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Talking Point: The Future of Metroid

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Where next, Samus?

It’s a big anniversary for Metroid, joining Mario and Zelda in the 25 year club. It’s interesting to note that there hasn’t been much fanfare from Nintendo, with the upcoming 3DS ‘Ambassador’ release of GBA classic Metroid Fusion being the only sign of Samus this year. It seems that as a franchise, Metroid is very much ‘in development’; we don’t doubt that new Metroid games are in the works, but there have been no announcements of what direction the series will take. As gamers, we therefore feel it is our duty to speculate wildly and share our hopes and dreams for the franchise. None of what follows is fact, or even genuine rumour, but rather some ideas of what Samus’s next adventures may bring.

Blasting out of the screen

Let’s kick things off with the 3DS. As mentioned above, early adopters of the 3DS are due a treat later in the year, with a free copy of Metroid Fusion promised as part of the Ambassador programme. Although Metroid is typically associated with major home console releases, Nintendo’s handhelds have also delivered some classics: Metroid Fusion and Metroid: Zero Mission on the GBA both brought 2D gameplay from the NES/SNES era into the 21st Century. The only entry on the DS – no, we’re not counting pinball spin-offs – was Metroid Prime: Hunters, which took a different approach by incorporating the 3D first-person gameplay of the GameCube and Wii Prime series. The controls were an interesting idea, particularly aiming with the stylus, though they didn’t necessarily suit everyone. So what can we expect on the 3DS — 2D or 3D?

Our prediction: 2.5D. Although upcoming titles on the platform such as Kid Icarus: Uprising will utilise stylus aiming, our guess is that Metroid on the 3DS will revert to a more traditional, 2D gameplay style. It’s safe to say that a 2D handheld Metroid entry is long overdue; anyone heard of Metroid Dread? First rumoured in 2005 as a DS release, Nintendo and series creator Yoshio Sakamoto have both maintained silence on the subject. Fans desperate for the game to see the light of day even picked up on a hidden message in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, a scan visor entry stating that “Metroid project ‘Dread’ is nearing the final stages of completion”; it is likely that Retro Studios included this as an inside joke. Even as recently as January this year, a cheeky tweet from UK celeb Jonathan Ross prompted a barrage of Metroid Dread 3DS rumours, all taking his comments out of context. What's obvious is that Metroid fans want the project to happen, or at the very least a new 2D handheld entry.

It may seem contradictory to refer to the 3DS as the perfect console for a 2D Metroid experience, but with creative game design it could be an exciting prospect. The 3D display could be used in a couple of ways; layered environments where Samus boosts to the background or foreground, or even 3D areas within a 2D control scheme. Some ideas could be taken from Metroid: Other M; it may not be everyone’s favourite game, but there are elements of the title that could work perfectly. That title employed 2D gameplay principles in a 3D environment. It wasn't always flawless though, especially as Samus was controlled with the Wii Remote’s small D-Pad, and missiles could only be fired by pointing at the screen; a transition that not all gamers enjoyed.

However, with improved level design, more exploration and less linearity, the ideas in Metroid: Other M could work well on the 3DS. The Circle Pad will allow for fluid movement, first person visor scanning could be activated with a press of a button, with the system’s gyroscope controls being perfectly suited to changing the viewing angle in an immersive manner. If a middle ground between Super Metroid and Metroid: Other M gameplay could be achieved, utilising elements of the first person scanning first pioneered in the Prime series, we think the 3DS could help to take 2.5D Metroid forward, perhaps in a manner less polarising than Other M.

See U on Wii U, Samus?

When looking at the Wii U console unveiling at E3 2011, die-hard Metroid fans may have thought of one thing above all else: that tablet controller is the perfect scan visor. Some demonstrations of the tablet indicated that the embedded screen can provide a 360 degree view of the game world, with the image on the television being the front view, while facing the tablet in other directions provides different perspectives of the same game environment. The visor scanning mechanic from the Metroid Prime series would be a terrific fit for this concept, making an already engrossing gameplay mechanic even more involving for the gamer.

