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Posted by Brad Long

WiiWare's first Mech-based fighting game enters the arena, but is it a champ or a chump?

WiiWare is very sparse when it comes to games that feature massive, hulking robots battling it out in an enclosed arena. Studio Zan therefore don't have to face much competition in the genre, so with that in mind let's delve into this game and see if they've taken the time to make this one worth owning.

Upon booting up the machine it’s obvious much care has been taken lavished on the game's presentation - it's absolutely top-notch. The menus are very slick, with a well-presented 3D animated background. All the modes are self-explanatory, with Story, Wi-Fi, VS Local and Options. Navigation is a breeze and it’s impossible to get lost.

The graphics are sharp and clear, if a little sparse in the arenas, but there’s definitely nothing distracting in the heat of battle. The different weapons added to the Mechs were all cosmetically different which is welcome. The arenas in which the fights take place are quite small but the close proximity battling this encourages is most definitely good fun, and all arenas have their own theme to them and a different amount of cover to hide behind, which helps to keep things fresh and interesting.

The sound however leaves a lot to be desired; the music is pretty generic and the spot effects are standard stuff. Oddly, when an opponent gets hit with a weapon (including shurikens, machine guns and rocket launchers), next to no sound is made. A “HIT” indicator does come up when an you successfully land an attack so it’s not like it’s hard to tell how well you’re doing, but a bit more audio accompaniment could have made all the difference there.

The game’s control default is the standard Wii Remote / Nunchuk combo, with optional Balance Board support (which just replaces the Nunchuk’s control stick). Beware though, as the balance board option is very hard to get used to, but thankfully with a bit of perseverance it can be mastered and actually boasts surprising accuracy. The game features an automatic calibration for the Balance Board so it supports your natural lean, so if someone had a natural stance slightly to the left, the game notices that.

If you don't own a Balance Board then don't fret as the standalone Wii Remote / Nunchuk combo is actually a shade more accurate. Aiming is done by IR pointer and controls similarly to Metroid Prime 3. Turning also works similarly, with the IR pointing to the side of the screen. Each arm’s weapon is mapped to Z and B, with C turning the mech to automatically face the opponent.

The Story Mode is there mostly to unlock weapons for use in Wi-Fi and VS Local mode. It starts off with you selecting from one of four OTMs (OverTurn Mech) and then giving it a unique moniker. A well drawn but generic Anime chick will then pop up and explain all that is needed to know about the game, and what can be done in the garage.

The garage allows customization for different weapons, and has a colour option to give the OTM an individual feel. This thankfully comes with an RGB slider that gives almost limitless color options. In addition to this, individual body parts and weapons can be changed, too.

Test mode is almost essential to strategy and planning. A dummy OTM is the opponent; it cannot shoot but can be told to remain motionless or constantly evade weapon fire to the best of its ability, and is great for aiming practice. Test mode is also a good way to get used to the new weaponry acquired along the way.

Once the first tournament begins, it starts of really easy but gets insanely difficult just after halfway through the story. Studio Zan have found a way to get around this though - if the AI wins three times in a row the game asks if you’d like to continue, but handicap your opponent to 75% health. If the AI is still too hard, it’ll ask to drag it down to 50%. We'll admit in the later stages this became a standard option!

However, the meat of the game has to be the multiplayer portion. The online play in this game is fantastic. Leaderboards are included for both friends and the country of origin. There are two main modes, VS (one-on-one) and Battle Royale (for up to four people). It appears that you can only play against random people within your own region, we found this to be a lag free and enjoyable experience.

Finding a random opponent for VS matches took less than 30 seconds, and finding three opponents for Battle Royale matches oddly took less time; this quick setup of matches definitely adds to the pick up and play mentality of this game. It’s also interesting to see what other people have done with their mechs, color and weapon-wise - some look absolutely fantastic. The game supports pre-made phrases which can be used while waiting for opponents and just before entering a match, much like Mario Kart, except OverTurn has 40 different options, including some impressive smileys!


