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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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mummydaddy commented on ESRB Cleans Up:

i hate to say it, but Nintendo should start focussing on a reward system like the 360s achievements or the ps3s trophies, that would help sell the VC games more as well as the retail ones. after all nothing sells like incentive. Maybe then we will get some of the bigger games on VC



mummydaddy commented on Kaasa Interview - Commodore 64 on Virtual Console:

I still think that c64 games are overpriced and more expensive than you were able to obtain them yesteryear *. I think they would sell more if they went for pocket change i.e. the 100 or 200 points that you always seem to have left over. At that I would probably end up buying them all regardless of reviews. Again I would love to see the spectrum (48, 128, +, +2, +3 et al(Sam coupe anyone)) grace the VC, also at a decent price.

  • Back in the day budget releases and PS2/PS3 style platinum games retailed at about £1.99 and sometimes even less.


mummydaddy commented on WiiWare Games To Be Directly Downloadable To S...:

soz but to add, the distinct lack of space on the wii is definately puting me off buying vc and wii-ware games unless they hold some personal preference. so listen up NINTENDO.... more cheaper... faster space the a useless 2gb sd card.



mummydaddy commented on WiiWare Games To Be Directly Downloadable To S...:

well until/unless its confirmed that you can play the games from the SD card this is not that great a news. sure you dont have to fumble with space on the wii (unless you want to swap a specific game) but my 2gb sd card is full already (about 6 months ago) and im not sure if the wii takes SDHC cards so I don't know about anyone else but i'm still fncked



mummydaddy commented on Snakes On A Plane - Last Flight Comic Teaser:

errrrrr. Snakes on a plane..... has no-one seen Flight of the Living Dead: Outbreak on a Plane (aka Plane Dead) (2007) see; That looks more like this "game".
In regards to the overpricing of games, well as much as I love my Wii, the PSN games are (in most cases) cheaper and of better quality than most of the wiiware games.As for the virtual console games the £3+ commodore 64 games up against a 3.49 playstation 1 game hmmmm. True there are far more VC games than the paltry few (and fewer decent) PS1 games but to quote Nintendo in the N64 era, "its quality over quantity". I still think that C64 ( and spectrum games should N see sense) should be released at 100 or 200 points each, thats let face it a better purchase than hanging on to the few hundred points change that probably most of us have. I myself have been hanging on to 600 points for a couple of months now because as tempted as I have been, I refuse to spend 500 points on a c64 game when 20 years ago you could have bought it for £1.99



mummydaddy commented on Top 10 Racing Games We Want To Come To The Vir...:

"Snake takes a weak third, Tarquin is in another time-zone" blasts the voiceover, bringing a smile to anyones place as you feel happy with yourself for winning by half a lap. Rock n roll racing was excellent with its decent rock tunes like Smoke on the water and paranoia, a game well worth downloading and only behind the grandaddy that is SMK.



mummydaddy commented on ESRB To Crack Down On Early Leaks Of Games:

stupid if you ask me, nothing builds hype like little bits of info drip fed to us hungry punters. Not allowing the games to be "advertised" in such fashion would be a major mistake, I would guess it would cost to have a game rated, but free (publicity) if it is shown on the website.

The only reason I would think opposite is if seeing future (better) releases would stop you buying the trash that they release presently. Who knows????



mummydaddy commented on SNK Virtual Console Releases In Jeopardy?:

Then again, not having to fiddle about with the discs and playing the games straight out of the console is a huge advantage, especially with the new add-on Hard drive thats coming out......... It is coming out isn't it, Otaku?



mummydaddy commented on Magnetica Twist:

Now to be honest, I have this game on my mobile---- but I don't rate it very highly.
As I had 1000 points to spare, I decided, what the hell. I saw 4 player gameplay and thought...go for it.
It plays surprisingly well in multiplayer, if not for the feeling that you are contributing to arthritis in your more senior years.
If you enjoy same screen multiplayers I would still say "get it".



mummydaddy commented on Review: LostWinds:

unless you are stupid enough to buy a points card from Zavvi (charge £20) then typical value for Lost WINDS IS £7. Some Spectrum and Commodore games cost more than that over 20 years ago (not including inflation) and neither were as gorgeous as this or as fun and refreshing to play.
Note, there are far worse games out there at a much more expensive price on any of the next gen consoles. Now weigh that up, it isn't how quick you complete a game, it's how much you enjoy it.

We in the uk have only 6 wii-ware games to buy and along with Toku-tori and Dr Mario, Lost Winds is an essential purchase (even if you are obsessed with speed runs).
I do think tv show king is a little overpriced tho, it lacks variation like the buzz games.



mummydaddy commented on LostWinds:

hi all, 3 hours or not, Lost winds is a nice change of play. Its like old style platform games with a whole new fresh twist like smb3 is tosmb 1 or 2.
But does anyone have a prob with suddenly not being able to gust tuko (or toku) upwardsj????



mummydaddy commented on EU VC Release - 23rd May - Paradroid:

As for the wii ware releases this week, Toki toro is a fun platformer/puzzle game with the kind of fun you only remember from the (g)olden days of gaming, TV show king is an average Buzz clone, fun if its your bag.
Lost winds, is interesting, but I have to play more to rate it.
Dr Mario, the excellent original version with online capabilities and an all new germbuster mode.
Besides aren't we discussing wii-ware games in the wrong place, try;, sister website to VC-reviews.



