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NOA Will Be Watching European Xenoblade Chronicles Sales Closely

Posted by Trevor Chan

Nintendo doesn't want to miss out, does it?

Although Nintendo has no plans to localise sought-after games like the ones at the heart of Operation Rainfall's genesis, that's not to say the situation will necessarily stay the same.

For months, fans have been vocal about their desire for Japanese RPGs The Last Story, Xenoblade Chronicles and Pandora's Tower to make it to various western territories. Speaking to IGN, Nintendo of America's president Reggie Fils-Aime reiterated Nintendo's stance on these specific titles, but also made it clear that Nintendo is keeping an eye on things:

We will be watching very closely what happens in Europe... Certainly if there are business opportunities and positive consumer uptake from some of those titles, that will be great data for us to consider as we look at what to do with these titles.

Although out of the three aforementioned titles Xenoblade Chronicles is the only one that has been officially confirmed for a European release, circumstantial evidence also suggests that Pandora's Tower might also make it to Europe. The Last Story is also rumoured to be getting a European localisation.


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D33G said:

It better do good! The more I hear about this, the more I want it!!!! Runs outside and eats animal Well, that was unnecessary.



Chrono_Cross said:

Hear that Europe? Buy this game like no tomorrow so the U.S. can play them too. No pressure.



CapedGodot said:

I told you. Nintendo has just been playing all of you. They've been planning American release the whole time. They just wanted to see the fanbase squirm. Like every troll on the internet, they did it for the lulz.



justinr said:

Sorry, this late in the game, I'm less than impressed in NOA's ability to even perform basic math problems.



grumblebuzzz said:

I wish those games would come to America so every post that Nintendo makes on Facebook won't be littered with the same people spamming over and over about how they want them.



kurtasbestos said:

Dear Europe: please buy this game in Europe so that I can buy this game in America while I'm living in Japan... or something. Whatever, just buy it!



CapedGodot said:

Wow, you guys are pissheads or something. They talk about giving you what you want, and you still whine and complain.



Popyman said:

@Godot: It's not that, they just offer all kinds of little things to boost hope and then crush them in the end (see: Mother 3). NoA has been doing this sort of thing for ages.



Gamer83 said:

How about just releasing the games for the gamers who stuck it out with you regardless of what the game does in another territory? NoA is a joke.



TingLz said:

@Popyman: Never once did I remember NoA giving us any hope about Mother 3. Perhaps you can give me examples?



CapedGodot said:

They're a corporation. They don't care about you, no matter how much you think/hope/wish they do. They do what makes them the most money. And they know what makes them money better than any of us. While "Operation Rainfall" may seem big to you, it's really rather small compared to the demographic required by Nintendo to make a suitable profit. The argument of every one of you has now been made to be invalid.



Hardy83 said:

Some people don't learn. This means nothing and is just a tease to keep people hopeful before they figure out what to tease you with next.

This game isn't coming over, stop thinking NoA cares.
Everything that comes out of Reggie's mouth is marketing BS. It's his job and that's all he does.
He doesn't speak to gamers as a gamer like Iwata does. He's a marketer and that's all he'll ever be. Number and money. Not games and fans.



Meta-Rift said:

@lz: If they release it, the people who wanted it most will have imported it already, and NOA will make even less money from it.



Wheels2050 said:

While I doubt Xenoblade will ever get an NTSC release, I've done my bit - my copy of Xenoblade is ordered and paid for. Now to wait for it in the mail!



komicturtle said:

It's coming, alright. I knew this was one of the circumstances.

Then again, I had long forgotten about these games... It's just I don't care much about them. Good if they come. But I have other games in my radar and hopes that these aren't really in them...



koops330 said:

So in order for me to get this game and possible other games such as The Last Story and Pandora's Tower I need tons of people to buy it. I guess lets all hope for the best in this one.



MasterGraveheart said:

Europe, I swear, if you all don't buy two copies of each apiece, I will personally make sure to overthrow your continant first when I begin my bid for world domination!

...or, maybe I'll just get really mad.



Hardy83 said:

I'll go further into my comment.
If Nintendo of America was REALLY serious about bringing it over, they'd do it now.
If they are going to watch the game, they will most likely watch 4-6 months of sales in EU. If it does well enough they would THEN start to bring it over. That would be licensing, setting up prints, copyright, distribution, all that would most likely take 6 months or more.
So if they were going to do it this way, the game would be out at earliest next holidays. When the Wii U is most likely already out. (The Wii U WILL be out by next Christmas, I guarantee it)

So unless they upscale it and make it a launch game for the Wii U (and probably sell them for 60-70 bucks), which seems unlikely and kind of spitting in the face of people who wanted it a year ago. It's not coming and Reggie is just using the standard carrot on a stick tactic NoA is known for.