The Wii U tablet could be utilised in other ways, of course. The most obvious application would be as a map display and general area for accessing weapons, suit upgrades and game information. That would be the least creative implementation of the device, certainly less so than as a scan visor. More creative options are on the table, and going back to the E3 concept demos, Battle Mii actually featured Metroid characters in an interesting way. Granted, it was a cartoony Mii related Metroid demo, but it involved two gamers with Wii Remotes and Nunchuks using Samus-like characters to try and shoot down a third player, controlling Samus’s ship with the Wii U tablet. The tablet player had a completely different view from the others, with a view of the ground below the ship to try and shoot the land based players.

So how can these ideas be pulled together into a single title? The most obvious answer is another title following the template of the Prime series, a first-person adventure shooter, with plenty of environment scanning with the Wii U tablet. That in itself would be terrific, but the Battle Mii demonstration does suggest that, as an extra facet of the gameplay, there could be some intriguing sections of gameplay using the ship as aerial support. Perhaps Samus is involved in a difficult battle, and calls in her ship for some assistance. While Samus takes cover on the ground with the TV maintaining her perspective, the ship could be activated on the tablet controller, and manoeuvred to perform bombing runs on surrounding enemies. If this feature was implemented well, it could make for some exciting battle scenes. With the dual stick setup, the Wii U could be an opportunity for Metroid to grab a share of the lucrative first-person shooter market, but with a healthy dose of adventure and Samus magic included. The Metroid Prime series deserved wider recognition, perhaps the gameplay opportunities of the Wii U technology can take it to the next level.

These are just a couple of our own ideas for how the 3DS and Wii U could take the Metroid franchise forward. It is a series that has explored so many gameplay styles and genres – yes, including pinball – so it is safe to assume that Nintendo will continue to surprise. We just hope that it takes the positives and negatives of the recent Prime series and Other M, incorporates some old-school Super Metroid magic with new ideas and gives gamers more definitive Metroid gaming to enjoy.

What direction do you want the Metroid series to take? 2D, 2.5D, 3D, which perspective works best? Finally, which platform will serve Metroid best, 3DS or Wii U? We’d love to hear your thoughts, so share them with us in the comments below.

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Azikira said:

I just want to see more Metroid games period. My Metroid Prime Trilogy should hold me off until Metroid Fusion, then hopefully the wait won't be too dreadfully long for the next game (See what I did there?). :3



SKTTR said:

Just release more Metroid games. Don't mind if it's Another M, another Prime, or another 2D game. They're all excellent.



Xkhaoz said:

I'd like a new 2D game and Prime spin-off for 3DS, and, heck, the same thing for Wii U!



Meta-Rift said:

I think they'll do a sidescroller for 3DS.

The Wii U controller would be perfect for a third-person Metroid. I hope we finally get one.



Knux said:

I just want a new Metroid game on the 3DS period, regardless if it is in 3D or 2D. I can totally see Metroid Prime 4 being developed for the Wii U.



motang said:

Ohhh having the map and info on suite, etc. on the Wii U's controller touch screen would be awesome, looking forward to what the next Metroid game will have in store!



UltraRobPrime said:

Am I the only one who wants A game where you play as Ridley, and learn about his back story? Other than that, I'd like to see a 2.5D Metroid game on the 3DS.



TheGreenSpiny said:

Dual Analog? Ugh. No thanks, I like my pointer controls for their precision, something that dual analog lacks. What's next aiming down sights (or barrel?) to compensate for awful dual analog controls? If Metroid comes to the Wii U it better have 'Mote & 'chuck support.

Other M did have a lot of great ideas. I like the dodge and melee attacks, but the auto aim was a bad idea, as was the first person only missiles. I also like the fixed camera angles, and the blending of 2D and 3D elements. It really needed more exploration and atmospere, and less obtrusive story. Fusion is one of the best story driven games every, something as suspenseful and scary as that would be cool for the 3DS.



MrMagpie said:

Metroid is possibly my favourite ninty franchise, but it's been too long since we had a proper 2D entry and I played both Zero Mission and Fusion to death when they came out. I still consider ZM to be the definitive Metroid experience, as it catered for some fantastic things - full % runs, ridiculously fast speed runs and even the 15% run (managed it on normal, but not on Hard, which is a shame as you unlock some sweet artwork)...sigh, unlikely to be an Ambassador title though, seeing as we're getting fusion...



