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Sun 30th Nov 2008

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SevenForce commented on Takashi Iizuka Interested in Creating NiGHTS 3:

despite its problems i really enjoyed JoD despite the platform bits. And although i never played the the first game i may have still loved JoD.

And yes I would love to see a NiGHTS 3DS game. flying though a dream world in 3D would be a joy. SEGA take a break from Sonic and make it, give Iizuka-san chance to shine and make his dream of a 3rd game come true.



SevenForce commented on Review: Pop Island: Paperfield (DSiWare):

Brought this the other day and love it. I played thbis with 7 other people at yesterdays DS London meet up and spent like an hour playing this, it was madness everyone was having a great time with it.



SevenForce commented on See Aragorn's Quest In Motion:

Its being made by Headstrong Games the same dev who did the awesome House of The Dead Overkill so who knows with these guys it might turn out to be really good.



SevenForce commented on Review: LEGO Rock Band (DS):

A good review for the game but the lack of DLC does hurt it a bit, if they could do it for Rock Band Unplugged on the PSP why not this? They could have made DLC for DSi owners since that uses SD cards to store stuff so why it was not done puzzles me.

Still this does look like a fun game and may pick if i come across it cheap.



SevenForce commented on Review: OVERTURN (WiiWare):

Got to play this at this years London MCM Expo at the Rising Star Games stand and i thought it was really good fun. One to go on my to download list.



SevenForce commented on Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games:

A lot of people blasted the first game and wrote it off a a pointless mini game pack but truth be told I really enjoyed the first M&S game, both on the Wii and the DS and from what i've been hearing of reviews of the game so far its looking set to be better then the first one. So far so good for the game.



SevenForce commented on Competitions: Flipnote Studio - Amazing Giveaway:

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SevenForce commented on Review: Onslaught (WiiWare):

Have to say this looks like a pretty good game a FPS where the object is just shoot to kill and kill or be killed much like the PC classic Painkiller. Might give this a go.



SevenForce commented on Helix:

Really good fun this game, gives your arms a good work out.



SevenForce commented on Eternity’s Child – Still Alive, Coming in ...:

I do hope this game turns out ok as from all the screens I’ve seen of it, it looks really good. Those graphics look very cute and being a 2D platformer one of gamings most treasured genres they are fun and provide hours of entertainment and we could certainly use more of them.

I think the Wii could be a good home for the game if they take their time with it.