Competitive Mech fans will be in heaven with this release. While the single-layer aspect of OverTurn is a little underwhelming and can be completed with relative ease, the impressive nature of the online multiplayer is practically worth the price of purchase alone. Studio Zan has done a wonderful job with its WiiWare debut and is a company worthy of future inspection.

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User Comments (84)



Hardy83 said:

Glad it got a good score. I've been enjoying the game a lot.

It's funny how WiiWare seems to get better third party support then actual Wii games. lol



Bring_Back_Pluto said:

I must say I'm impressed and will be downloading this soon!
And when I start winning I apologize in advance for making you feel bad!



Demonic_St33V said:

Good review. I snagged this this one release day, read IGN's review yesterday, and found myself wondering if they were even playing the same game I was. Great game for Mecha fans.

On thing I haven't seen anyone mention in a review for this game is that, in addition to unlocking additional weapons over the course of the single-player campaign, you also unlock additional mechs once you've completed the single-player portion of the game.

Fantastic game over all.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

Nice review. Is the online really that fast, cause' if it is then that's faster then The Conduit!

I bet this game will get #2 on the download lis off the phrase "anime chick"

But what does she look like anyways? I'm curious now



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Yes, online really is fast-paced and it's really challenging!
Excellent review there! Great writing and on top of that, the score practically hits the mark!

(Also, no mention of the Balance Error surprised me a tad.)



longtimegamer said:

@Brad- If you go back to single player mode, after beating it the first time, you getnEmporer mode, after that Devil mode, then Demigod. It's not so easy if you try to beat these modes (Without using the handycap.). There might be more after Demigod, but I haven't finished that one yet.
Also just wanted to tell you that the practice dummy can be made to shoot back.



pixelman said:

Sold. I'll be getting this along with The Three Musketeers with my next card.

Awesome review.



Omega said:

Is this similar to Pokémon Stadium? With Robots instead of Pokémon?



Noire said:

Hmmm...sounds a tad bit like Custom Robo. I think once I get my Wii back online, I'll give this game a shot.



accc said:

Wait, Brad neglected to mention how the arenas don't have crowds! Surely that would have brought the score down to a 6! Great review, IGN could learn a thing or two from you guys about how to review games. (Or maybe they just need to fire that Hatfield guy.)



tkubas1 said:

Alright this Q. will determine if I get it or not. Can you go online with more than one person on the same screen?



WolfRamHeart said:

Great review Chunky Droid! It may not be my type of game but I'm sure a lot of readers are very happy with this score!



Machu said:

Damn, I want to buy this but I'm not allowed. Nice review dude.

I'll see you all online, when I finally break and buy some points.



Sean_Aaron said:

According to the IGN review the characters and dialogue from the Japanese version have been completely removed bar the gal who tells you what to do. Very disappointing. If the European version also strips this out (different publisher, so it might not be the same) then I'll just stick to the Japanese one despite missing out on online play...



Mayhem said:

I saw the video for this on the NC, looked interesting. A score of 8? I might get it... when I have a moment amidst all the other games! Who said summer would be slow...?!



nf_2 said:

Great review, but there are two things you should be aware of. You can make the practice dummy fire back (and it can have 3 different tactics), but you have to unlock it (I believe after the first tournament). Secondly, "Once the first tournament begins, it starts of really easy but...," 'of' should be 'off'. Just a little typo.



KDR_11k said:

accc: Supposedly Hatfield hates the Wii though he did like Water Warfare (as opposed to Matt who had a second take on it and spewed nothing but hate with no real explanation on why he hates it). Either way he also complained the arenas were too large while this review calls them small, I guess he expected something different.



Twilight_Crow said:

Good review Chunk_Droid, your first, right? Cool .
I think this one is not for me, I was expecting something different, a little more like Custom Robo.

They removed the story and cool anime characters , what where they thinking?




Good review and I kind of expected this score. IGN need to give up reviewing ANY Wii games IMHO. I would've purchased this even if it was 6/10 because its really my kinda thang. Hopefully it comes to EU very soon!