Do I want to be wrong. Yes! But I'm sure many of you know, I have zero faith in Nintendo of America. At least while Reggie is the head.



dizzy_boy said:

this is probably what will hapoen.
nintendo sells xenoblade here in europe well after the interest has peeked.
it will sell poorly because all of those who originaly wanted it, don`t care enough to buy it.
NoE won`t release the other two titles because xenoblade sold poorly.
NoA will blame NoE for not selling enough copies, and will never release any of the three games in their territory.
US gamers get pissed off with european gamers, and life moves on.
nintendo should release these types of games at around the same time, world wide. everybody who wanted these games will get them, and nintendo makes more money.
even if nintendo made limited quantities for each territory to begin with. testing the waters this way, is far better than the move they are currently taking.



SilverBaretta said:

I'm willing to place my_point_is's comment as the most likely scenario. To be frank, though, I say Europe deserves these games after all the delays and other crap they go through compared to us North Americans. If they get some stuff that we don't, it's no skin off my nose, it's not like I don't have anything else to buy and play.



Curt said:

Enough already Nintendo. Would it kill you to just stop mentioning the game, rather than constantly reminding us that you have no plans for a North American port?



Burny said:

I did my part. Well, at least when ships my special edition, I will have done my part.



rwq said:

Here is an idea: us people's: Buy my copy and I'll do the same for you. Everybody wins, especially me.



Portista said:

LOL! I think it's funny how all the comments are almost all from American users! But I do hope Europe would buy this game like mad so I could get it!



dimi said:

I will buy Xenoblade but i'm not very optimist about sales in Europe. Check how much Golden Sun 3 (in ds but still) sold in Europe and how much in US. Now even Monster Hunter Tri sold like 200k in Europe. Xenoblade isn't nearly as well known. A Xenoblade flop will be bad for european users as well. The last story>pandora's tower



edhe said:

Then, if Xenoblade doesn't sell, NOA will be able to absolve themselves in the sorry affair.

Surely the demand shown in North America (through Amazon) is more valuable than the demand shown in Europe - a territory which doesn't neccesarily buy the same games as NA?



Mandoble said:

@Hardy83, just remember that NOA (Reggie) depends on Iwata, Reggie is not an independent salesman. If Xenoblade is not in America it is because Iwata doesnt want to, were it the opposite and Reggie's opinnion would not matter at all, you would have Xenoblade there. Anyway I think Xenoblade will stall soon in Europe's market. Europe is quite RPG adict, but not JRPG.



Megatron2000 said:

I want to see at least one Monolithsoft game get released in america for heavens sake it is a second party game so it should be released in all regions =l



Burny said:

It is a first party game. Nintendo owns the controlling share of Monolith Soft, which makes them effectively a Nintendo dev studio.



moosa said:

I hope every European who's taken part in the obnoxious Operation Rainfall fully understands that if Nintendo isn't happy with the sales of this game in Europe then I will hate them forever.



IronMan28 said:

I still participate in Rainfall....
Back to the topic at hand, EUROPEANS PLEASE BUY THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!
Seriously, I'm not alone on wanting this game.



IronMan28 said:

@51, How would that be Rainfall's fault? How do you know that NOA isn't watching BECAUSE of Rainfall?



XCWarrior said:

Europe, if you don't go buy Xenoblade, we Americans are coming over and conquering you for not doing your job as our mother who is supposed to buy us everything we want cause we're your children.. who happened to run away and live on our own and fight with you from time to time.

You think the London Riots are bad? Just wait til you go to war with drunken video game nerds.



IronMan28 said:

Who's mad at NOA? I think they've made some stupid decisions and personally think that this game (along with The Last Story and Pandora's Tower) should be released in our territory. I want to pay them....I don't see why they're not releasing them for people who actually want to buy them, at least in a limited capacity if they're really worried about how they'll sell.



siavm said:

I am not seeing this game do well in europe. So bye bye RPG's I cared once about but now that everyone else cares, I almost could care less if they come. Seriously that operation thing was just pointless.



FonistofCruxis said:

@dimi Theres a difference to this and GS:DD, GS:DD got no promotion, Xenoblade chronicles is getting promotion. I've already seen quite a few adverts in magazines, NOE have set up a youtube channel for the game and one of the things on that channel are some TV adverts for the game which means that it will be getting advertised on the TV soon. Also last month, Xenoblade chronicles got into the top 20 pre-order chart on Amazon UK and the only other games on nintendo consoles that got into the top 20 last month, were the wii and DS versions of Cars 2, Xenoblade chronicles even got as high as number 9 on the pre-order chart last month.



