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Sat 6th Aug 2011

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XDalleX commented on Feature: Why AR Horror Just Isn't Cutting It:

The Media-Movie-kinda-Thing, that scared the Crap out of me was the original "The Time Machine"... from 1960.
Dude I had Morlocks under my bed for years!
Go make a game of this one... I swear I will never touch it!
Heavy traumatized....



XDalleX commented on Review: Metroid (3DS eShop / NES):

I don´t think this game is really that hard. It´s not even that big that you would need an ingame map.
I remember it being hard the first time playing. But dude thats for me some twenty years ago. Without internet... Without any password tricks... Just me and my dad. Oh yeah we had a noteblock and pencils too... But after the third time beating the game... you just know where to go... where to get the power ups... and then it´s not so hard.
I guess that was the way video games were played back then.



XDalleX commented on Heroes of Ruin Levels Up with Heavy New Trailer:

I dont know what to think of it... on the one hand it looks like a good diablo-like game. On the other hand there is the "square-enix" logo tagged on it, which was in the near past not a sign for quality, but for rushed and bad games... so we will see.



XDalleX commented on NOA Will Be Watching European Xenoblade Chroni...:

So... I as a Post-German-Occupied-Territory-Slave of the U$A did my share and preordered the damn game
So fellow Americans I call this even now from liberating us from the Nazi-Pest! ... well not all, but the minority that still crawls around will be crushed as well hehe...
@xcwarrior You are aware, that the whole started because someone got shot by the police??? I am in no way cool with the riots, but in Europe you can´t pull that with the people overhere. Especially in England, the "Bobby´s" are not that heavily armed... and thats some cultural achievement to be proud of! Anyway ... all cops are "bratwurst"... In America as In Europe as in China as everywhere...



XDalleX commented on Talking Point: Your 25 Years of Metroid Memories:

Back in 1988 or so... (dont know the exact date anymore) the original NES Metroid was the first game I bought myself. (After SMB2 and Ice Climber which I got along Christmas with the whole Console). I bought it cause of the cool Cover (not the Pixelated one). This kind of game was totally new for us and me and my brother were not experienced enough to beat it.
I remeber that my father was quite good at it (he never got a hand for videogames, and Metroid was the only game he ever played). My Father, brother and I ended up sitting in front of the TV in the most intense moments! While my dad played my brother and I watched... and screamed for the most of the time.
I remember the ridicolous long passwords and the endless grind to fill up energy and rockets again after you died. Note at that time, there was no internet, no strategy guides (at least not for us) or cheat codes! Beat the game all by yourself or get lost!
When my dad finally reached motherbrain and kicked her nasty face in, we where so damn excited... I remember heading to the bathroom several times... and then "Self-destruct Sequence...". Although none of knew the words ( I was about seven years old, and my dad does not speak english) we knew that he had to get out of there... FAST!
My brother and I screamed the hell out of our lungs while my dad tried to remain calm and get out in time. But all of you who know the level, knows of its difficulty in climbing up... but he made it! The Prolouge showed up... Samus waved goodbye (with her helmet still on... took to much time) the Credits rolled... and my father never played any videogames again!