Short of inevitably fake and potentially real leaks of the script, the Nintendo Switch presentation's hints and tips have been picked relatively clean. Presented out of Japan with an English voiceover, the live broadcast is eagerly anticipated by fans and intrigued followers of the gaming industry.

The timing isn't necessarily ideal if you live in some parts of the West, like North America or Europe, and we may have to buckle up for a relatively long stream. It still appears to be an estimate, but as web chatter points out the Niconico schedule is pegging the presentation at around one hour in length.

How accurate is it? We'd suggest some caution as this seems to be a rather rough estimate. In some cases the Niconico schedule seems very specific, and in others merely lists a block of time; this may just be the latter. Naturally Nintendo is streaming the presentation through other formats, too, and none of those seem to be giving runtimes as yet.

Nintendo Switch Presentation

8pm Pacific / 11pm Eastern on 12th January, which is 4am UK / 5am CET / 1pm Tokyo / 3pm AEDT on 13th January

We've had Nintendo Direct / Digital Event broadcasts run into the 45 minute territory in the past, and if a major information blowout is planned for Switch a similar length or beyond is certainly feasible. In any case, a pot of coffee seems like a good idea as a presentation accompaniment.

Thanks to everyone that sent this in.

[via sp.live.nicovideo.jp]