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Fri 29th Aug 2008

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DEADCELL commented on Review: Power Rangers Super Megaforce (3DS):

@LunaticPandora Samurai and Super Samurai weren't that bad. Some of Super Megaforce's episodes are pretty good, too. The episode where Cody from Jungle Fury shows up was awesome.

The show definitely has the potential to be great again. Hopefully Dino Charge's dinosaur theme will renew some passion with the writers. There hasn't been a bad dinosaur themed season yet!



DEADCELL commented on Review: Zenonia (DSiWare):

.... $8 for a $1 iPhone game? WTF? The game is good, but even Zenonia 2 is only $3.99 last I checked (much better game, too).



DEADCELL commented on Murder, Death, Kill Again as MDK2 Comes to Wii...:

@stuffgamer1: The first game wasn't developed by Bioware, so you aren't missing much.

Anyway, I can't ****ing wait for winter. Bioware is the greatest game developer to ever exist (Nintendo isn't too far behind though), and it is great to see some of their work on the Wii.



DEADCELL commented on Murder, Death, Kill Again as MDK2 Comes to Wii...:

OH. MY. ****ING. GOD. A Bioware game on the Wii!?!?!?!?!?!?!? **** YEAH!

I am so ****ing excited for this. MDK2 was an amazing game, and hopefully will do well enough to convince Bioware to develop a Mass Effect 2 spinoff or a port of Baldur's Gate (not the crappy console spinoffs that weren't made by Bioware. The classic PC series).



DEADCELL commented on E3 2010: Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D for 3DS:

There are quite a few Snakes in the Metal Gear series. Solid Snake, Liquid Snake, Solidus Snake, Naked Snake (the main character in this game), and Snake (Raiden's codename before the Tanker chapter in MGS2)



DEADCELL commented on Foxconn's High Suicide Rate to be Investigated...:

China is much less socialist than we are now when it comes to social services.:

That is how socialism works. At first they promise you all of these wonderful benefits and gifts, and then they stab you in the back and leave you to starve. In a sense, they are MORE socialist than we are in terms of social services - they are just at a more advanced stage.



DEADCELL commented on Foxconn's High Suicide Rate to be Investigated...:

I respect Nintendo for actually doing something about it. Not long ago, and undercover journalist exposed some of the terrible conditions that these people have to work in, and it is no wonder that they are driven to suicide.



DEADCELL commented on ShadowPlay:

I also agree that the Playstation Minis should be a dollar. Heck, one of the launch games was a $1 iPhone game with no new content and a $5 price tag!



DEADCELL commented on Review: OVERTURN (WiiWare):

Sounds cool. I like the difficulty system too. When I'm dying a lot in games, I don't want it to go into pity mode and make it easy for me. That makes it feel like your not even playing. I like that the devs give you a choice in this one. This is a definite buy for me.



DEADCELL commented on iPhone more powerful than Wii?:

@ barkie_mailman:

Only because it is a port of the already-existing cell phone version. Plus, when developing for the iPhone, you have to make sure that every itouch can use it. That means even the extremely slow iPod Touch 1G. If it was developed for the iPhone 3GS, it might look almost as good as the GC version.



DEADCELL commented on iPhone more powerful than Wii?:

Eh.. Sounds like BS to me, unless he is talking about the iPhone 3GS or the iPod Touch 2G on 2.2.1 firmware.

The original iPhone is slow as ****, and the iPhone 3G isn't much better. On my 3G, it takes me almost a full minute to load up Pocket God, which is one of the simplest games I have. I'm sure the DS or Wii could load it in less than a second.

In terms of power:

iPhone 3GS
iPod Touch 2G (2.2.1 firmware)
iPhone 3G (2.2.1 firmware)
iPod Touch 2G (3.0 firmware)
iPhone 3G (3.0 firmware)
iPhone (2.2.1 firmware)
iPod Touch 1G (any firmware)
iPhone (3.0 firmware)



DEADCELL commented on BioWare Interested In Wii Development:

Bioware are the best devs out there. The storylines in their games are more complex and involving than any movie or book.

@Crazed: You've got things mixed up a bit. Neither Bethesda or Bioware made BioShock (or the SystemShock games).



DEADCELL commented on Luc Bernard's Mecho Wars out now on iPhone:


Buy an iPod touch 2G. It works better than any of the iPhones for games (except the upcoming iPhone 3G S), and is a lot cheaper. There are no expensive data and cell plans to be forced to sign up for. The only downside is that you lose the mic, 3G (which costs $30 a month on the iPhone though, and you are not able to buy one from a store without signing up for that plan), GPS, and the phone functionality, but you get pretty much everything else.

If you like the DSi, you would LOVE a Touch.



DEADCELL commented on Nintendo Download: Super Smash Bros., Cocoto, ...:


Agreed. I was really excited about the DSi's app store until I bought an iPod touch. I'm glad I didn't get a DSi now. All of its apps are kind of lame, and there are thousands of better counterparts for each app available for free, or around $1.

I hate how WiiWare has a min price of $5, and DSiWare of $2. The iPhone/iPod touch App Store is so great because it has thousands of games and applications for free, and tens of thousands of inexpensive ones (and counterparts of the same quality on other platforms cost a lot more. For example, I bought Peggle for $0.99 for my touch yesterday. The same game costs $30 on the DS. THE SAME GAME!)



DEADCELL commented on Nintendo Download: 9th June 2009 (Japan):

Um.... WTF? Don't they have enough trouble getting people to pay for music that we can own? Now they want to charge people to RENT music? The prices are crazy too. Plus, you have to pay ten bucks just to be able to pay to rent stuff?!?!?!? That would be like Apple charging people to download iTunes.



DEADCELL commented on Review: Onslaught (WiiWare):

Wow. This looks pretty awesome. I was expecting a score between 4 and 6, but a 9 has gotten me really excited. Can't wait for it to come out in the states.



DEADCELL commented on More Square Enix Goodness on WiiWare - Crystal...:

Eh. I've already got it on my Ipod Touch, and it only cost $8 for that version. It's pretty fun though (although there are better Tower Defense games on the iphone/touch, like FieldRunners).

EDIT: Yeah, they had a version for the old style Ipods with the click wheels too. I don't think it was supposed to be as good as the Touch/Ipone versions.



DEADCELL commented on USA WiiWare Update: Sandy Beach:

@ thor27:

Yeah, but the game is being released here, where it is winter.

@ Bass XO:

Actually, it is a pretty good strategy. You release the season themed games/movies/whatever during the opposite season. You get so sick of the current season, that the opposite is really appealing.

Remember how "March of the Penguins" was released in the summer? Research on it showed that it did the best in the areas that were REALLY hot that summer.