at night.



Dizzard said:

Will it ever be possible for some third party to create and accessory that has an extended batter AND second thumbstick all in one?

Or will nintendo be the only ones who can create a second thumbstick accessory?



Sam_Loser2 said:

Well, I think this looks a lot nicer than the c-pad expantion, but doesn't look very compatible with it. My problem? Will it fit into my nifty case? No. Will it be easier to leave it home? Yes. Waaaait, can't I already charge it at home?



Supremeist said:

The grip looks nice, but I plan on getting the circle pad attachment at one point. So It's a no for me.



tripunktoj said:

I dont like 3rd party accessories, but I mignt make an exception if the girl is included.



wanderlustwarrior said:

I wasn't going to watch the video until I read comment @6. I'm glad I did, for a couple reasons.

She is quite pretty, and did make the device seem useful.
The device is actually useful. They even included a couple extra features (USB charging and a container for a spare game) to be more user friendly.

Unfortunately, even if I had a 3DS, I still wouldn't get it, because that thing looks huge. More so than a lithium ion battery attachment should be. Extra plastic, I guess.



sykotek said:

It extends the battery without voiding the warranty? I'll probably get one. I've had my eyes on the Nyko Shock 'n Rock, but it's priced at $39.99 and worse yet, it's nowhere to be found.

I like that CTA is integrating a grip so you can hold the 3DS easier. I use dpad for Street Fighter, so I feel it's a good addition in my opinion. Also, it'll likely cut down on hand cramps I've been experiencing since launch.

Either way, I'm more likely to buy this attachment vs. the circle pad attachment. Nintendo will just come out with a 3DS redesign that integrates the circle pad in the future if it's really integral to games. I'm not shilling more money to add an optional circle least with CTA's product I'll be able to play my games for longer or watch Netflix or what have you.

Edit: Price is $29.99, you can order it from Amazon here. Only bad thing is that it can take up to a month which gives me plenty of time to choose between this or the Shock 'n Rock...hmm...



Despair1087 said:

seems really stupid i cant even believe some one would invent or even buy that. that oversized grip takes away all the portability.

if it's not a portable system anymore where are you going to use it?

at your house. where there is electricity. .



LordTendoboy said:

CTA makes terrible useless stuff. Nyko, MadCatz, PDP, etc. are much more reputable companies.



sykotek said:

@tendoboy1984: No, this product doesn't appear to void the warranty. You're not likely to void the 3DS warranty unless you're removing the original battery or accessing the innards of your 3DS in some way. This appears to be a clip on attachment.

As for CTA making terrible, useless stuff, excuse me if I don't take your word for it since:
a) This product obviously has a use, it both charges and offers an ergonomic way for you to hold the 3DS.
b) As for build quality, this product is on order and won't ship for another 2-4 weeks, so I doubt you have one to properly judge.
c) Having a reputation is not the same as having a good reputation. Something which few 3rd party peripheral companies have. Additionally, having worked in gaming retail, among many gamers, MadCatz, is certainly not one of those companies with a good reputation.

I don't know much about this product besides what I've seen in the video, but I reserve judgment for when it's released. I know it's hard, but please refrain from attempting to pass off your opinions as solid facts.



SyFyTy said:

Other companies have had these for the Ds lite, DSi and XL, for some time now. Can be had with additional batteries or speaker grips. Also I got from '' a wrist battery, works like a black bracelet that holds tons of battery life and comes with a small attachable cord, that charges the game while playing... the battery is held on wrist, watch style. Some company in Russia makes it, works great, comes with dozens of tips for use with just about anything...Holds charge a long time too.Encased in black rubber, almost water proof. feels compfortable. has five Led's indicating charge left. no I don't work for them, just a good gadget. Best solution I've found yet.



SyFyTy said:

PS I orignally bought it for my ipod but it has tips for psp. DSlite and DSiXL just to name a few... actually about 15 different tips, works in US too, charges from miniusb/USB connection spiral spring cord for gaming is removeable.looks stylish too.. man-ly so to speak...



misterpale said:

It's actually not that bad, I'll go for anything that can extend the battery life of my 3DS since we travel often. I won't have any probs carrying it with the add-on circle pad, I'll go for anything that can improve my gaming experience.



StarDust4Ever said:

The comfort grip and additional battery life without the need to open the 3DS is a real plus for me. 2600mAh = much longer battery life than all of the competitors. I have big hands. Lots of grown gamers do. I want to be able to sit and play my DS without cramping my hands, and this device looks like it can do it. Whatever happened to the good old days when people crammed all kinds of clunky Game Boy peripherals in their bags? I can still throw the grips off and slide the 3DS into my pocket for streetpass/ pedometer if I'm just taking a stroll or going places. The stock 3DS battery lasts forever in standby mode. And who cares if it doesn't work with the dual analog accessory? (which is an oblong asymmetric POS)



Simon_Deku said:

My iPhone barely fits in my pocket, let alone will this. Then again, since when did I stop playing video games?



Aqueous said:

@EdEN - Thank you for likely my idea of a solution, though I hope it would be 20. I'd just rather that because I can keep the blue back and I can keep using my fancy Pearl and Diamond pre-order case with it's broken zippers and scratches.



Blue_Yoshi said:

I actually want this, its useful for car rides nd vacations. Any word on the price or release date?.



DrDaisy said:

I hope the grip doesn't get warped from the heat of the battery like Nyko's power grip for PSP does.
Also, how is this going to work out when the extra analog stick attachment is released?

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