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Goldeneye NOT Virtual Console Bound?

Posted by Damien McFerran

Xbox site Xbox Evolved has posted a rather worrying story regarding the N64 classic Goldeneye. According to the site, Rare is gearing up to publish the game on Microsoft's Xbox Live Arcade service.

Rare apparently has already started to seek the permission of current Bond licence holder Activision. Other classic Rare titles such as Perfect Dark and Banjo-Kazooie are in the pipeline as well, if the site is to be believed.

If this is the case then it's quite likely that the rumoured Virtual Console release may not happen - to which we say a hearty OH NOES!

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KewDrew said:

Oh well. Let's just download it on Xbox Live Arcade. Who really doesn't have a 360? Plus, it'll probably actually be online and maybe have some enhanced graphics.



Slionr said:




diablos79 said:

So the publisher of one of the biggest multiplayer games of the nineties has decided to release their mega-selling game on a console thats well-renowned for its on-line and multiplayer capabilities rather than on a console that basicaly doesnt let you communicate or even just play with people outside of their own friend circle? im shocked!!



ouenben said:

diablos79 - Dont forget Microsoft own Rareware too!
Shame they cant release the originals on the Wii VC and remake them for XBLA. I seriously expect remakes of some sort as they can't just stick an N64 emulator on there without Nintendo's authorisation



AngryPerson said:

Although I have an XBOX360 I still feel that these N64 classics should still be released on Wii. Something about having a game from a Nintendo system on a microsoft console just seems wrong, especialy if it's instead of having the games on a Nintendo console.
There may already be games from N64 on XBOXlive, correct me if I'm wrong.

Also you may have geussed I don't have XBOXlive , meaning that it would be much easier for me if they released it on the Wii Shop channel.



tuf said:

It is obviously going to be a port of some kind as using a N64 emulator on XBLA would be illegal anyway.



DarkMatter said:

It's entirely possible the game could be released on on both the VC and XBLA, you know.

I wouldn't hold my breathe, but it's possible.



Don said:

I'm actually glad that it's coming out on XBLA. I stopped liking Nintendo as much as I used to. My VC failed to connect and get error codes 90% of time and their customer service reps are no help at all when called for support. The VC is overpriced. (Sonic 1 and 2 costs $5 on XBLA instead of $8 on VC) Nintendo is not the nicest company since it illegally forced developers to develop exclusively for their system back in the NES days. I think it's good that GoldenEye and other N64 Rare classics are coming to XBLA since it has better features anyway. Plus it gives Xbox players a chance to see some of the classic that they missed out especially those who are considering purchasing Banjo Kazooie 3 for 360.



weirdadam said:

I believe I read that it was rumored that Microsoft pulled their go-ahead for Goldeneye. The responses were mixed, but at least a few thought that by today's standards Goldeneye was completely unplayable and they prefered it to be kept in the vault.

Personally, I think that Goldeneye (and Rare titles in general) are so closely associated with Nintendo that it's hogwash to bring them anywhere else. It would be great to see the Rare brand and the Nintendo Brand back together as that was the magical combination that turned out over half a dozen note worthy games.



eltomo said:

I've actually been thinking of getting an xBox360 over Christmas time, with Rock Band coming up, and a few other Multiplaying games I've seen have also caught my attention. I think Goldeneye on xBox with LiveArcade which supports OnlineMultiplayer for those games, I might have to buy an xBox... Due to so many tempting offers over the past month...

But if this does happen, all the Mircosoft Fanboys will be ranting and raving for a long time, and for good reason, which will be the worst part.

Here is a teaser for you all thou



togovero said:

Enhanced graphic on 90's games sucks. Hope to see Goldeneye, Live or Virtual Console, but still with original aspect.



mummydaddy said:

yes kewdew... the question is who doesn't have a 360 that still works, LOL, personally I wouldn't touch one for 3 reasons...
1. 3RLOD - see if yours can last more than a year
2. extortionate add-ons (60 quid for wireless net adaptor (We thought Bill gates was rich enough (and too many suckers to buy it))
3. Does nobody ask Microsoft why Nintendo and Sony manage online gaming for free but M charge 40 - 50 a year (Some ppl are getting ripped off methinks)
No thanks

I will miss not being able to play these titles on a modern console, but i'd rather fish out my old N64 than line Gate's pockets even more.



alexknibb said:

Well, I'm glad I still have my original N64, four controllers and copy of Goldeneye. Glad because I would rather vomit on my own shoes and then eat those shoes than buy anything from Microsoft.

