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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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dimarray commented on Goldeneye NOT Virtual Console Bound?:

i never thought goldeneye would actually be released on the Wii...
I read most of the responses here & I have to agree that it would suit the Xbox Live Arcade better than the Virtual Console... a) Xbox Live updates their games graphically & technically, they basically re-build each game... b) Nintendo does not update any of their games (as of yet), and I played GoldenEye/Perfect Dark throughout high school, everybody was obsessed by those games & I don't see the VC-controller being very accommodating to this niche... c) If Rare is owned by Microsoft, everyone should have seen this coming... but for all you Nintendo fan boys out there, I wouldn't worry about Donkey Kong 64, I'm sure they'll come to a consensus about releasing it, because they'll either make no money or some money... and usually corporate America likes "some money"... as for myself, I have a Wii & an Xbox 360, and I also have an N64 laying around & I only have a few games (Donkey Kong 64, GoldenEye, Perfect Dark, Conkers, Zelda, Mario 64, Super Smash Bros)... so I'm not really all that concerned, I'd rather play GoldenEye & Perfect Dark on the N64... plus Nintendo should have had some sort of "achievement" program like Xbox360 does, it motivates players to dominate games completely, w/o it I might as well play GoldenEye on my N64 with the better controller... I'd say the real issue with the Virtual Console is when is it going to start to release its goldmine of excellent titles (Super Mario RPG, Final Fantasy III, Secret of Mana, Super Mario Kart, Mario Paint (!), Chrono Trigger, Mega Man (in US), etc.)... we've seen a lot of the obvious titles now (the marios, the zeldas), but where the hell are all those fantastic RPGs especially from the SNES???