Noire said:

What I really want to see, and I guess I don't care what system it comes out on, is a Metroid game that largely incorporates ideas from both the stealth and the survival-horror genres. I mean, I can see spots where Metroid has been influenced by these games, but I want something full-on. A game where Samus is without her Power Suit and is forced to explore a gigantic compound with limited resources and enemies that will kill her if she doesn't find a place to hide. It'd kind of be like the extended ending of Zero Mission, only made into a full game, and I'd want it in third-person perspective in a 3D world.

Other than that, Metroid Dread needs to be released as a 2D sidescroller for the 3DS, and I think Metroid II should be remade.



Bigdog said:

Honestly, give me Other M 2, with less over acting and storytelling. That would be close to a perfect game.

Better yet: do that and give samus some basic mobility while in 1st Person mode, and it would be a perfect game.

One more! Make it a bit more non-linear, to satisfy those that care about such things, and it would be historic.



Bigdog said:

For 3DS, give me a spiritual sequel to Super Metroid. Strictly 2D game play in a fully rendered 3D world (Think a 3D DKCR for the 3DS, with true 3D effects). Done. No game play uses for 3D necessary in this franchise.

Mario should take advantage of the 3DS' 3D in a game play way, Metroid in a purely aesthetics.



King_Boo said:

how about throwing in ship combat, like going into a planets core and shooting your way out or trying to escape a collapsing star and having to avoid total planets as you rocket off.



CapedGodot said:

That 3D Zero Suit idea sound nifty (and not Just for that reason, pervs). It would be cool to have more stealth-type gameply, since the part in ZM was woefully short. Other than that, we do need a full-2D/2.5D Metroid game. It''s been too long.



JumpmanZ said:

I'd say Metroid: Other M style gameplay, but an onscreen or physical button switches to Anthony driving Samus's ship to bomb enemies. When Samus, you could still use the screen and gyro as a scan visor for shooting missiles and the like.



SilverBaretta said:

Actually, I want to see some of those Wii U ideas implemented. Those sound really fun!

Feenie's idea being used would be the greatest thing ever.



Link79 said:

I don't care how many people wanna hate on Other M.
I personally enjoyed it and would like to see the next Metroid take ideas from the last game and expand on it.
Samus needed a personality and no matter how you feel about the one they gave her at least she's more human now.
If you played Fusion you'd know she's more than just an emotionless alien blasting bad ass.
If you wanted that you're playing the wrong franchise.



Kirazy said:

Wow, how has nobody mentioned Other M style gamplay, except, with a permanent first person browser on the wii u controller, and permanent third person gamplay on the tv screen. I think it's a really cool idea, walking around in third person, with the occasional looking down at the wii u controller to shoot some precise missiles.



OldBoy said:

I really hope they go with a 2D Metroid for 3DS,with beautiful 3D depth of course. Hated the control scheme for Hunters, hand cramps ahoy!!
As for WiiU well the tablet is surely made for scanning but then we would lose the lovely Wiimote controls so I'm not sure which way they would go with that. One things for sure its gonna look bootiful in HD!



Omarzuqo said:

The future of Metroid should be track down and destroy every copy of Other M, then declare it Non canon.



Meta-Rift said:

@Link79: I'm not going to start an argument about Samus's massive character shift from Fusion to Other M, but Metroid isn't about shooting aliens. I can't stand it when people say "Other M haters just don't want Samus to have a personality", because that's not why I hate it. I hate it because it's a Metroid-themed shoot 'em up with button-mashing gameplay.



Bigdog said:

@Kirazy that's genius. Pure Genius. Other M with a permanent 1st person on the controller and 3rd Person on the TV is pure gold. Would have to work out how to work out the whole 2Dvs3D thing, but the concept could work really well either way.

Seriously. I'm going to mention this whenever I talk about the Metroid franchise.



pixelman said:

Metroid Dreeeeeeeeeeead. Developed by Retro. For the 3DS. Releasing next year.