It does seem a little bit wrong that a Nintendo classic (let's face it, it's one of the games that sold the N64 by itself) appears on a Microsoft machine.

Still, no matter. The Wii is still trouncing the Xbox £360 in the sales stakes, and long may it continue...



togovero said:

@Don: "Nintendo is not the nicest company since it illegally forced developers to develop exclusively for their system back in the NES days."

Come on... judge a company if its games are funny and that's all, we talking about videogames, not stuff like "Nintendo sucks because i got errors from the VC online service" or "Nintendo used to not play clean" even because Microsoft isn't the cleanest company of the world, you know, it even been condemned here in the EU for the story of the monopoly etc...



Sebastien said:

This news is as shocking as a news would be if this would say that Donkey Kong Country was going on XBLA instead of VC!



Alcochetano said:

Awesome. Having RARE's games appear on Live is a lot better than having them be on the Virtual Console.

BK in HD = Win
Goldeneye on Live Multiplayer = Win^2



Tull said:

Good move, let the westbox nubs experience a classic! (Rare hate++)



Angelic_Lapras_King said:

What a pitty Mr Bond.

Ah well, can't be helped. Just buy an N64 if you don't want to feed Mircosoft your money. If you don't care otherwise, buy a 360.



Mr_Nintendo21 said:

Don, Correct me if I'm wrong, but you do have to pay extra just to have Xbox Live. $8 just for 1 month, so that right there shows that's $8 plus $5 for Sonic, so that is $5 more you have to pay than buying it off of the VC. And by no means is it overpriced. Go to eBay and look at the prices of the games on there compared to those of the VC, then you will realize it's not overpriced.



Mendez said:

Damn it.
I'd probably have a 360 by now, but I've heard they break a lot and I'm mega unlucky with consoles. =[
Plus I don't really have the time for any more consoles than I have.



Adamant said:

"This news is as shocking as a news would be if this would say that Donkey Kong Country was going on XBLA instead of VC!"

Uh, no, it's not. Nintendo owns Donkey Kong, but not James Bond. Nintendo wouldn't allow the release of a DK game on a competing console.



Elk810 said:

Rats. I never got to play GoldenEye, Perfect Dark, or Conker's Bad Fur Day and I can't get an Xbox. This sucks in so many ways.



ouenben said:

"yes kewdew... the question is who doesn't have a 360 that still works, LOL, personally I wouldn't touch one for 3 reasons...
1. 3RLOD - see if yours can last more than a year
2. extortionate add-ons (60 quid for wireless net adaptor (We thought Bill gates was rich enough (and too many suckers to buy it))
3. Does nobody ask Microsoft why Nintendo and Sony manage online gaming for free but M charge 40 - 50 a year (Some ppl are getting ripped off methinks)
No thanks

I will miss not being able to play these titles on a modern console, but i'd rather fish out my old N64 than line Gate's pockets even more."

1.My xbox 360 is 17 months old. Still going strong. It's not as bad as you think and with the new Falcon chips the reliabity should increase greatly. 3 year warranty too so if it does break you can get it replaced for free (except postage)
My wii died. 13 months old. The xbox 360 outlived it. I was careful with it and everything too.

2. They don't force you to use wireless. everyone knows wired is better anyway. Wii makes you pay for Wired adaptor or usb adaptor if you dont have wireless router. Besides no-one pays £60 for the adaptor you can find it much cheaper elsewhere.
Nintendo aren't known for cheap accessories either. £20 for a plastic gun attachment? (fair enough it includes zelda minigame)
£45 for one controller? (Nunchuck is required in most games and it cant be used by itself can it)
Charging docks are expensive on Wii too (Dont think Nintendo makes any though)

3. Because Xbox live is much better. it's £40 for a year or £5 a month but many retailers will do the 12 month subscription for £35. It's not far off magazine subscriptions which only give you 12 issues a month.
Sure PSN and Nintendo Wifi are free but do they have anywhere near as many players, servers and games as Xbox live? Hell no.
Friends codes suck and you cant see your friends list at any time on PSN like you can on Xbox live. I can see what they're playing, send them voice messages, pictures (if i have the vision cam), invite them to a game Im playing online (very easy to setup games unlike Nintendo wifi/PSN)

Xbox 360 has a better library, better online, more power, better storage (Nintendo need to sort the storage issue ASAP), same prices as Wii games too £30-£40 for new releases.

