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OVERTURN is a futuristic robot-versus-robot fighting game. Choose from eight different robots to pilot and master, using various close-range and long-range weapons to blast away enemies in six single-player tournaments. Unlock secret modes and up to 12 new weapons.

Customize your robot’s color and weapons to prepare for your next battle. Then take the action online to play in a two-player Versus battle or a four-player Battle Royale match. Search the world for Friends or other players who are online and ready for battle. Players with the optional Wii Balance Board can use it to control their robots by shifting their weight.

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Posted by Brad Long

WiiWare's first Mech-based fighting game enters the arena, but is it a champ or a chump?

WiiWare is very sparse when it comes to games that feature massive, hulking robots battling it out in an enclosed arena. Studio Zan therefore don't have to face much competition in the genre, so with that in mind let's delve into this game and see if...

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AVahne said:

seems to me like a third person shooter,i hope it meets witht he same success as Onslaught



jangonov said:

@koto I hope it gets more success. I got onslaught, but it wasn't as good as I hoped.....maybe I need to go play it more



KnucklesSonic8 said:

C'mon, Nintendo. Bring Overturn to us soon! I was so happy once it got ESRB-rated. Let's hope we don't have to wait too long...



MetaMorphine said:

So happy they will release that game monday (3rd of august)!!!!
Good graphics, good game play with the Wii-mote, even with Wii-balance board. For those who like Virtual-On, go ahead!
It s so cool, especially the on-line mode!
I played the JAP version and really liked it. Also, 800 Wii points, it is more than reasonable price...



Stargazer said:

This game is actually very fun.

The graphics are fairly average, but the sound effects are great. The gameplay is surprisingly strategic. There's no lock-on for easy shooting, and the weapons seem pretty balanced so far. Not very many people are online yet, but hopefully some positive reviews will change that.

Also, you have to play through single-player with each mech to unlock all the weapons, so there is a decent amount of single-player here.



Megatron2000 said:

I guess the game companies now think that free advertisements are a form of piracy :o either that or youtube is being overly cautious and removing all copyrighted content including legal advertisements that are actually beneficial to the game companies 0_o

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