Slapshot said:

Metroid should have always stayed in 2D in my opinion and a 2.5D Metroid on 3DS will be a missed opportunity from Nintendo if it doesn't happen. You'd of thought that after all the fantastic 2D Castlevania titles on DS, Nintendo would have answered with a 2D Metroid, but it just never happened sadly.



Xkhaoz said:

Also, I just had another crazy idea. Maybe Nintendo could give WayForward a try at the Metroid franchise



Link79 said:

@ Rift
Whatever you wanna call it.
If you just tried button mashing your way through Other M I imagine you'd get killed pretty quick.
Did you even make it to the end or did you just give up?
I think other M haters were just expecting another Super Metroid.
It ain't gonna happen people.



BattleBorn said:

Metroid V needs to be 2D. And with sprites rather than 3D designs to maintain visual and aesthetic continuity with Super, Fusion et al, You all saw how amazing Rayman Origins looks from it's E3 showing... hell, even Bloodrayne is going 2D and it looks good. Why can't Metroid, one of the classics, go back to 2D?

And hire WayForward to develop it. End of story.

Sakamoto produces, supervises and creates the basic scenario, but please don't let him write a word of the script. Let him do what he's good at.

The Other M engine has future potential but not as Metroid V. Maybe as a spin-off with Anthony Higgs



Chris720 said:

I think the Wii U controller could be awesome for Metroid, it can show visor information, health, maps etc. and the TV screen for a 3rd person perspective.

To enter first person mode just hold up the controller to look around, gather information, select different visors, scan objects etc. you can still walk and fire, but the third person perspective will be the main perspective.



Meta-Rift said:

@Link79: Are you joking? The only times I died were when I wasn't mashing buttons. Normal enemies can't hit Samus as long as you keep tapping the D-pad, and the instant-charge-while-dodging + auto-aim prevents the combat from having any strategic depth.

I wasn't expecting another Super Metroid or Metroid Prime, but I also wasn't expecting it to make Fusion look like a four-dimensional M.C. Escher maze. I thought Fusion was pretty linear for a Metroid game, but Other M hardly ever gives you a chance to go anywhere but your next destination. There wasn't a single time where I had to stop and think about what I should be doing, and there was never anything I needed to figure out. All you do is shoot whatever gets in your way.



myusernameissam said:

about dread- that message in prime 3 could be a sign,like the visor scan in the first metroid prime stating "prime hunters ds" all the way back in 2002, before the ds was even announced outside nintendo walls.
i hope its also sticks to the classic metroid feel like super metroid and fusion and such. i have high hopes. i just hope that possibly it wont end up being "metroid prime hunters 4" for wii-u. not because i dont like metroid prime. because there is NO WAY im getting a wii u.
i guess we'll have to wait and see what nintendo has in store for samus' next journey.



myusernameissam said:

yea im with the people going for very nicely done 2d sprites. also unique bosses and a good play time, not an attempt at 3d that wont turn out very well (cave story 3d. i love the original, but that has some bad graphics.)
maybe even a multiplayer mode... co-op? i dont know but metroid co-op just sounds awesome.



Incredible-JMAN said:

the wiiu controller could be pointed towards the tv and you could see samus' scan mode visor thingy (i only played metroid like once XD) a new prime game for 3ds would be cool as well..



Link79 said:

@ Rift.
Well since so many people hated Other M they should just stop making Metroid games. Maybe everybody who thinks the series is dead now will get their wish.



HawkeyeWii said:

Metroid Fusion is great and all because I missed out on it when it was on GBA but I heard that Zero Mission was much better, so hopefully they bring that to GBA virtual console as well.



SuperLink said:

@King_Boo That would be a really good idea. As I was reading the article, I kept thinking back to how much I would love to see something like that in a Metroid game.

@TwilightV I would totally want to play that game! What Wario-Ware game is that on? Twisted?

Anyway, I want any Metroid game they can throw out there. But, if I had to prefer a type of Metroid game, I would most want a Other M style game (like EVERYBODY else here) or a 2.5D one (they're tied), then an FPS.