Im a big fan of Nintendo have been for a while but the Wii continues to dissapoint me as Nintendo have left the Core gamer and fed him only scraps while they give out the full meal to the casuals.



Jack said:

The day a Nintendo classic is released on a Microsoft console is a sorry, sorry day...



Joe said:

I have both a xbox360 and a Wii, and so it doesnt bother me either way.
I prefer Nintendo, but honestly those of you whining about how you have to pay for xboxlive, you do realise all the features that come with it right? Being able to have your friends list, multiple ways of communication, use msn messenger, access to videos,game demos, arcade titles, and tv shows (be it you have to pay for some), multiplayer gaming and a EXTREMELY large community of gamers is far worth the money.



Eric said:

For those buying a 360 just for this...I'm trying hard not to laugh. You're paying over $300 to play a game that's 10 years old? Just buy an N64+controllers for $35, even when you add it to the cost of your Wii you're paying less.



PhoenixUltima said:

Actually it'd be perfectly legal for an Xbox Live game to use an emulator, as long as they didn't use any of the original manufacturer's code (BIOS and such) to do it. My memory is a bit hazy, but basically this is why Sony couldn't legally crush Bleem! (anyone remember that whole mess?), but was able to destroy some other commercial emulator (VGsomethingorother) because they made the mistake of using Sony's own BIOS code in the emulator. And this was for the PS, which was made entirely by Sony, as opposed to the N64 which was made from parts manufactured by other companies, so Nintendo would have even less say about how someone could or could not emulate their hardware. For more proof, see the fact that while Nintendo and other gaming companies have been able to get rid of some ROM sites, they haven't been able to touch Zophar's Domain, which only deals in emulators and utilities. So assuming my memory isn't just making things up, as it has been known to do, Rare (or Microsoft, or anybody really) is free to write a N64 (or whatever other system) emulator for their commercial game, so long as they don't gank the N64's (or whatever's) BIOS code without permission. In fact I'm pretty certain that VC games are just ROMs run in an emulator for whatever system is needed. This would maybe explain why new VC games (especially N64 titles) are so slow in coming. It takes a lot of time and hard work to make an emulator run a game as smoothly and correctly as the VC does.

Of course, they could always just rewrite the game's engine. That works too.



Shortay said:

It would have been nice to have GoldenEye on the VC, but I'd actually rather have it on Live if it brings online multiplayer and other updates.

__Chaz Le Houx


Chaz Le Houx said:

DAM YOU MICROSOFT!!! but anyways i don't think i'd really want it on the wii too much, not till they release some sort of n64 controller adapter or something, i don't think i could bring my self to play goldeneye on the classic controller, sometimes great games need to be played on thier original console, and expecially in goldeneye's case with it's original controller



AlphaNerd01 said:

I'm actually happy about this. Goldeneye is all about multiplayer, and the Wii doesn't really excell in that department.

Besides, who didn't see this coming? I never thought Goldeneye would make it on the VC, so the fact it's being released at all is good news to me. If you have something against Microsoft, that's your loss I suppose.



E-dawg said:

How stupid are Rare? Nobody who owns an Xbox 360 respects classic games, all they care about is online multiplayer games with voice chat, screw that, there is no-way I would ever buy an Xbox 360 for Rare games.



DEMON212 said:


Got a PS3?

PSN is free and is amazing. Barely any lag on any game. XBL is a lag fest any time I go on.

And not just now, what with them having huge problems and all. Anytime.

Also onto my 4th X360 thanks to the Red Lights.

But I agree about the add ons. What I love is how he has a go at MS for charging £60 for a WI-FI adapter. When a DS one will set you back £30. A full Wiimote is £69. The Wii comes with a game, rather than being £30 cheaper and having the game seperate (I wouldn't have bought Sports for £30) they force it on you.

Any many other things.

Really makes me laugh



gaga64 said:

Um, please correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't Goldeneye actually include the Nintendo logo when it's starting up?



Kelvin said:

KewDrew, I don't have a 360, and I don't plan to ever get one, so this is bad news for me... if it's anything more than a rumour, that is.



Cuskid said:

I know that donkey kong 64 is a rare game but since it is also mostly a nintendo game because of donkey kong will it be on the virtual console.



