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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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strictlybeats commented on More C64 Details Emerge - Keyboard Input, Load...:

I can't wait, but more details on the games would be good. How many blocks do people think a C64 game would take? I guess they were restricted to around 58K without multiload, with the emulation, they shouldn't be that big should they?

What games are people most excited about?

  • Summer Games
  • Beach Head
  • Paradroid
  • Ghostbusters
  • Forbidden Forest
  • Boulderdash


strictlybeats commented on Original Smash Bros Coming to VC?:

Agree Tempest - Wii Smash Brothers is a very similar if massively expanded version of the N64 original, therefore people buying the VC game might hold off buying the Wii game. With Super Metroid, it was essentially a totally different game, even if Retro got the atmosphere of the SNES game spot on.

Think I'll fire up the N64 later.

Which SB is better - N64 or Gamecube - I played the GC version a whole lot more.



strictlybeats commented on Goldeneye NOT Virtual Console Bound?:

This is going to sound a bit controversial, but have any of you played Goldeneye lately? Sure, this game did stuff that hadn't been done before, especially on a console and probably was the best FPS on a console at the time, but its pretty dated today. I bet lots of us would download it on VC, realise it's really hard to control compared to 2 stick shooters and then get back to playing mario kart 64 and SMB, which are still classic games.



strictlybeats commented on US VC Releases - 25th June - SF2 Turbo:

@ lavkian

I disagree about making titles online (I assume you mean online multi-player) - this was not how the games were designed and I don't believe it would be worth extra cost and the extra wait to get online functionality. There's a bunch of games that are being designed to be multi player online - buy them instead. Mario Strikers is cool and here's hoping that Wii F-zero will be online enabled.



strictlybeats commented on Europe VC Releases - 22nd June - Mega Man:

Why is everyone so miserable; one man's F-Zero X is another man's Megaman. We all have nostalgic feelings for some games that only a handful of others care about. I'm waiting for Super R-Type and I bet a bunch of people moan the day that hits. Let's respect the fact that a few people will really want Megaman. The other one this week - well I guess moan away!



strictlybeats commented on Top 10 platform games we want to come to the V...:

Couple of questions for peoples comment:

How does licensing work for games such as Ghostbusters - assume original publisher doesn't have the right to republish this game now?

Also, will games that required extra hardware, e.g. DK 64, Star Wing, Virtua Fighter on 32X be coming to VC?



strictlybeats commented on Europe VC Releases - 15th June - F-Zero X on t...:

Amazing - some people are actually happy with a VC release. I already own the N64 game and my N64 is still plugged in to the tv, so I might go home and have a play the original. Hooray to Ninetendo and hopefully we'll get some N64 games I haven't got soon - Excite Bike, Majora's Mask & Paper Mario spring to mind