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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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konohashin commented on Goldeneye NOT Virtual Console Bound?:

Well if it and PerfectDark really will appear on the Xbox360(i own one but im afraid of getting the 3 red lights and so im not using it lol) nintendo fans could a bit satisfied with:
and the big NINTENDO logo
and the N64 Logo morphing into a PerfectDark logo

which is kinda haha nintendo climbed the Microsoft Mountain 1:0 for Nintendo!!!!!!!!! yay

but if they'll remove these things its laughable and poor LOL
and its not even real classic then because its not a 1:1 copy and that makes the download less epic and less nostalgic in my eyes because its modified

(for example Hollywood star = GREAT(Original game)
poster of that hollywood star = GOOD(VC game)
poster of a person acting like the Hollywood star = nothing that special(XBLA game)

btw im german and i remembered, these games were banned from germany so i can never download these games anyway lool. damn u idiotic politicians and the most stupid company of the world "USK" idiots who didnt touch the brutality of Resi4 but deleted the extra modes and levels lool
u ne*ds
poor country can anyone conquer us please?