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Mon 31st Dec 2012

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rallydefault commented on Feature: Five Key Reveals and Releases That Wi...:

The NX is what I'm all about. For me, it will be a turning point: Do I want to "stick" with Nintendo for another few years if I like what I see, or will I go back to my Xbox by and large? I spent the previous two generations with the PS2 and then the 360, but this time around took my chances with the Wii U. Overall, I am happy I did, but I am starting to waver. The NX reveal and its initial lineup will be very, very important for me.



rallydefault commented on Satoru Iwata Highlights Growth of Wii U Sales ...:

It is what it is. The system is getting more respect as more of the vocal online personalities start to tell us that, yes, they ACTUALLY do own one and they do ACTUALLY like it.

Disgusting or not, our hobby is now driven primarily by rabid, anonymous internet dwellers that froth and foam at the mouth over talking heads on Youtube and other venues. If the talking heads say Xbox One is now cool, then dang it, it's time to buy one or start bugging mom and dad to buy one for you. It was INSANE to see the deluge of blind PS4 support on the internet after that E3... absolutely insane. So many people ended up buying that system purely from forum frenzy and being immediately let down with the total lack of games for quite some time.

Anyway, as the Wii U picks up more "internet cred," it will continue to do better, but never great, I think.



rallydefault commented on Inflated Prices and Limited Stock Cause Frustr...:

In a way, I kind of like stuff like this: It reminds me of being a kid and that "hard-earned" sort of thing when it comes to finding certain hardware pieces. I'll never forget finding my brother a Wii during the first Christmas it was out, for example. Anyway, I traveled about 60 miles away from my house yesterday and checked every Target, Walmart, Kmart, and Gamestop along the way. Nobody had one, until, of course, the VERY last one. I ducked in the last Gamestop almost begrudgingly, and lo and behold, I got their very last one. The clerk was very surprised they had one, too!



rallydefault commented on Guide: Getting the Most out of Your amiibo wit...:

I really like the Amiibo figures so far. I have four of them, and I definitely plan on getting more. They appeal to me as a collector and as a gamer, and I do believe that more functionality will be patched in for these little guys in the future.



rallydefault commented on Mario Kart 8 Passes One Million US Sales as Wi...:

I think this is great news for Nintendo fans and all other gamers. It's good to see your hobby doing well! And honestly, I'm not surprised. Now that the raw magic of having the PS4 and Xbox One out there in the wild has passed, it seems that people are a bit more willing to at least look at what the Wii U has to offer in contrast to the mostly similar stuff (thus far) between the other two consoles.



rallydefault commented on Pachter: Wii U Will Sell Between 30 to 50 Mill...:

Some people will cry, "He's an analyst! He knows things we could never even hope to know!" To that, I nod my head slowly, but I still come up with the following:

IF the Wii U sells EXACTLY as it has been for the past month or two, then yes, Pachter will be correct. However, we all know that isn't going to happen, for better or for worse (hopefully the better!)

Also, I really don't care what kind of company insight this analyst may be privy to, but in most venues learned people are slow to make such grandiose predictions before a product has hit the market. Sports analysts love making predictions, but are humble enough to always acknowledge they could be wrong. Restaurant chains test new ideas in select states before launching nationwide, as there is no reliable way to know how well a product will be received until it is in the hands of the public.

Just my rational two cents.