Some 3DS owners are still diligently playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf - visiting their towns to exchange pleasantries with the locals, dig up some weeds and ensure that everything is tickety-boo. Those people will be held in high regard by the ever-lovable Isabelle.

Then there are the rest of us, your humble writer included. Perhaps the intention had been to fulfil Mayoral duties long term but it went wrong - time passed, life happened. As enough time passes the fear or repercussions can lead some to avoid their towns entirely; at best there'll be a lot of weeds and disgruntled - in some cases - heartbroken residents. At worst the town will have descended into a post-apocalyptic state where locals are having to scavenge and fight over the last apple. Let's face it, no-one wants to load the game up after a couple of years to see that.

It seems that Isabelle is happy to pile on the guilt for errant Mayors in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer; our guess is she's in this new town as she had to flee her old home when its society collapsed. This is brilliantly captured by Kenzie's blog, below.