Revanmann said:

2D for sure i don't really like the 3d games and Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion are by faves



Meta-Rift said:

@Link79: I certainly don't want Metroid to die. Disregarding Other M, the series has been consistently better than almost any other Nintendo franchise. I think Other M could have worked better on the Wii U, since the new controller should be able to fix most of the problems with third-person Metroid. In the meantime, they can't go wrong with a handheld 2D game. (Especially if it's called "Metroid Dread" )



zionich said:

I know Nintendo is on a remake trip, but ill take what ever for Metroid 3DS..... heck , id even take a Other:M port =) (I liked Other :M)



Link79 said:

@ Rift
Well that's good to know.
I'm glad you aren't giving up on the series just because one game wasn't quite as well recieved.
I would like to see a new Metroid on 3DS but I am curious what they could do with the series on Wii U. Hopefully the next game will correct the flaws of Other M while giving us a whole new thrilling adventure.



RedBlueSpot said:

The most important thing is that it's a non-linear adventure. Not an action-shooter.

3DS: A non-linear Other M (on a PLANET and not a space station).
Wii U: Prime on a planet you can explore. And please make it even more claustofobic then Prime, so you really get the feeling of being all alone inside of Samus helmet.

And yeah, no dark/light world, please. Just give us the cave- vegitation- water- lava-areas. And don't forget about Turian.



AltDotNerd said:

I'd hate to say it, but I think there's been enough 1st-person Metroid games. Nintendo should make somewhat of a "Super Metroid 2", side-scrolling but 3D graphics like New SMB. But I kind of want to see this done on the Wii U. Also, it should pick up where Fusion left off.



Torterra275 said:

I would like to see a 2.5D Shooter on the 3DS (3rd person), it would linear, to an extent (hidden spots in levels)



TheGreenSpiny said:

@hawkeye_wii: Sorry but Metroid Fusion is far better than Zero Mission. Zero Mission is great too, but the atmospere and immersion in Fusion are second to only the Prime games. And the story is riveting, and told largely in the classic Metroid sense, through environments and actions rather than obtrusive cutscenes.



cyphid said:

The Metroid series definitely needs to go forward from Fusion. No prequels or in-betweens, just tell Samus' story.

Though its a bit linear, Metroid Fusion is wonderful. I want to know what Sakamoto does after this game. I know Sakamoto has been hinting at Dread for ahwile now so I won't be surprised if its the next game to come out.

Even though fans were not happy with Other M, I definitely was. Nintendo and Team Ninja are an interesting collaboration. They made Samus a bit faster, more up-close and personal, and the game had pretty nice graphics for wii. Team Ninja is definitely going to be involved in some for or another, if not already are working with Nintendo as we speak.

On a side note, I love the Metroid level in DOA Dimensions!



MasterGraveheart said:

A 2D-style epic, the largest with a horde of power-ups, legions of enemies, huge boss battles, and some story expansion.



TheAmazingRaccoon said:

It would be cool to have it 2D gameplay for normal operation exept have the 3D boss fights like in Other M (so like take the best parts of the gameplay in Super/Fusion/Zero and Other M). And of course I would be remiss without saying KRAID.............. and a post Fusion or pre Metroid 1 story.



SilverBaretta said:

Because most people are saying they want more of the same, just improved, I'm gonna throw a curveball and say I want a Metroid beat-'em-up. Rive City Ransom/Scott Pilgrim style so you still have room for exploration, with Higgs, the Hunters, maybe even the Luminoths and some boss characters.



Ai64 said:

I would like to see a new 3D adventure game for the upcoming Wii U.



a_binfahad said:

actually i want a 3D platformer , i liked other m alot , and i hope they use the wii mote pointing part with the 3DS gyroscope



a_binfahad said:

actually i want a 3D platformer , i liked other m alot , and i hope they use the wii mote pointing part with the 3DS gyroscope



alLabouTandroiD said:

I can think of two interesting scenarios.

  • Samus under a new Commander she rebels against.
  • A young Samus aged somewhere between 17 and 20 years.

