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Rathe commented on Wii U Touch Screen is Resistive, Not Capacitive:

I've never had to press very hard on my DSi or 3DS for either to recognize my finger. Keep in mind, this is a gaming console. I would like to point out that the intended primary function of an iPad, iPhone, or iPod is not to play games. Precision is much more important in gaming, especially when face buttons eliminate the need for multi-touch.



Rathe commented on These DSiWare Games Cannot Be Moved to 3DS:

Based on that list, I'll lose Pinball Pulse and Pro-Putt Domo. I can't say I'm too sad about the Domo game, but Pinball Pulse is an amazingly entertaining experience for any pinball fan. I really wanted to take that with me.

Can't complain too much, though. I'm only leaving behind two of my many DSiWare games.



Rathe commented on Rumour: Nintendo to Reveal New Zelda Game at E3:

I wouldn't be surprised if it was Skyward Sword for the Cafe. The same thing happened to Twilight Princess. TP was originally meant for the Gamecube (and was actually meant to be a Wind Waker sequel). Miyamoto was unhappy with what the game was becoming (and the Regginator complained that the cartoony style hurt North American sales) so they decided to completely remake the game. By that point, the Wii was gaining steam in house and was getting ready for release, so they just made it for both consoles.

Skyward Sword got delayed from a planned late last year release, then a few months later Cafe was leaked. I smell a similar scenario.



Rathe commented on Here's Japan's 3DS eShop Launch Day Line-Up:

For those asking, based on current exchanges 400 yen = 4.96 USD.

These prices are unacceptable. I can run to a couple local video game shops and buy: GB games for $1-2 each; GBC games for $2-5 each; and GBA games for $5-10 each. Referring to the 3DS VC, why would I pay that much for a digital copy when I can get a collectible, physical copy for much less?

They can charge whatever they want for 3DSware and 3D remakes, for all I care. Those provide a new experience unattainable in any other form. VC games though...not gonna fly.



Rathe commented on Review: FAST - Racing League (WiiWare):

Great game, I'd give it the same score.

My one issue with the game is the extremely touchy handling with some of the lighter and faster vehicles (which, as Marcel stated, are almost necessary to use if you want to win). It isn't a terrible problem, but it makes the learning curve in the beginning a little more difficult.

Other than that, this game is another Shin'en masterpiece.



Rathe commented on Talking Point: Should Nintendo Try to Recaptur...:

@warioswoods: I agree wholeheartedly that Nintendo should set up their own stores. It would probably be seen as too much of a financial investment by Nintendo's investors however (and we all know those with money run everything, look at the United States government). I would argue the DS's money printing feature would help offset this cost, though. insert that amazing photo of Iwata and Miyamoto printing money on a DS

For some reason I decided to drop by the IGN website today, and I stumbled upon this article:

That shamble of an article is what's wrong with many gamers today, and only reinforces my last post further. IGN blatantly states that "Nintendo's been largely off the map and out of the minds of hardcore gamers for at least five years now – and that's being generous to say the least." Crap like this corrupts the very essence of what gaming is.



Rathe commented on Talking Point: Should Nintendo Try to Recaptur...:

On my most recent visit to the local Gamestop, I noticed a couple (late 20s, early 30s) perusing the Wii games (this never happens, I think I'm the only one to buy Wii games where I live). This couple was asking the clerk at the counter for advice on what to purchase. They were looking for what they called a "meaningful" title. The clerk (who I had never seen there before) responded with comments that pretty much define what the perception of the Wii has become:

"The Wii has some good games if you're a kid. I'd suggest a 360, lots of good hardcore titles there." - Gamestop Clerk

I guess this is how I look at it. Gamers should be subjective when choosing titles for their own library. If you like Kirby, buy a Kirby game. If you like Killzone, buy Killzone. However, it is important for gamers to also look at gaming as a whole objectively. You may not personally like the concept of being a fluffy pink ball and you may consider doing so childish. However, if a game provides meaningful, deep gameplay, should it not be judged fairly? In other words, the problem isn't what Nintendo should do. The problem is with the gaming community and the perception that some popular gaming outlets (IGN, X-Play) are giving to gamers. Objectivity is of the utmost importance in life in general as well as gaming.