Junkface said:

Wow for 8 bucks thats pretty awesome! Make robots and blast each other to bits; plus it has online.... yes i'll take a double sir lol. I have to agree with others who have commented I spend more time playin WiiWare games than I do my retail games. If only the Vc kicked half as much butt!



Hyper_Metal_Sonic said:

It looks like I'm one of few people who didn't enjoy this game alot. It has great graphics, and a nice multiplayer mode, but I just didn't really enjoy the single player mode at all. I think IGN's score was too low though. It's a good game, but I just didn't like it as much as I thought. I think I'll find some enjoyment playing it online though. So it's not all bad!



edofthe209 said:

I read the IGN review and the guy seemed to be very concerned that you could not upgrade the armor, and somehow that made this such a shallow experiance compared to the all powerful Armored Core. I say "PTHTHIPTHIBBBTHPTB" to that. Some how if a $8 game doesn't compare to a $60 game then it is just not good enough. I say poppycock!



JoeDiddley said:

The more online wiiware games the merrier. Not sure that I will be getting this though.



Chunky_Droid said:

@longtimegamer: Thanks for mentioning that! I couldn't make the dummy OTM shoot back for some reason and it still won't give me that option :/

And thanks for all the positive feedback guys, this was my first review, and this is a fantastic game. I just want to say that there is just so much stuff packed into the game and after seeing some comments there is a couple of things I've failed to mention, looking back I guess I could have mentioned the balance error part of it, but I didn't see it as a deal breaker.

@Sean: I imagine they probably did, I remember seeing a screenshot of a character that looked like Derek Stiles from Trauma Centre, haven't seen anyone other than the chick with the funny hairdo.

@bahamut: She has a crazy hairstyle, and looks a bit like a mechanic chick I guess. She wouldn't look out of place if they plonked her in Zoids IMO.

EDIT: Also good that IGN's review sucks, lol



Chunky_Droid said:

And to Omega and Bass, I honestly didn't think this would be my cup of tea either, as I hate games like Armored Core. This game I just couldn't put down, but I won't make you download it



irken004 said:

I think the mechanic's name is Veronica, if anyone wants to know

Cough cough Bahamut zero.....



Djungelurban said:

Actually, I do say that every game should be review equally regardless of price cause prices fluctuate, the games don't. If a $8 game doesn't hold up to a $60 game, the review and grade should reflect that regardless of the initial price. It's then up to the consumer to decide for himself whether the lesser price is worth buying a inferior game. However, I know that doesn't happen which basically means that pretty much any single review is completely useless after a year since. Personally, when deciding which games I buy I choose the games exclusively on the merits of the game itself... I would never buy a WiiWare game "just cause it's so cheap".



Mattdyer0 said:


While I can see where you are coming from, I don't think that's fair. The game is so cheap because of the size limit restrictions. Even XBLA games have restricted sizes, so this should at least be taken into account.

Anyway, this game is awesome! One of the best Wiiware so far



longtimegamer said:

@mainin- How do you know this? Did you beat it? I'm trying to with one robot. Might need to use a differant one.
You better get something good for beating it.



BulbasaurusRex said:

I think this deserves a 9, but an 8 is great, too. Everyone download this. It's one of the best WiiWare games to date. IGN was completely wrong when they said the gameplay is boring.



edofthe209 said:

I forgot about the balance error thing, what is that all about? Is it interactive?

I totally get where you are coming from. Games are games and should be compared as such.I guess it just seemed like the IGN reviewer was being unreasonably harsh AND the comparison to Armored Core, which is a game I despised kind sent me off.



motang said:

Good review. Going to look into getting this one after after Little King's Story.



longtimegamer said:

@Mainin- I think he's talking about when your mech loses all its bp.

@edofthe 209- holes appear in your screen to which you have a certain amount of time to fit the right pieces back in to keep from stalling.