The latter would mostly be based on the brilliant elements mentioned by MechaPhoenix (Thirteen ) and also include a lighter kind of suit which would mostly get updates new to the series (to make you move faster, give your blaster a sniper mode, keep energy expansions, … And no, the Morph Ball should not be included.)
This would have to be a lone wolf affair. Samus could meet up or even cooperate with a few people but she will play the leading role and not take any orders. Imagine one part of it being Samus sneaking her way into an alien-fortress-lab to find out about their secret plans there. After being discovered and fighting the boss you control her spaceship to escape the heavily secured area.

Wii U:

  • The Scan Visor is really a natural fit for the controller.
  • The Space Ship idea is good but it shouldn’t be overused and not give it too much of an action-only feeling.
  • I wouldn’t want any more FPS in Metroid than the Prime Trilogy was.

3DS retail: I have to see a game that resembles Donkey Kong Country Returns sidescrolling greatness in “true” 3D. If that’s an amazing entry in the Metroid series even better.

3DS Ware: remake of Metroid II

All in all I found Corruption amazing for its quite varied gameplay. And I appreciate the ideas that went into Other M. A “blend” of these two games could make for a great Metroid game that wouldn’t need to stray too far from the established gameplay.
But well. In the end the next Samus game will be what Adam authorizes it to be anyway.

@Kirazy: (21.) If it wasn’t permament it could be a great. Permanent would mean Nintendo not only has to develop two radically different versions of the same game. No, they even would have to consider that either of ‘em is an immersive experience on it’s own right and moving from one to the other could feel very strange and tacked on.



Link79 said:

It's funny how some people thought Other M was sexist but they never considered Princess peach from the Mario games.
Waiting around all day in a castle for a man to rescue her.
Yeah that's not sexist at all is it?



ThomasBW84 said:

@Infernapeking - Nope, didn't forget Battle Mii, we actually refer to it a fair bit later in the article; it was a tech demo on the Wii U though, not actually a new game. I meant that Metroid Fusion is the only Metroid game being released this year (so far, anyway), and considering it's an 'ambassador' exclusive GBA port, that's a relatively low-key anniversary year.



Meta-Rift said:

@Link79: You're talking about a game where an Italian plumber uses mushrooms and flowers to battle an army of evil turtles and save a fairy tale kingdom inhabited by cute little fungus people. And then Metroid was one of the first games where a woman saved the day.



King_Boo said:

how about a spin off where you play in a squad of galactic federation soldiers that are sent around the galaxy to take care of small space problems so samus isn't need to be called in? more of an fps in that universe that doesn't mess with the time line or established characters.



MetroidMasher17 said:

Given that Metroid is in my name, all of you know that the second a new Metroid was announced, I would drop whatever it was that I was doing and shinespark over to my nearest video game store and pre-order it. Then I would find out that it wasn´t available yet for pre-order, and I´d be sad...

But that´s beside the point. I am obviously hoping for a brand new Metroid with a wealth of new ideas, different gameplay opportunities, and, above all, the level of polish that Nintendo has put into all Metroid titles (yes, all of them) IMO. If that doesn´t happen, then I´d be more than happy with a Metroid Prime 3DS remake. And if Nintendo treats the 3DS like they treated the N64 (no Metroid at all besides a few cameos), then I will personally go to NOA HQ, barge into Reggie´s office, and threaten to lay a Power Bomb.

EDIT: Also, wouldn´t it be cool to make a Metroid game detailing the events after Fusion? Samus directly disobeyed a Federation order, so maybe Samus is being chased by the Federation. At the same time, the Space Pirate race has been resurrected via cloning and various DNA samples, along with Ridley and the Metroids (the usual). So this time, Samus must evade and battle both the Space Pirates and the Galactic Federation. :0



gabrielwoj said:

I think 2.5D like Donkey Kong Country Returns would be awesome for Metroid.
And yeah, I guess it will be Retro Studios yet again



BulbasaurusRex said:

I want Metroid: Other M style gameplay on the 3DS. I think the 3D technology should be used for more than just asthetics.

Oh, and bring back Anthony. He's awesome.

I personally wish I could use Samus to take on Boba Fett, but that will never happen.

@74 If you play as Anthony, you might have something there.