Aldo said:

Yes the Logo starts!Rare was 49% ownership from Nintendo!
So Nintendo sold this rights to Rare!
Im not glad, that Nintendo sold Rare but it was there dicision so this is the sequel!
We will never see any pure Rare Games like Jet Force Gemini and Perfect Dark or Conker!
But I hope it...............



why no newspost about ausies getting Jap games today?
there's post on kotaku about it ... i'm really suprised about it



Aardvark said:

People seemed confused about how an N64 title would work on a 360 vs. your Wii. Both are running software-based hardware emulation. I guess Game Cube games run more "natively" then the VC titles, but everything else is exactly the same as running MAME (for example) on your PC. PhoenixUltima is correct that there are legal ways to do this - especially if Rare is so inclinded to modify the game's source to work with the emulation layer they build for the 360.
I wonder if this would really make it less likely to come out for VC? Is there some type of Microsoft arcade eXclusivity (get it? "X"?) for titles?



Drake said:

Deckers: The games were RATED, not released. Plus they were actually rated yesterday, Kotaku's just slow as usual. If you look at our Coming Soon list you'll notice we already have them.



Will said:

Noooooooo Mr Bond I expect you to be released on VC!
(and then die!)



Mirokunite said:

I hope it comes out for VC...

But if it don't I still got a copy of it on the N64, also a unopened copy... and a unopened copy of Ogre Battle 64.

__Boab Gibb


Boab Gibb said:

Do Nintendo not have a say At ALL whether these games on old Nintendo consoles get rereleased? Do 'Ninty' not have ANY sort of say in the matter?

If they do, then perhaps an agreement could be reached where both VC ond Xbox Arcade get these fantastic Rare games. There are games on both services already (Streets of Rage 2 comes to mind) and tbh, even though I only have a Wii, I wouldn't mind getting the original version while Xboxxers get the updated version. I would just be happy seeing great games getting played by loads of folk!!!



Stuffgamer1 said:

You guys do know that you don't have to pay for an Xbox Live Gold membership to download Arcade titles, right? Live Silver covers that. Also, EGM #225 (Feb. 2008) announces on page 34 that GoldenEye was ready to go on Live, but Microsoft had to cancel it for some unknown reason. I admit this is in the rumor section, but EGM's rumors have always been more trustworthy than most.



lee said:

i remember reading an interview with rare a while ago about the new banjo kazooie game on the xbox 360 and when asked about the possibility of the n64 game appering on the virtual console they said its up to nintendo because they own the rights, rare nor microsoft don't have a say in what nintendo decide to release on vc from their back catologue of games



Boredom_v2_2 said:

I just hope DK64 will come because i already own Banjo 1 and 2 (even though i want it for download as well) and Dk64 after all belongs to Nintendo!



JODIsBack said:

"Nobody who owns an Xbox 360 respects classic games" Riiight, that explains why Pacman (Championship Edition), Galaga (way before the Wii version), Streets of Rage 2, 1987 TMNT Arcade, Track and Field, SF2 Turbo and even the PS1 Castlevania are on it.



JODIsBack said:

"PSN is free and is amazing. Barely any lag on any game. XBL is a lag fest any time I go on."

Clearly your connection, since I can safely play games like Marble Blast Ultra, Call of Duty 4 and Team Fortress 2 with no lag.



Vader0954 said:

sry's legal.

Rare was bought out by Microsoft...
...It's reasonable that they would put it on the 360...



JODIsBack said:

Sorry for triple post (if it matters anyway) but...

"$8 just for 1 month, so that right there shows that's $8 plus $5 for Sonic, so that is $5 more you have to pay than buying it off of the VC"

You don't have to pay extra money to actually download games. You could get a silver account for free. The only thing that involves paying is online multiplayer, and it's cheap as hell anyway though people are still going to bitch because it actually costs.



Jez_Gafys said:

I would be very sceptical about this report tbh. Fair enough Rare was the developer of the game but Nintendo still own the franchise. If these games are to appear on xbox live server either Nintendo have sold all rights to MS or for everytime MS sells the game Nintendo will be getting royalties.



wii-c-kid said:

Nintendo do not own the rights to Goldeneye or any other Bond game for that matter. Can't remember who has Bond rights right now but it sure as hell has nothing to do with Nintendo.

Additionally, just because Nintendo owned a 49% share in Rare that has bugger all to do with its ownership of any of their games where they do not explicitly relate to a character/franchise previously developed by Nintendo.

