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Fri 7th Aug 2009

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koolkitties commented on Cruis'n USA:

Guys. Play this game with a friend. It's one of the most loosely developed games, and its shoddy collision detection, graphics, knowledge of physics and bitmap women make it the perfect 2-player "co-op" racer. The key is to have one guy make traffic jams and beat on the AI cars while another person takes the lead. It may sound like the first person (not meaning the also hilarious first person mode) has the most fun, but the joy of this game's not-even-physics engine gives the demolition player just as much fun.



koolkitties commented on Review: OVERTURN (WiiWare):

I wish you guys wouldn't be so hard on IGN, or to be precise, IGN's writers. Like Nintendolife, IGN cannot have everybody play every game. Each writers have their own opinions and honestly, I tend to agree with IGN more often than nintendolife.



koolkitties commented on EU VC Releases - 21st December - Blades of Steel:

To MonarK. IF you set your Wii to E-rating only, T games don't show up in the shop, so parents technically wouldn't have to worry assuming they had brains. (Which sadly many do not)
Anyway, you EU guys got some good stuff. I do think America got better stuff recently, but I really do think that Blades is a great game that I hope us americanos get soon.



koolkitties commented on Blades of Steel:

I hope this comes out here in the states....however...I dunno if I agree with your comment about Ice Hockey.



koolkitties commented on Battle Lode Runner:

To Mii be you, this game was released before import games were regular. Note how there's no red dot icon next to it at the shop.

I love this game. It seems like Lode Runner's equivalent to Bomberman 93. The graphics are great and colorful, the puzzles are mind bending. (I still haven't figured out level 3) The battle mode also adds a lot to the game., but messing around with the level designer alone adds a hell of a lot to this game.



koolkitties commented on Baseball Stars 2:

I think I'm buyin'! (Oh no, now I have to quote Resident Evil)
"What're ya buyin'?"
"Baseball stars!"



koolkitties commented on SimCity:

This game is fun, but I could never play it longer than an hour. I get bored.



koolkitties commented on Pokemon Snap:

I love this game, it's a shame I already have it though. I'd love to send people my pictures of Goku carp. (Magicarp with Zapdos wings in the backround that look like blond spiky hair)
Love this game!!!!!



koolkitties commented on Baseball Stars 2:

"Aren't you getting sick of all the sub-par sports games on VC"
I'm still a huge fan of Ice Hockey and Tecmo Bowl..."



koolkitties commented on Double Dribble:

NBA JAM would be a great game with or without liscenses. It's the best Basketball game ever made.