@61 I was thinking of that, but it doesn't make much sense for Samus to be in a beat-'em-up when she mostly shoots, fires missiles, and bombs her enemies.



alLabouTandroiD said:

@King_Boo (74.):The problem i have with spin-offs is when they wear out the enemies and bosses that are used in the main series. I don't want to see them used too often and not differing enough in each iteration.
It would most likely not be Metroid anymore, but an even better Lost Planet would sureley help Nintendo on the Wii U. Interesting idea.

@MetroidMasher17 (75.): I can't see Samus fighting normal humans. Her killing someone once in dire defense and dealing with it would be interesting for the story though. And as said before more stealth gameplay would be nice.
I also see potential for humans infected by the creatures like in Resident Evil or the Alien movies.

All in all i guess i would love to see a Metroid taking place in a kinda post-apocalyptic atmosphere where all hope seems to be lost and only the planet's hardest human(oid) survivors form the resistance. Samus coincidentally lands there and helps 'em out. It would still leave room for various, rich vegetation and creatures in the the underground.



Capt_N said:

I want to know what Samus next adventure is, after Fusion? Good story telling awaits.



Tare said:

The tricky part with the metroid series is the storyline. How a game is played will depend largely on the story, which isn't usually a problem for Zelda and Mario titles.



GeekiestGuyAround said:

I think that Team Ninja and Nintendo should team up again and make an Other M-esque game for 3DS. Or remake Fusion à la Other M. I love remakes and Other M.



Cornbeef said:

I hope the next metroid game is a 2.5D game cause we need to get a 2D looking game somehow.



SkywardLink98 said:

I like the Idea of doing a 3DS 2.5D game. The could fix metroid other M and merge it with Super Metroid to create a GREAT game.



Tryken said:

I loved Metroid Other M. But, with that being said, 2.5D would be best for a handheld, and therefor keep it more like Super Metroid. Also, I think Metroid excels in 2D's exploration assets. I wasn't a huge Prime fan. Maybe I'll go back and give it another shot to see if it can change my mind.

Either way, we need more Metroid. But, hey, after all the whiners complaining about Samus having a personality with flaws and insecurities in Other M, we probably won't see one for a while. American gamers love their flat, cliche characters. Just look at Master Chief and Gordan Freeman.



I-U said:

I personally want to see 2D Metroid get a revival, not in retail releases at stores, but off of the 3DS's eShop. For this, I would branch out to WayForward and Treasure. As for a 3DS retail release, I would go back to NST to deliver another Metroid Prime Hunters installment and branch out to Renegade Kid for a Metroid game with more attention to atmosphere and tension. Don't have much to say on the Wii U that can't already be done in more affordable titles on the 3DS.



misswliu81 said:

like I.U said, 3DS game developed by wayforward and treasure . and the wii U game developed by nintendo themselves or retro studios.



Spagem said:

Since we all want metroid games and want them fast, why not have 16 bit, 2d, sidescoller metroid games from now on. Nintendo could make them fast since its 16 bit and it could be for the ds and 3ds. This could put Samus in her awsome Super Metroid glory.



brenwizard said:

i would really like to have another first person but a sidescroller would be good too.



Metroidlee said:

i have always loved the prime series,but with much respect to super metroid which i also love but my fav. is the prime series and thats what put metroid on the national map not just the nintendo map and it's also what started my love for it so ima be a bit biased by nature,but yeah that's my opinion neways and i wouldn't mind another type but im not convinced they can make it stay true to what prime or super did,especially prime tho cuz like i said ima be biased for prime and i'm not really fond of other m cuz to me it didn't embody the metroid experience like the others,especially prime so that's why im prime all the way baby!!! .......(said the word prime alot didn't i lol!)



Spagem said:

my first game was metroid 1 for the nes. i gottit for my birthday so im all for the side scolling. im willing to pay 60$ for another metroid if its sidescolleing.



Dr-Anonymous said:

I really hope that in the next Metroid game, they restore Samus' original personality... And yes, Sakamoto-san, she DID have a personality before Other M. Between the facial expressions and body language in-game, and the personality aspects revealed in the manga, we already had a good idea of her personality.

Also, after the way they sexualised Samus' Zero Suit appearance and made Ridley's head look like crap, I wouldn't let Team Ninja design the characters again.

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