It's a bummer for sure but it's also proof of how limited the VC really is in terms of bringing in the goods. I suggest you stick to looking forward to all the good non-licensed games because they're all you're going to be getting this year - and probably next year too - with the odd exception being games of the Simpsons/TMNT related variety.



strictlybeats said:

This is going to sound a bit controversial, but have any of you played Goldeneye lately? Sure, this game did stuff that hadn't been done before, especially on a console and probably was the best FPS on a console at the time, but its pretty dated today. I bet lots of us would download it on VC, realise it's really hard to control compared to 2 stick shooters and then get back to playing mario kart 64 and SMB, which are still classic games.



Raptor78 said:

mundorare, a rare fansite with close connections to official sources claim that this is a story about how the 10th Aniversary Goldeneye for XBLA got cancelled and got taken out of context - see for your self here:

the website then goes into more detail about otrher N64 games being released on XBLA including this statement... "As Rare fans learned with the latest Scribes edition for Rare’s official site, there are no plans for any new release or remake of the Banjo games for Xbox Live Arcade in the near future. “Let’s just get the new 360 game finished before we consider anything else” said the members of the Banjo 3 team back then. Knowing that, and reminding to everyone out there that the GoldenEye 007 rumours were actually about its cancellation and nothing else, there are no logical reasons to believe that Rare is working on downloadable versions of virtually every game they developed for Nintendo between 1995 and 2001. "

On a posative note though Rare and Midway want to release Killer Instinct on the N64, but im sure Microsoft wont be too happy about that.



Bass_X0 said:

Strictly, Goldeneye on the VC would still be a lot better than many of the other VC games already available regardless of how dated Goldeneye is compared to modern FPS games.



yoda87960 said:

What's stopping them from releasing the titles on both systems? Seriously, how many people are going to buy an Xbox just for Goldeneye? From what I've heard, Microsoft likes money and I bet they'd be willing to make some by selling 10 year old games to Wii owners for way more money than they are actually worth. I predict an enhanced live version with a back to basics Wii version for 1500 wii points.



StarSoldier1 said:

I hate to say this but I rather see Goldeneye on the 360. On Xbox Live there will be new content while if it gets released on the VC it will be a direct port.



shiggypoo said:

Whew, I've been waiting a long time for this game to be re-released... Sad to see it won't be on the Wii's VC but I'm awful glad I own a 360!



PhoenixUltima said:

Also, Goldeneye on XBL means the game might actually get online multiplayer and vioce chat, which GLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

Wondering how many people would try to own fools in a global arena with the Klobb, over here.



Andy said:

It sucks that goldeneye might not come to WII, but since Nintendo sold their stocks of Rare to M$ what has Rare done? Nothing. The games they have brought out for the 360 are terrible. Nintendo did the right thing back in the day, they knew the 2 founders were going to leave the company.



Danodogg said:

I think Bond was the FPS that made FPS like they are today. Though i wish that companies would think of somthing different for FPS. Plus they're getting old now-a-days. I have a 360 and Wii I'd rather it come out on VC but i prolly will never be able to download it on either XBLA or VC cuz i have dial up, and i dont think it'd be worth buying high speed internet just for a few games on VC that i feel like playing, though the save game feature on the Wii sounds nice, and i play PC games, AND it's about time i upgrade my connection anyway. Anyone know if i can download stuff on VC and XBLA using dial up? I sure hope so. I'd play Bond on my N64 but it doesnt work anymore (i think) but if i were to choose i'd rather it come out for VC, it just seems more like a Nintendo kinda game. If it does it'll be fun to play it again when i take my Wii to a friends house. My friends didnt own a N64 untill they played Bond on my N64 back in the day, that shows it was one of the best games of all!



Vann_Styrke said:

owning both systems, I gotta say this is one I'd buy on the 360, because it's likely to have online multiplayer. The virtual console is great for just about everything else aside from multiplayer heavy games. I give Nintendo props for recreating the experience of having the actual games in their original form without achievements or online play, but something like Goldeneye, especially now that I'm 22 and don't play video games with friends offline as much as I did 10 years ago when this was first out, has got to be online.



it's not going to happen
the project is already cancelled again



konohashin said:

Well if it and PerfectDark really will appear on the Xbox360(i own one but im afraid of getting the 3 red lights and so im not using it lol) nintendo fans could a bit satisfied with:
and the big NINTENDO logo
and the N64 Logo morphing into a PerfectDark logo

which is kinda haha nintendo climbed the Microsoft Mountain 1:0 for Nintendo!!!!!!!!! yay

but if they'll remove these things its laughable and poor LOL
and its not even real classic then because its not a 1:1 copy and that makes the download less epic and less nostalgic in my eyes because its modified

(for example Hollywood star = GREAT(Original game)
poster of that hollywood star = GOOD(VC game)
poster of a person acting like the Hollywood star = nothing that special(XBLA game)

btw im german and i remembered, these games were banned from germany so i can never download these games anyway lool. damn u idiotic politicians and the most stupid company of the world "USK" idiots who didnt touch the brutality of Resi4 but deleted the extra modes and levels lool
u ne*ds
poor country can anyone conquer us please?

