The most recent Switch eShop download update was a busy one, with some intriguing titles arriving on the store. One of these was Lichtspeer: Double Speer Edition, a stylish and quirky game in which you try to resist waves of enemies by throwing javelins / spears at them. The Switch version has the added bonus of co-op, and having given this a whirl with a buddy we can attest that it can certainly be rather entertaining, in an initial short burst at least.

We'll have a review done soon, but the developer - Lichthund - has made headlines for a seemingly off-the-cuff remark made during a Reddit AMA to promote the game. Asked about whether achievements and leaderboards would come to the game in Switch, the studio suggested that an integrated system is in the works for Switch, before backtracking a little.

Nintendo doesn't have an official support for Achievements and Leaderboards, like Sony or Microsoft but we know that they're working on it.


Move along. Nothing to see here.

PS. But seriously - I have a really strong feeling they hinted it a few times. [Tom]

On the one hand it seems like a slam dunk, but it's also possible that the developers made an assumption or passed on the fact they know it's a possibility and simply phrased the answer poorly. That said, achievements wouldn't be a complete surprise - the Switch already incorporates some notifications like those on other systems (such as pop-up messages when friends come online) and could also tie achievements into My Nintendo rewards, which are still not properly live for the latest console.

Some games on Nintendo systems do have achievements, of course, but they've always been implemented by the developers. If Nintendo does introduce a system-level achievements setup it'd certainly be interesting to see in action, though for the purposes of keeping everyone happy perhaps they could be optional.

Would you like to see achievements on the Nintendo Switch?