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Chrono Trigger Does the Virtual Console Time Warp on Monday

Posted by James Newton

Ready your Points

Good things come to those who wait, as Virtual Console fans can attest: Square Enix has just announced that Super NES classic Chrono Trigger will launch on Virtual Console in North America on Monday 16th May.

The 16-bit classic will sell for 800 Nintendo Points, a steal whichever way you slice it.

Come back next week for our review, an abridged version of which might read "it's excellent and you should buy it immediately".


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Stine said:

Europe pleeeeease. And then FFVI can come to America, so everyone can be happy.



MasterGraveheart said:

Yeah, that "abridged version" sums it up. I just hope they didn't take any liberties with the script to help it tie in with those sequels and keep it the pure original Chrono Trigger experience.



EdEN said:

Own it on a SNES and on DS cartridges so I'll skip the VC release. Was expecting Square-Enix to sell it for $10 since on PSN they mark up their big PSX releases.



Link79 said:

GASP! (passes out.) THUD.

Ok I'm back. Still trying to regain my composure.
Square must've wanted to give me a late birthday present. This comes one day after my next b-day!
Wii points ready!



TheBaconator said:

Good thing I didn't get MDK2. I don't even think this game as amazing as people say, but I'm still getting it.



Cipher said:

The newest edition of the UK's Official Nintendo Magazine apparently published a Chrono Trigger review, so I reckon it'll launch here soon as well. Can't wait for this one.



dom77 said:

Would have been nice to have the European release first as USA has already had this game. Really looking forward to see seeing what all the fuss is about



WarioFan63 said:

I think when it hits PSN it'll sell for the normal $6 actually. They've been pretty good about selling at the normal price lately. The FF5 PS1 port was released in EU at the regular price I believe, so that's why I figure CT PS1 will be low.



DF2506 said:

I have it on the Playstation still, but I would like to have it on the VC too (plus there's no load times on the SNES verison). Chrono Trigger is awesome. One of my all-time favorite games. I'm glad thats its finally on the VC. (now if Nintendo could get Earthbound out on the VC, than the VC would be perfect. lol).



bboy2970 said:

I kind of want to get this based off all the fantastic things I've heard about it but.....I'm just not so sure its for me. I've only played one other Square RPG (Mario RPG) and don't normally enjoy hardcore RPGs. That is...if this is a hardcore RPG. Is it? It certainly looks it. The only RPGs I really enjoyed are the Paper Mario games and Mario&Luigi games. Can anyone convince me to drop 800 points on this? I mean, just what is so damn great about it??



Rapadash6 said:

What a glorious Monday update it'll be!
I was upset that Europe held on to FF3 for so long but even if we have to wait another few months for it, this more than makes up for it. Can't wait to load this masterpeice onto my Wii console next week!



SaqBalam said:

Yes!! The first RPG I truly fell in love with! A classic jewel and if there´s someone that lived under a gigantic rock over all these years and never played it, this is the time for undo that mistake.



CanisWolfred said:

This is great news, and I'll get it eventually. However, I'm still waiting for Final Fantasy 6.



HanuKwanzMasBif said:

About time, I daresay. Don't think I'm gonna buy it yet (saving up for 3DS), but good to know it'll be waiting for me.



JayArr said:

I never thought I would be so mad to hear an amazing game is being released. I want my FFVI now! :/



Radbot42 said:

The only reason i would get this is because of the way toad talks was changed in the ds version



Iggy said:

Awesome a great game a day before my birthday. Ill be defentally be picking this up even tho i have the ds version.



Bass_X0 said:

The newest edition of the UK's Official Nintendo Magazine apparently published a Chrono Trigger review, so I reckon it'll launch here soon as well. Can't wait for this one.

Watch it not come for months now. ONM used to review games before they got released on the VC based on what was being released in America at the time and "inside info". This lead to reviewing games that still have never been released here (Super Turrican 2) and reviewing games months before they got released here (Secret of Mana).



CanisWolfred said:


Actually the DS remake is not superior, as everything it added was inferior to the original content. So now you have the option to either pay $8 to get it in it's original incarnation, or pay $20+ to a remake that's best when focusing on the original content.