__Panfan el Pwno


Panfan el Pwno said:

This doesn't mean anything.

This doesn't mean Rare is only going to Microsoft when it comes to downloable games.

Rare has already stated that this is up to Nintendo if they want to put Conker, Perfect Dark, Goldeneye, etc.

Therefore, if Nintendo wants the games on the VC, Rare will allow them.



E-dawg said:

konohashin I know how you feel, in Australia we have ridiculous ratings for our games as well, but not as bad as that. Missing out on the full Resident Evil 4, I feel sorry for you, have you tried importing from Austria or the Netherlands, were you can get the full game?

Back on topic: "it's really hard to control compared to 2 stick shooters" no way, I hate 2-stick FPS games, I always liked GoldenEye's 1-stick method, that's why I hated Halo (and most modern FPS except for Wii ones) for the terribe 2-stick strafing crap.



Blaqk said:

Whatever, it's just Rare ruining their own classics. Who cares? You can buy the original cartridge off Ebay for like 5 bucks.



dimarray said:

i never thought goldeneye would actually be released on the Wii...
I read most of the responses here & I have to agree that it would suit the Xbox Live Arcade better than the Virtual Console... a) Xbox Live updates their games graphically & technically, they basically re-build each game... b) Nintendo does not update any of their games (as of yet), and I played GoldenEye/Perfect Dark throughout high school, everybody was obsessed by those games & I don't see the VC-controller being very accommodating to this niche... c) If Rare is owned by Microsoft, everyone should have seen this coming... but for all you Nintendo fan boys out there, I wouldn't worry about Donkey Kong 64, I'm sure they'll come to a consensus about releasing it, because they'll either make no money or some money... and usually corporate America likes "some money"... as for myself, I have a Wii & an Xbox 360, and I also have an N64 laying around & I only have a few games (Donkey Kong 64, GoldenEye, Perfect Dark, Conkers, Zelda, Mario 64, Super Smash Bros)... so I'm not really all that concerned, I'd rather play GoldenEye & Perfect Dark on the N64... plus Nintendo should have had some sort of "achievement" program like Xbox360 does, it motivates players to dominate games completely, w/o it I might as well play GoldenEye on my N64 with the better controller... I'd say the real issue with the Virtual Console is when is it going to start to release its goldmine of excellent titles (Super Mario RPG, Final Fantasy III, Secret of Mana, Super Mario Kart, Mario Paint (!), Chrono Trigger, Mega Man (in US), etc.)... we've seen a lot of the obvious titles now (the marios, the zeldas), but where the hell are all those fantastic RPGs especially from the SNES???



Steviis_Father said:

Let me just say this... I don't think it's such a bad idea. I'm sure Rare is just doing this to deliver the best experience possible - i.e. not on the Wii. Why? Well, Nintendo never uses its Nintendo WiFi service like XBLA does, so I'm sure some tweaking with the code could warrant multiplayer matches online. Plus, since it'd be multiplayer online, I'm certain that the game will no longer need 4-way split-screen, which we all know, was pretty crappy.

__Brian Drayton


Brian Drayton said:


Goldeneye 007 will be released on the wii virtual console and only the wii virtual console, because Nintendo published the game and have the rights to it!

Now before I undoubtedly hear the "but Microsoft owns Rare" crap again, please don't forget that when Nintendo sold off Rare to Microsoft, Nintendo sold off Rare's respective IPs for future installments (Banjo, Joanna Dark, etc.) BUT, Nintendo made sure they kept the rights to all the old N64 games, including Goldeneye 007.

