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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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DarkMatter commented on USA VC Releases: Super Mario RPG and Clu Clu Land:

Heck, I own SMRPG and I'm going to download it. It gives me some sort of blind hope that there will be a sequel one day if I support the game.

As for Clu Clu Land, I have that in Animal Crossing.

Now people can start complaining more about Earthbound, DK64, Majora's Mask, and Super Smash Bros.



DarkMatter commented on Mega Man 9 Cover Song:

You know, despite being a cover of a brand new song to a game that hasn't even been released yet, something about it feels nostalgic.



DarkMatter commented on OFLC Update - Super Mario RPG On Its Way To Eu...:

Hey, I have an idea. If you like SMRPG, download it. If you dislike SMRPG, don't download it.

I, personally, love SMRPG. I'm not a huge RPG fan, to be quite honest. The Mario RPGs, Mother series, and Pokemon series are really the only ones I care for. I can't stand Final Fantasy, and I've tried playing numerous games in the series.

SMRPG isn't the most complex RPG out there and it certainly isn't the most difficult. It isn't 70 hours long, either. But who cares? It's still a fun, charming, and endearing game with an outstanding soundtrack to boot.



DarkMatter commented on Pokemon Puzzle League:


Tetris Attack/Panel De Pon is a great game so Puzzle League is great by default. I assume they're putting up Puzzle League over Tetris Attack to squeeze a few more bucks out for the same game.



DarkMatter commented on Earthworm Jim 2:

I'll probably get this, but I wish it were the SNES version instead. The music sounds a lot better in the SNES version.



DarkMatter commented on Yoshi's Cookie:

I think I'll hold out for the SNES version. Of course, seeing as we have yet to get the SNES version of Wario's Woods on the VC, who knows when we'll get this?



DarkMatter commented on US VC Releases - 7th April - Yoshi's Cookie:

Nintendo really needs to start releasing more than two games a week. With a library as big as theirs, we should be getting at least three. We're not going to run out of games anytime soon. And I'm not even saying to release HUGE games like Yoshi's Island or Super Smash Bros every week. Just throw a third game in there, even if it's unknown or not hugely popular along the lines of some of their heavy hitters, like, oh, I don't know, let's just say Tetris Attack. Do you know how many people would love seeing Tetris Attack on there?

I wouldn't have as much of a problem with it if the whole "two games this week" thing only happened once in a while. But I can't even remember the last time we got more than two games.



DarkMatter commented on Harvest Moon:

I had my first experience with Harvest Moon on that wonderful Christmas when I received Harvest Moon 64. From that point on, I was hooked. I could play the game for hours on end. I remember one morning I woke up and played Harvest Moon 64 from the moment I got up to the time I went to bed. I was that addicted to it.

Since then I've played almost every Harvest Moon game released. I still have HM64 (complete with the original box in mint condition) and I also have Harvest Moon 3 GBC, A Wonderful Life, Friends of Mineral Town, Magical Melody, and Harvest Moon DS. So, naturally, when I saw this on the Wii Shop Channel, I downloaded it in a heartbeat. I never had a chance to really play the original (I have an SNES, but this game slipped by me unnoticed). I love this game.

Everyone, do yourself a favor and download this game. Don't pass it up just because it's a "farming sim" because Harvest Moon remains one of the most charming and original game series out there.



DarkMatter commented on Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards:

You know what? This game would probably be better with the Classic Controller since it's a side scroller. It always felt awkward to me using the d-pad to play the game on the N64.



DarkMatter commented on Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards:

Kirby 64 wasn't a bad game. It did have a great soundtrack (Zero Two is one of the best video game themes ever) and the combining powers thing was really creative. It's a shame they haven't used that in any other Kirby games since.

But yeah, Kirby Superstar this isn't. I'll pass on downloading this seeing as I still have the actual cart.