mummydaddy commented on EU VC Release - 23rd May - Paradroid:

I have not played this game , But I have played, what I think is, a sequel. Spectrum classic "Quazatron", which was excellent and probably my most favourite of the era, and its sequel which I can't remember the name of (Or be bothered to find out). Either way I still think 500 points is too expensive for the commodore games.



mummydaddy commented on US VC Releases - 28th April - Double Dragon:

I think Nintendo should think about a MAME emulator. just think of the thousands of actual arcade roms that we could download on the worlds no. 1 console.... Double dragon being one of them. If I remember rightly, no conversion felt like the arcade original Double dragon with its muffled sound. Most arcade roms aren't that large and would fit in perfectly with the other VC consoles.



mummydaddy commented on EU VC Releases - 28th March - Commodore 64:

Typical, us brits (together with the rest of europe) are getting ripped off... 500 points for such outdated games is a shamble if not a complete sham. personally I think these games should be (Spectrum games would be cool also at) 100 points and would help spend those extra points that you always seem to have. (be honest you would rather spend a spare 100 points experimenting with old games than wait saving up for others..... and if small 100 point portions have been spent means that us customers would have to buy more wii points for the bigger games.



mummydaddy commented on US VC Releases - 21st January - Super Street F...:

i'm pretty sure streetfighter alpha 3 was available on the snes 'cause I remember renting it from Global Video and watching out for it on ex-rental alongside DKC3.
Still at least you yanks got decent games this week and maybe you'll get 1080 next week with a bit of luck..



mummydaddy commented on EU VC Releases - 18th January - 1080 Snowboarding:

finally.... alas the best snowboarding game (other than ssx) returns, an essential purchase, for some odd reason the music in this kept my then baby daughter quient (lord did she have a scream on her(more like a squeel)). the gameplay was spot on, as were the controls.



mummydaddy commented on Goldeneye NOT Virtual Console Bound?:

yes kewdew... the question is who doesn't have a 360 that still works, LOL, personally I wouldn't touch one for 3 reasons...
1. 3RLOD - see if yours can last more than a year
2. extortionate add-ons (60 quid for wireless net adaptor (We thought Bill gates was rich enough (and too many suckers to buy it))
3. Does nobody ask Microsoft why Nintendo and Sony manage online gaming for free but M charge 40 - 50 a year (Some ppl are getting ripped off methinks)
No thanks

I will miss not being able to play these titles on a modern console, but i'd rather fish out my old N64 than line Gate's pockets even more.



mummydaddy commented on EU VC Releases - 16th November - Double Dribble:

don't forget, why would you want VC games when the sublime looking SMG is released. its like summer blockbuster movies, never relese two at the same time because only one will make more money (which goes without saying)



mummydaddy commented on Super Mario Bros. 2:

listen up N00B_PWN3R, SMB2 is NOT a rip off of DDP it is merely an altered game redesigned for the western market, unlike the many games that don't get released because they are of an eastern taste ( see the VC games that have just been released in Japan only). In hindsight I think that this would be considered racist in todays world (not releasing it over here because it is not to specific races tastes).

The game itself was good, if not a little annoying in places (all mentioned above)......JUST BRING ON SMB3



mummydaddy commented on September is Hanabi Festival in Europe:

relax PEDA, according to NOE website, only SMB lost levels will be "limited edition", but it wouldn't surprise me if there is a price hike (just when I thought the big N was being fair with their pricing). I also noticed a sudden distinct lack of updates in the older VC games compared to earlier in the VCs life.



mummydaddy commented on EU VC Releases - 7th September - Sega week:

well I agree with Peksu there, with the possible exception of the excellent Mario strikers, Wii games come out earlier over in the USA but with the VC games it seems theres more give and take F-zero x and Super Metroid are perfect examples.



mummydaddy commented on Hardware Focus - Nintendo Entertainment System:

I like these articles, they brings a sense of (I can't remember the word, so I will say) warm deja-vu. The one thing that jumps into mind when I think about the NES is the advert proclaiming "The world's number one game system". and yes undeniably SMB3 - a work of genius.



mummydaddy commented on Wave Race 64:

yup all we need now is 1080 to complete the holy trinity LOL (F-zeroX, Waverace and of course 1080)



mummydaddy commented on Hardware Focus - TurboGrafx-16:

Personally I had never heard of these consoles until the late 90s and then only by name, so I often wondered what they actually were. Given Hudsonsofts track record of fairly decent games (Especially the bomberman franchise and the underrated multiplayer ecstasy of battle loderunner), my guess that poor marketing and lack of foresight are clearly to blame for the consoles downfall. Playing these games now on the virtual console have really opened my eyes and it feels such a pity that I missed out on this all those years ago.



mummydaddy commented on Hardware Focus - Nintendo 64:

Let's raise a glass.... to the N64 folks.
nicely done Nima.
There is bound to be some games not to see the light of day on the VC, wether it be due to licensing problems or maybe too obscure. My N64 is still ready to play though and some of the bigger games just have that total replay value that PS1 games lacked.
I myself have Super Mario 64 on the N64, the VC and the DS and have enjoyed playing it on all, not to mention the Zelda games.
It would be good to see a faster flow of N64 games on the VC but if you check out these games on lesser emulators you will see how well adapted they really are when ported to the VC.