FigetingPigeon said:

You lucky buggers America, Mega Man X and now Chrono Trigger! Hopefully we should get this in a couple of weeks too. Well have a awesome Monday my American friends.



CanisWolfred said:


It's not so much that the original is better, it's just that the DS version isn't better. It only includes anime cutscenes (when the sprites actually do a better job of conveying emotion), A Monster raising/Multiplayer arena portion (which is completely unnecessary), and a bonus dungeon (which ended up just being a chore). Why pay $20 for that when you can get it on VC for $8?



SKTTR said:

dont want a chrono trigger remake. this snes version is the perfect game. the vc surely shines lately with this and the two wonderboy games, megaman x, FF III etc.



MortalKombat2007 said:

DrDaisy wrote:

Why is the U.K. version an extra 100 points?

That is the because the SNES version was not released in the U.K. It will likely be considered an import in your country despite the game was released in Europe on the DS.



rjejr said:

Is this the same as the version on FF Chronicles? I know I played it and liked it - though not as much as Chrono Cross which I played earlier - but I honestly don't remember it. I bought the 3 FF compilation discs at the same time about 10 years ago and then just played them all through. Well I honestly didn't finish all of them, never made it past that dam rock wall.



XCWarrior said:

I've waited 5 years for this announcement. Thank you Nintendo, at least you got this one right. (Too bad on the Star Fox 64 3D news...)



BulbasaurusRex said:

I'm gradually breaking into JRPGs. For years, the only RPGs I played were Pokémon games. Then, I downloaded and played Super Mario RPG. Then, I downloaded and started Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest. Once I finish that, if I like it enough, I'll get Final Fantasy II/IV. If I like that one enough, I'll consider getting this.



bezerker99 said:

Wow, for once...I'm looking forward to the weekend being behind me. Monday can't come quick enough. BEYOND EPIC!!!!

/me hunts fer Wii Pts



astarisborn94 said:

Has anyone noticed that Japan has to pay for 900 points while we get it for only 800 points?

Square Enix must be nice to make up for the lack of titles they brought to North America during the NES and SNES era, although what they gave us were awesome.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Bulbasaurus_Rex wrote:

Then, I downloaded and started Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest. Once I finish that, if I like it enough, I'll get Final Fantasy II/IV.

I'm sure you already know this. But pointing it out again can't hurt either.
Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest is very different to Final Fantasy II/IV. I guess you'd do yourself a favour not letting "Mystic Quest" decide about getting FFII/IV.



Bass_X0 said:

Has anyone noticed that Japan has to pay for 900 points while we get it for only 800 points?

They do that for big name RPGs in Japan.



Matmax14 said:

I just bought the Japanese SNES Version and play it right now, but I'll make sure to buy the VC Release as well, though I have to wait for the EU Release..



Neram said:

AWESOME! I'm totally getting it. I have the DS one but i'd rather play it on the big screen. VC has been decent lately, Mega Man X and now this.



DrDaisy said:

I hope it retains the original text. I was disappointed when the part with Johnny was ruined. They changed it from the robots saying "It's ... the man!!" to "Bro!" which just seemed wrong.



Rathe said:

Awesome buy for those who do not already own it. I'll just stick to my DS version, though.



timp29 said:

US of A has had same damn fine VC releases lately. Send the love across the ocean!



vio said:

Cool that it's finally coming, but I still hate RPGs. So you guys have fun.



tweet75 said:

nintendo needs to keep vc releases coming every week than they will get my money. I wont pay for mediocre wiiware titles. I will pay for great old school vc games though.



Banana_Jane said:

Is the Snes script the same as the PSX script?
And what ever happened to Lufia?
Can we just skip right ahead and get Lufia 2 instead?



BulbasaurusRex said:

@51 I'm aware of that. It's just part of my progression into hardcore JRPGs. Mystic Quest is Final Fantasy Lite, so I'm trying that one to get more used to JRPG mechanics so I don't overwhelm myself with a hardcore one.

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