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Fri 23rd May 2014

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mjharper commented on Nintendo Powerline Counselors On Cougars, Chri...:

I can honestly say I've never asked my wife to bring me a popsicle and clean underwear. And I can't imagine those kind of working conditions (air smelling like gas fumes and being shocked in my ears if I put my feet on the floor) - how times have changed.



mjharper commented on The Super Famicom is 25 Years Old:

That kind of system launch these days would be considered launch suicide. Can you imagine if NX launches with only two games? I believe in North America we had the choice of Super Mario World, F-Zero, Pilotwings, and Sim City at launch. Just crazy to think about in this day and age...



mjharper commented on Feature: Reflecting On Three Years With The Wi...:

I have been very, very happy with my Wii U, and if Zelda, Star Fox, and Xenoblade are as awesome as they look, I'll be ready to say that this is my favorite Nintendo home console. I got mine about two years ago, and I've played the hell out of several games (Mario Kart 8, Super Mario 3D World, Zelda: Wind Waker HD, to name a few). It's a shame it hasn't gotten more third-party support, but I've enjoyed what I've gotten (Rayman Legends, Black Ops 2, Sonic Racing Transformed, to name a few).



mjharper commented on Timing Of NX Launch Could Help Nintendo Grab S...:

I agree that third party support will improve if the method for porting games to NX is simplified, but I think it's equally important that the system sells. $1-$2 million to port a game sounds okay, but not if Nintendo has only sold through a few million systems and the attach rate for third party titles remains low as it's been on Nintendo systems.



mjharper commented on Final Fantasy's Cloud Is Set To Cause Some Str...:

Once I was able to collect myself after witnessing the absolute awesomeness of this reveal, I thought about it. As cool as it is having Cloud as a playable character in SSB, a port of FF7 would've been better. When they started the trailer with the instantly recognizable opening theme, I immediately thought FF7 port - kinda disappointed it's only a character in Smash. Sorry to be a downer - this was an incredible announcement. Just not as great for me.



mjharper commented on The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Is Rece...:

Very happy this rumor turned out to be true. I'm ready to have this one now. I don't really care what the amiibo does in the game, it's just a frickin' cool figure. The texture and polygon work could be better, but they have four months to work on it more. One of my favorite all time games - can't wait.



mjharper commented on Parent Trap: Oft-Forgotten Wii U Features That...:

I love my Wii U, but I see the challenge in convincing the kids to get one. Look at the marketing these days - it's all about the PS4 and XB1. If I know my buddies in the neighborhood or at school are getting PS4s for Xmas, then I'm going to want one too so we can trade games and play online. In this scenario, I would look at a Wii U purchase as my parents being cheap instead of getting me what I really want. I would resent the Wii U and never play it. I realize this is a pretty specific scenario, but this would be me if I was at the age these kids are.



mjharper commented on The Next Nintendo Direct is on 12th November:

Any Zelda news would be outstanding. Zelda U, Twilight Princess HD, either one. I'm not picky. But my reality gene says that there will be no mention of either. I'm still not convinced there is a Twilight Princess HD on the way.



mjharper commented on Activision Blizzard Has Just Opened a TV and F...:

I'm surprised it's taken this long for Skylanders to start down the path to small or big screens. Call of Duty is an odd one - what would separate a Call of Duty movie from any other war or soldier movie, other than the name? Maybe a retelling of the Modern Warfare or Black Ops stories?



mjharper commented on Site News: Nintendo Life Turns 10 Today:

I'll admit, I've only been coming to your site for about a year and a half, but the quality of work here is great, and it has become one of my favorite sites. Congrats on ten years - that's huge for a web site! Keep up the good work.



mjharper commented on More North American Women Own A Games Console ...:

It's not just that the sample size is small (N=948 for the survey question the article references), but the difference between the percentages of men versus women is not high enough to warrant making the determination that this represents the entire population of U.S. adults. Their margin of error has to be too high to warrant saying a 5% difference between men and women is statistically significant.



mjharper commented on Zelda Fans Vent Anger At Nintendo of America O...:

I would understand the uproar if this was a mainline Zelda game, and a major character said something like this. It's a silly quote by a silly NPC in a silly game. I respect the opinions of the people who are upset, but I'm fine with this. I actually kinda chuckled a little when I read it.



mjharper commented on Weirdness: Miyamoto Wanted A Murder-Free Golde...:

Obviously there's another side to this story that we're not getting, but yeah - clearly Miyamoto-san has never seen a 007 movie. There's not much a hospital could've done for Janus after the fall he had at the end of that game/movie.



mjharper commented on Editorial: It's Far Too Soon to Go Download-On...:

Comparing to mobile is definitely not a fair comparison. Mobile is almost always online (whether wifi or cellular), games are almost always cheaper, and those downloads are usually 1GB or so compared to 15-40GB for eighth-gen console games.



mjharper commented on Super Mario Maker Grabs Sixth Place in NPD US ...:

I know I should know this, but...eighth generation? So what were the seven before? NES -> SNES -> N64 -> GCN -> Wii -> Wii U. Is the Atari in there too? Somebody help me out here, I'm missing a couple generations.



mjharper commented on PS4 and Sony Enjoy Dominant Week in Japan With...:

If Nintendo is reducing the price of the Wii U, they're doing it the right way. Announce it the day or week of the change so you don't cannibalize sales of systems prior to the price cut. I would be very surprised if Nintendo doesn't lower the price of the system for holiday 2015, especially with the company's focus moving to the new system in 2016.



mjharper commented on Shiny Founder Dave Perry Wasn't Keen On The N6...:

It was because of the defection of Squaresoft that I even purchased a Playstation during that cycle. Otherwise, I was more than happy playing those games you mentioned in the first paragraph. I didn't miss Dave Perry's work.



mjharper commented on This Is The Last Real Console Cycle, Proclaims...:

"I'm going to keep making these outlandish predictions, because one day, one of them will actually be somewhat correct, and I'll be able to tell the world I told you so!"

  • Michael Pachter

Seriously, I don't see the consoles going away just yet. They are still incredibly popular (see the very sales numbers he references in his first quote), and the consoles themselves have evolved in such a way that they continue to maintain their relevance in a household.



mjharper commented on Updated Mario Kart 8 Wii U Hardware Bundle in ...:

It's interesting that the newer bundles now aren't including physical discs and, in this case, are including download codes for software or DLC. It brings me back to the patent filed for a disc-drive-less box a while ago - maybe Nintendo is slowly training consumers to be comfortable with the idea of a download-only home console. I like having discs, but I'm an old man whose used to cartridges and such. Back in my day...