Back to the couple: I suggested Epic Mickey and MH3 (they owned all the first-party titles I suggested). Chatted with them a little while, pretty cool people. Got a few StreetPass hits from them, too!



Rathe commented on La-Mulana Hits Japan On 21st June:

@Link79: I'd rather wait a while for a great game than to have a good title turned into garbage by being rushed. Hopefully they learned something from their first go-around with Cave Story and will have La Mulana polished up nicely.



Rathe commented on Talking Point: Should Nintendo Try to Recaptur...:

I blame the "hardcore/casual" debate on sixth generation FPS games. There was a time when gamers were pointed at, laughed at, and made fun of. We were considered nerds, stuck in our mom's basement, etc. Then, games such as Halo and Call of Duty attracted a new community of gamers: the casuals. They stole the term "hardcore", called it their own, and tea-bagged their way to mainstream popularity.

Now, in the seventh generation of gaming, hardcore has taken a completely different meaning. Those who know the Konami code "up up down down left right left right b a start" are suddenly merely casual. Those who spend over a hundred hours questing, grinding, and micro-managing inventories on their way to greatness are considered casual. If one choses not to play the newest HD M-rated shooter, they're casual.

There are still some good titles released only on HD consoles that are truly hardcore, requiring more skill, effort, and determination to complete than any of the mainstream "hardcore" games available. However, they tend to not sell well and are overshadowed by the newest Call of Duty release or the game with the prettiest graphics. Games with true substance are oft overlooked and ignored due to appearances (I'm looking at you, Little King's Story).

tl;dr version: Modern FPS games and the mainstream audience they have captured have made other great games and developers suffer. Hudson is a great example of a developer that refused to delve into the mainstream and performed well for nearly forty years, finally succumbing to financial struggles. True "hardcore" titles are often ignored, shunned, and tend to perform poorly in comparison to games that could honestly be considered casual.

All in all, remove the stigmas, remove the titles, give more attention to under-appreciated magnificent titles, and let everyone be happy. Developers run to the money, and FPS games are cash-cows.



Rathe commented on There's Nothing Sneaky About Snake Eater 3D's ...:

I think I'm the only one in the world that favors MGS2 over the others. In fact, I'd put MGS1 at the bottom.

The complaints over Raiden in MGS2 are silly. Yeah, Snake is badass. Yeah, we all want to be Snake. But, come on...the story was awesome (if not often convoluted) and the gameplay was stellar.



Rathe commented on Check Out The First Hour of Pandora's Tower:

@MasterGraveheart I agree. The older Metroid games were great, the Prime series was fantastic. MoM, on the other hand...It was exceptional. A perfect fusion of classic Metroid gameplay in a 3D environment. I don't see how people think Samus was out of character; the previous games didn't reveal a whole lot about her.

On topic: I'm a fan of platformers, RTS & strategy games, and most of all, RPGs. The PS2/Xbox/GC era of gaming was quite possibly my favorite generation simply for the PS2 and it's massive amount of quality RPGs that made it to the States. I abandoned Sony and moved in with Nintendo this generation simply because the DS has been an RPG lover's dream, but the Wii has disappointed me. If Pandora's Tower, Last Story, and Xenoblade Chronicles don't make it over, I will be extremely disappointed.



Rathe commented on Review: LEGO Battles: Ninjago (DS):

@8 Now I want a Pokemon RTS.

On topic: Eh, kind of a toss-up on this one for me. I'm a sucker for anything even resembling a RTS, but I like some depth.



Rathe commented on Review: LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean (Wii):

@3 A six is not a bad score. In fact, a six is defined as "not bad". It's in between "good" and "average".

From the NL Scoring Policy: "6 - Not Bad — This game is not good enough to rush out and buy without doing your homework. Whilst you should approach with a degree of caution you might still really enjoy this game. A good example of a six is a lazy sequel, it doesn't innovate but it doesn't really do anything wrong. Other games with a six may be flawed in crucial areas."

I wouldn't go in to the experience expecting a bad game; you might convince yourself you don't like it before you even start.



Rathe commented on Review: LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean (3DS):

I've always enjoyed the LEGO games for their simple and accessible gameplay. Having three nieces and two nephews under the age of eight makes finding a game I can play with them challenging. The LEGO series fills in quite nicely, providing something that doesn't bore me to death and is easy enough for them to enjoy.

