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Sat 19th Sep 2009

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Pxtl commented on Review: The Very Hungry Caterpillar's ABCs (Wi...:

Nice to see educational titles coming for the Wii - considering the Wii is marketed as a platform for the whole family, it's always surprising that they leave the bottom end of that age curve to teh leapster.



Pxtl commented on Review: Space Trek (WiiWare):

Thanks for the warning. The images made it look look like fun Starfox clone. No such luck, eh?

Too bad. We're wii players. We probably would've put up with bad graphics if they'd fixed up the controls/targetting, put in some static tutorial images, and brightened it up. I mean, it's a wii - it's not like a touchscreen interface is a foreign concept when you've got a pointing device.



Pxtl commented on Review: Custom Robo Arena (DS):

I was always curious about this series, but the reviews universally panned it. How does the combat dompare to, say, Virtual On or Armored Core?



Pxtl commented on Sony: Please Be Nice to 3D Glasses, Nintendo:

I still would hope that on the hypothetical Wii 2 platform, nintendo will support 3D TVs.

But yes, I'd never go with a shutter-glass setup if I wanted home 3D entertainment. It's something I could see on a PC where you've got only one person, but if I were doing 3d for home use I'd splurge and go for a dual-projector-based polarized 3D, like the theatres use.


Different technology. LCD 3D involves displaying the film at double-speed, and then using shutter-glasses "open" and "shut" each lens 60x per second. That's simple for the screen (just show the movie fast and alternate between left-eye and right-eye frames), but expensive and hard for the glasses.

The movie version is simpler, but more expensive for the display - movies use 2 projectors, one projecting the left eye and one projecting the right eye. Each projector has a filter over it, filtering the light so the left-projector only puts out clockwise-spinning photons and the right projector only puts out counter-clockwise-spinning-photons (or somdething like taht). You can't tell them appart,... but the filters in your glasses can, and the projection screen preserves this polarization. So the glasses are cheaper - they just need a pair of simple plastic polarizing filters... but you need 2 projectors. I don't even know if polarized output is possible for an LCD, you'd have to have alternating filters on each pixel..



Pxtl commented on Review: Super Mario 64 DS (DS):

Not only did the controls get worse, I also think that the character-switching mechanic of M64DS was nothing but detrimental to the game. It didn't make the game any more fun, but added another layer of annoyance since you had to ensure you had the correct character to solve certain puzzles, or spend your time chasing caps.

M64 was a fantastic game - quite possibly the best 3d platformer ever - but being the first, it had a lot of bad gameplay experiments (like the hard-to-find switch blocks or the hat-stealer). This game only added more failed experiments.



Pxtl commented on Review: ChuChu Rocket! (Game Boy Advance):

It's a nice reminder of what an abortion of a company Sega has become. The Dreamcast has a half-dozen Sega titles that are sorely missing on the Wii and DS (Virtual On is another one - the Wii is the first console with real twin-sticks!)... and still all we get for the Wii are more lackluster Sonic snuff films.



Pxtl commented on Review: OVERTURN (WiiWare):

A solid distilling of FPS/Mech duelling into a tasty (if a bit ugly) package. If you want to kill players in an FPS on the Wii, this is the game to have.



Pxtl commented on Review: Driift Mania (WiiWare):

Looks like a faithful member of the genre - doesn't sound like it adds much, though. Basically, Super Offroad for the Wii. Nothing more, nothing less.



Pxtl commented on Review: Mart Racer (WiiWare):

Too bad it sucks - it sounds to me like the gameplay is heavily inspired by CheapAss Games' "Spree" boardgame. Spree is a similar shopping + violence racing game, so it sounds very, very familiar. Spree, being a boardgame, lets you see the whole map so you know where all the merchandise is instead of being half-lost in a maze.

Too bad - Spree is excellent, and I've always wanted to see a good videogame adaptation.