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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Mr_Nintendo21 commented on EU VC Releases: Super Mario RPG and Super Mari...:

Ya know it figures. It's one of those things where I will probably go out within the next few days to buy Wii Points and expect SMRPG on monday, but it won't be there. Or I won't buy any Wii points and it will be there on monday, either way I lose.

By the way, I highly recommend SMRPG, as probably so does mostly everyone else who already posted. Seriously a great game.



Mr_Nintendo21 commented on Double Dragon:

I never played this, but I love Super Double Dragon. I'll download this once it comes.



Mr_Nintendo21 commented on US VC Releases - 25th February - Kirby 64:

What a coincidence. Just yesterday I was playing Kirby 64 and I thought "That would be great if this game came out soon, but I doubt it would." Now look what happened. The same thing happened for DKC 3.

Are there any games for next week that someone wants me to think of? haha. For sure I will think of Super Mario RPG.

Other than that, Kirby 64 is not that bad of a game. It's nothing compared to Super Star/Fun Pack, but like some other N64 games, it can really take some time and challenges trying to get all the crystal shards, and even trying to get all the cards of the game's enemies.



Mr_Nintendo21 commented on Master System Games Coming to The VC!:

Finally. My Master System (yes I was one of the few who had one) broke down about a year and a half ago. As long as they bring out Phantasy Star and Rampage (surprised that game has not made it yet), then I will be happy.



Mr_Nintendo21 commented on Goldeneye NOT Virtual Console Bound?:

Don, Correct me if I'm wrong, but you do have to pay extra just to have Xbox Live. $8 just for 1 month, so that right there shows that's $8 plus $5 for Sonic, so that is $5 more you have to pay than buying it off of the VC. And by no means is it overpriced. Go to eBay and look at the prices of the games on there compared to those of the VC, then you will realize it's not overpriced.



Mr_Nintendo21 commented on EU VC Release - 4th January - Harvest Moon:

Fang, I have thought the same thing, but I came to the conclusion long ago, that no matter what comes out in a week, there's always going to be at least one person who complains.

For example, next week there could be Mario RPG, Goldeneye, and Final Fantasy released all at once and some people will argue "Well why isn't Earthbound/Mother released, or (insert game here) released."

Apart from that, I know everyone wants something different, but we should all be happy with what we have and what's comming. The Wii's lifetime should be about another 5 or 6 years, so that's another 260-312 weeks left. That's at least a minimum of 260-312 games, but there will be more.

And to answer the, are the happy people not posting their opinion, my guess is the happy ones simply download the game and play it rather than complaining.



Mr_Nintendo21 commented on US VC Releases - Christmas Eve - Donkey Kong C...:

Shmoe, have you even played SMRPG enough to say it's not that great? It's been a while for me, but it still ranks as my favorite game. I'm not too big on RPG's either, but the game is pretty good. Sure it's not as deep as most fan favorite RPG's, but it really is not that light either. There's a lot of secrets and surprises throughout the game. Don't tell me that you have only played an emulation, because that takes away the entire experience. I know everyone has their preferences, but it is really a good game.

Apart from that, good to see DKC 3 come out. Suprised to see it out this early. I'm excited for the fact that I was just thinking of getting out the old SNES just to play it again.



Mr_Nintendo21 commented on Pokemon Snap:

Hmm. Sounds interesting with the added function of being able to send pictures to the Message Board. Played this game a few times when I was younger. Not too bad of a game, dunno if I would buy it though. Maybe in the future.



Mr_Nintendo21 commented on US VC Releases - 19th November - Wrecking Crew:

I agree with some other people on here. It's a weak week to a point. Sure those are 3 games that are most likely pretty good (I might download 2 of those in the future), but on the VC, they had an announcement posted up there for the one year anniversery, and acted like something big and amazing was comming, but these are minor games compared to what many people speculated. I even thought that for a one year anniversary there would be one big blockbuster game, instead of getting the "virtual cake", it's a "virtual slap in the face" considering what both VC's have gotten within the past week. Hopefully Nintendo will not give us something cheap come christmas time.



Mr_Nintendo21 commented on Double Dribble:

I agree with Mii be you. Only thing is, would they ever bring out NBA Jam/Tournament Edition due to they have the actual players from the NBA at that time on there. Unless they would just do like what they did with Tecmo Bowl and take out their names, which that would take too much out of the game.



Mr_Nintendo21 commented on Nintendo press conference - 5 new WiiWare game...:

Hmmm. This makes me curious. I have noticed that the original Dr. Mario for the VC is under the "no longer rated by the ESRB". Now that a New Dr. Mario for WiiWare has showed up, it shows my theory of some older games possibly getting a little touched up with some online is true. Just curious to see what other classic games could also get this. This is all wonderful news.

Other games you could possibly see that are no longer rated by the ESRB: Duck Hunt, Hogan's Alley, Wild Gunman.

There's almost endless possibilities with this.