So on that note, in regards to 1up's story, Of course Nintendo wouldn't let Goldeneye 007 appear on Live Arcade, it's because they own the game. Nintendo will go through channels to have the James Bond license back, but something tells me neither of them are Rare or Microsoft, I mean if Nintendo is able to unsuprisingly refuse Microsoft the game, what makes everyone else think that Microsoft can turn around and refuse Nintendo a wii virtual console port? ESPECIALLY when 1up's story didn't specifically state that a Wii virtual console port isn't happening either. They just stated that Goldeneye 007 won't appear on Live Arcade!

I do believe that rests my case. And I thank ya'll!



Indecipherable said:

Hey Gamers,
Just to let you know nintendo doesn't own the rights to rare products as of 2000.
Also to answer the emulation question.
"It would be illegal to put a nintendo 64 emulator on the xbox360 so it would never happen."
That's a bold statement considering RARE has the engine to golden eye. They can recompile it to any format they want in about 30 seconds. emulators aren't needed.



alpha said:


Xbox isn't getting Goldeneye either according to MCV the classinc N64 game was two months from xbla conversion, when suddenly.... it was cancelled. oh dear....

The downside is that apparently Microsoft was willing to let Nintendo have the rights to VC the RARE back catalogue, let's see how that one pans out.



the_mcgungus said:

Well, there are ROMs you can download. The problem is the moral issues that could rise from doing so.



Shmoe said:

Rare released Diddy kong racing on the DS last year, so why wouldn't they release these games on both systems if it meant making more money?



alpha said:

also the fact that most N64 emulators are not 100%.... and pc joystick or keyboards are crap compared to the N64 controller ( adaptors don't seem to work for me.



mummydaddy said:

come on guys.....time to get a petition going to get these classic RARE/NINTENDO games on VC.



Jez_Gafys said:

Just to kinda confirm what Alpha mentioned.
"The release of the title has been delayed indefinitely, due to a licensing disagreement between Microsoft and Nintendo."

So sorry Indecipherable you are obviously wrong, Nintendo still own rights to the titles that RARE produced. You also states the RARE own the engine (source code) to the game. That would be true but that doesn't mean Microsoft have any rights to that source what so ever. Because at the time of its development Nintendo were paying RARE to development the software so copyright is owned by Nintendo not RARE

Further to someone elses comments, Nintendo never owned RARE they did not sell it to Microsoft. RARE were a development company who made titles for the N64 they were not an exclusive company to Nintendo. Microsoft went on to buy out RARE which at that point they stopped producing software for Nintendo.

More details can be read here

In a perfect world Nintendo would let MS offer the improved Goldeneye on the Xbox Live system provided Nintendo can also offer it on the WiiWare channel or something.



JGMR said:

My guess is that 007 wil be released on the 360 (enhanced) and Wii (old). On the other hand Nintendo should not be crying, after all they let Rare go....



GoldenEye (hereinafter "GE") should not be on XBox Live. Here's why: Back when GE was a fantastic game, what was the primary joy of playing it? Sitting in your living room with some friends, snacks, pizza and alcohol racking up kill counts and bringing it up the next day.

XBox live is just another means of disconnecting yourself from your immediate world. And that's what makes the Wii so damned great. For now, there aren't online games out there and the VC is even better because it does force a person to go out and get some friggen friends to hang out with. I don't wanna even think about the frustration of some kid with no life that does nothing but play GE all day coming into my game just to spoil it. If I game only with those I associate in "Real Life," then chances are they are at my same skill level; thus, making the game that much more enjoyable.



Kelvin said:

Jez, you're right that Nintendo never owned Rare outright, but they did own a substantial stake in the company, which was then sold, I believe, back to Rare, prior to Microsoft swooping in to snap up their shares.



bioform said:

Here's the cold hard truth guys.

The game was developed by Rareware - currently completely owned by Microsoft

The game was published by Nintendo (unlike Perfect Dark, which Rare published themselves later) - which means that they own the game property.

Activision own the exclusive contractual license granted by MGM for games of the James Bond intellectual property.

MGM own the intellectual property of James Bond - and MGM is owned by Sony Pictures - which, you guessed it, is owned by Sony.

I'd personally be suprised if this game would ever be re-released. Cherish your catridges well.



gustavo said:

but i guess even though rare doesn't make games for nintendo since nintendo 64,they have no right to release donkey kong 64,for example,in the live arcade,after all nintendo have all the rights over donkey kong,and the same for diddy kong racing,right?



Tim said:

This game was amazing back in the day, but since than FPS have made leaps and bounds in the genre. Other than nostalgia, I just don't see why people want it so bad. And with all the licensing issues it sadly just won't happen.

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