PSICOffee said:

You Europeans better not screw us over by refusing to buy the game(s)! I don't want another Devil World, Trip World, Mr. Gimmick, Terannigma, etc situation.



Odnetnin said:

Man, NoA is the worst. If I had more money and a job I would run away from home.



Henmii said:

Well, if their decision depends on European sales then you Americans are doomed! Because we all know that it won't sell well. It will bomb just as hard as Monster hunter 3. I think I only saw that game once in the Wii top 5.

But I still think it will come to America, because I am pretty sure Nintendo Japan has already planned this. They already have a date. It's just that they won't let Nintendo America know before they think it's right. Don't forget that Xenoblade chronicles has already a American site. That's proof enough!

But the sad truth is that it most likely also will bomb when it hits your shores! How many of those Rain-fallers will actually buy the game? Maybe not even 50%!

Ah well, whatever may happen: This European buys it no matter what!



TromaDogg said:

I've already preordered Xenoblade Chronicles, so hopefully my purchase will be one of the number needed for NOA to see sense and release it over in the US too Hopefully....

Now if only us Europeans would get Excite Bots too (I loved Excite Truck) then I'd be a happy gamer.



Token_Girl said:

I don't see it happening either. While Hardy's viewpoint has his characteristically overly negative tone, his timeline's about right. It wouldn't be out until about when the WiiU drops. If we're lucky we MIGHT get it next summer, when there really is nothing new coming for the Wii and Ninty doesn't mind producing games that will only sell 200-250 thousand, because there really is nothing else that will sell more for them to release.



XCWarrior said:

@edhe I'm not being insensitive, your country's people right now is being stupid. You've been rioting basically for a week and no one has sent the military in to shoot some people and get it to stop. In America, that would have never gotten past 24 hours before our goverment would have stepped in and dropped the hammer.



edhe said:

3 people dead in two seperate incidents, one in critical condition (now dead as I write this), millions of pounds worth of damage, increasing racial tensions and as a result, many lives ruined.

North America doesn't get a Wii game. Put it into perspective.

I've already made my views known on this game, by the way - If Xenoblade being at the top of the US amazon preorder chart isn't enough, NoA is clearly looking for an excuse not to localise it. As much as I'd like to see you be able to get it.

It'd be good for Europe as well.



XDalleX said:

So... I as a Post-German-Occupied-Territory-Slave of the U$A did my share and preordered the damn game
So fellow Americans I call this even now from liberating us from the Nazi-Pest! ... well not all, but the minority that still crawls around will be crushed as well hehe...
@xcwarrior You are aware, that the whole started because someone got shot by the police??? I am in no way cool with the riots, but in Europe you can´t pull that with the people overhere. Especially in England, the "Bobby´s" are not that heavily armed... and thats some cultural achievement to be proud of! Anyway ... all cops are "bratwurst"... In America as In Europe as in China as everywhere...



ReleaseTheBears said:

Don't blame Europe for Xenoblade if it doesn't come to NA. Europe has no bearing on the North American market, NOA is just trying to jerk us around.



ElFlorro said:

Thanks to I can already play it today!! What a surprise. I just got the package minutes ago... and now I'm really excited to finally play it <3



ElFlorro said:

Now that I'm a few hours into gameplay, let me tell you guys: what fantastic game! It really suprises me!

Just a few impressions so far:

  • gorgeous design (even though the textures aren't that good)
  • motivating gameplay
  • beautiful music
  • epic scenario

For all the JRPG fans in the U.S.: If this game doesn't come to the USA, import a European Wii, it's worth it!



Gonzo1 said:

I wouldn't mind getting this game as good things are being said, but everything i want seems to all come at once so im affraid Star Wars on Blu Ray comes first, then maybe Xenoblade some time later when I've got some spare cash.



ThumperUK said:

Bought Xenoblades today, all I can say is WOW !!!

Why on earth is this game not getting more publicity!

As an added bonus, I just received a gift from Nintendo for registering the game - a downloadable CD of the wonderful music.

Now waiting for Pandora's Tower (and Zelda of course).



sorpaqq said:

There is a really big stock shortage of this game around Europe and I bet Nintendo are going to say that they will not be releasing the game in America because the game didn't sell well in it's first few weeks because it is too much of a niche game which is of course complete nonsense as no game, niche or guaranteed to sell well mainsteam, will sell well if there is a big stock shortage because obviously people can't buy what isn't there.

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