We're sure Europe will welcome this with open arms

The Japan Expo held in Paris, France has come and gone and of the many games that were playable at the event, perhaps the most eyebrow-raising title was Pandora's Tower.

Developed by Ganbarion, the action adventure game is one of three major titles that western gamers have been vocal about in light of Nintendo of America having no plans to bring them to its own continent. As well as Pandora's Tower, Mistwalker's The Last Story and Xenoblade Chronicles from Monolith Soft are the three focal points of Operation Rainfall, an online effort by gamers to get Nintendo's attention.

Even though the game was playable at Japan Expo, it is not proof that the game will make it to Europe all nicely translated, although the Livegen team at LiveWii reports that the game will see release in Europe in 2012. Fingers crossed then, eh?

[source livewii.fr]