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Wed 26th January, 2011

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Zyrac commented on Super Smash Bros. For 3DS Will Feature A Music...:

@yuwarite Disregarding your pot shots at me, there's simply no point in obtaining the music online when I will own the game and have it with me at all times. To be fair, though, I will agree that Nintendo should be selling more soundtracks online. That's just easy money right there.



Zyrac commented on Mario Kart TV Will Allow You To Share Your Rac...:

@Haywired It's not just about progression. Watching a good player shows you how to do better at the game. Right now a lot of Rayman Legends challenge players are wishing they could see videos of how the best players set lightning fast times, so they could learn to do it themselves. So I think this feature will help some people with Mario Kart.



Zyrac commented on Jett Rocket II Delayed To Add Free-Roaming 3D ...:

The whole reason I bought the first Jett Rocket was because there aren't enough 3D platformers these days, whereas sidescrollers are a dime a dozen. So I'm glad to hear this news, because I probably would have passed on the game otherwise.



Zyrac commented on Feature: Classic Gaming Typos, Errors and Tran...:

The few people who have actually finished Zelda 2 should recall that a character later on in the game tells you to go talk to Error, who will give you a hint about the next temple. So no, it's not a mistake - the guy just has a weird name.