That being said, the Wii version will probably end up in my household. I absolutely cannot stand stripped down portable versions. It makes no sense to me; compress some textures, compress some sound...don't take away the content.



Rathe commented on Review: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (DS):


I didn't find either KH1 or KH2 to be repetitive at all. Each "mission" (I'm reluctant to say mission, more like adventure) in those games are interesting, unique, and advance the storyline very well. This game's missions were uninspiring and essentially all the same. While other games can get away with this, this story is not engaging enough to pull it off.

Again, this is all my opinion. Also, a 5 isn't terrible, it's average. I think 358/2 was an average action game. It's playable, but not spectacular and it does get boring if you cannot find a way to make the story do something for you.



Rathe commented on Review: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (DS):

I guess I'm the only one that didn't enjoy the gameplay on this one. I found it to be extremely boring and repetitive. Even on different types of missions, it was the same hack-n-slash to beat the level. I struggled through about 16 hours of play before I finally gave up out of boredom. I disagree with the gameplay being called similar to the console iterations; the console versions gave a reason to play through each level. There was progression to the story and it did not feel as though you were completing missions over and over and over and over. 358/2 was pretty much "talk to the Organization, go kill heartless, come back, wake up the next day, repeat". The worlds felt uninspired and just didn't have the "draw-you-in" factor that the console versions had.

Would have given it a 5/10, recommending it only to those who absolutely NEED to experience every piece of the Kingdom Hearts saga. The game did what it did and that was it; not a very engaging or intriguing experience. Definitely the lowlight of the series for me.



Rathe commented on European 3DS Launch Line-up Close to Being Fin...:

So, maybe I missed something, maybe I'm just dumb...

The 3DS doesn't display ALL games in 3D, right? I thought I saw that somewhere, but maybe I didn't.

If that IS the case, why on Earth would you buy a 3DS and download DSiWare at launch? I'd want to show off that amazing 3D action.



Rathe commented on Thorium Wars Blasts European DSiWare After Twe...:

I bought this game on release and found myself to have a couple issues with it.

The difficulty was definitely a turn off, but only due to the medium it was released on. This may be an opinion piece here, but I envision DSiWare games as pick-up-and-play type of games. Thorium Wars is not something you can just pick-up-and-play...You need to have some time and patience to fully enjoy the game. Don't get me wrong, this is by all means a fantastic game in terms of the gameplay mechanics and overall enjoyability. I just feel that the pacing is a tad off. The levels could have been a bit shorter and more manageable. The difficulty definitely affects this, because you'll likely have to play through each level at least twice on your first run through.

I wouldn't want to turn anyone off from a great buy, especially with lower difficulty and a cheaper price. Just be prepared to invest a lot of time per sitting if you want to get through this game.



Rathe commented on Miyamoto and Itoi Discuss Mario, Rubik's Cubes...:

I thought the interview was genius. You just can't be going into it expecting some juicy tidbit of unknown information on an upcoming title or something. Take it for what it is: Developer to developer speaking about how Miyamoto has approached creating video games.



Rathe commented on Review: Super Smash Bros. Melee (GameCube):

I very much miss the days of playing Melee with all my buddies back in school. Brawl is a great game, don't get me wrong, but Nintendo really did dumb down the game to make it less of a competitive fighting game than Melee.

Removing wavedashing and several other tricks/strategies was the worst idea ever. That, and all of my friends going their separate ways after school. =(



Rathe commented on Review: Professor Layton and the Unwound Futur...:

Level-5 stole my heart away from Square-Enix as my favorite developer since playing Dark Cloud on the PS2. I'm glad to see their success on that platform transfer over to the DS, with four games with a ranking of 9/10 on here and a metacritic aggregate of 84+. They're so good at what they do, Squenix used them to develop DQIX. Hopefully they'll develop a little something for the Wii!



Rathe commented on Monster Hunter 3 a Roaring Sales Success in UK:

Go Monster Hunter!

I've put almost as many hours into this game as I have my job these past two weeks...At 68:32 so far on my character.

Btw, Rathian is a cake walk. Try Urugaan. That guy sucks.