MarkyVigoroth said:

Ah... cool robots... and a sure score...
/emotional stress/ Must... remain... with... WiiWare... boycott...



edofthe209 said:

@ longtimegamer and malnin.
Thanks! Good to know. The more I hear about this the more I can't wait to download it!

Why the boycott? So many goodies out there! Just think, you're passing up Sexy Poker!



Ren said:

the online looks like it could be fun but it's still looks like glorified "ducks on a pond" spitting water at each other. The design of the mechs looks silly to me. why the floating around? Is it that hard to do some cool leg animations? this doesn't say "mech" to me.



calculon said:

Wow, there's loads of stuff coming to WiiWare that I need to get and this is tipping the pile already. Hopefully I'll come out in Europe soon - it looks awesome.

Great review by the way, Brad.



MarkyVigoroth said:

edofthe209-san, I am trying to support the Virtual Console (given the new direction Nintendo has with WiiWare), so I am willingly restraining myself from buying WiiWare games and instead am trying to buy as many Virtual Console games as I can (AND want, by the way).

Byt he way, I DETEST that Poker game. /dislikes female nudity, even though there is no full nudity in that game/



edofthe209 said:

To MarkyVigoroth
I have to agree that the light trickle of VC games is a bit of a letdown to say the least. There are plenty of goodies, but there could be so much more if they would just harness the power of the DARK SIDE!!!...sorry, just got done playing Force Unleashed...

And yeah, the whole concept of a pure smut game like Sexy Poker being released is quite disheartning.



koolkitties said:

I wish you guys wouldn't be so hard on IGN, or to be precise, IGN's writers. Like Nintendolife, IGN cannot have everybody play every game. Each writers have their own opinions and honestly, I tend to agree with IGN more often than nintendolife.




Sounds cool. I like the difficulty system too. When I'm dying a lot in games, I don't want it to go into pity mode and make it easy for me. That makes it feel like your not even playing. I like that the devs give you a choice in this one. This is a definite buy for me.



Spaced_Out said:

On-topic: Overturn is a little light on single player. Multiplayer split-screen rocks. I like the option to either do top-bottom or left-right. I imagine left-right splitscreen works better on a 16:9 screen, but t-b works better on a 4:3 like my cryptic, massive TV.



Spaced_Out said:

Off-topic: VC needs to add Saturn, so more Sega fans will come and buy stuff, then causing Ninty to realize the massive potential and release 3-4 VC and 2-3 Wiiware simultaneously every week!



Kadaj said:

@ Koolkitties - I gave up on IGN a long time ago. Everything they say of do reeks of bias, and it's a shame. It used to be a quality site.

Overturn looks pretty awesome. There are still a few other games I want to get before this, but this is definitely on my to do list. I've always loved micro managing and deep customization, and hopefully this wont disappoint.




well at first when buying a points card i thought of onslaught but this makes it all the more better woot:)



AMP said:

Due to this review, I'm downloading this as soon as I get off of work. See u all online.



DGG said:

Can someone help me out? I've unlocked the Devil tournament and I can't even get past the first match. I've gotten to it with both Valkyrie and Drakenoir so I could use either of them, but no matter what I do I can't seem to dodge the two enemies attacks long enough to take them out. I've tried it with pretty much every weapon and nothing seems to work. Help?



AMP said:

This game is great!! More people need to buy it and get online, a 4 man fight rocks!!



bub710 said:

good game but accuracy of shots could be a little more forgiving. so hard to hit a fast target.



Pxtl said:

A solid distilling of FPS/Mech duelling into a tasty (if a bit ugly) package. If you want to kill players in an FPS on the Wii, this is the game to have.



SevenForce said:

Got to play this at this years London MCM Expo at the Rising Star Games stand and i thought it was really good fun. One to go on my to download list.



moomoo said:

There are to many good games out right now. Now I have to add another to the list... Great review by the way!



Porky said:

I thought this was popular and remember seeing this on the Top 20 popular list but I can't find anyone online.. ever.



Emdub said:

does anybody know if this is available for Australia yet? I can't find it anywhere in wiishop...

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