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Talking Point: Keeping It Simple Helped Nintendo Triumph At E3

Posted by Martin Mann

The Nintendo Difference

E3 — the busiest week on any gamer's calendar — has been and gone for another year, but how has the Big N fared against the onslaught of the competition's 'next gen' power? We saw some very impressive stuff from rivals Sony and Microsoft, and many would argue that Nintendo's Wii U, with technical specs below PS4 and Xbox One, would be expected to fall even farther behind in the console arms race. However, Nintendo showed us once again that it can never be counted out, and that it will always do its own thing its own way.

We've all heard what analysts have had to say about the Wii U and the GamePad, being quite vocal and saying Nintendo should simply drop the system — or at the very least, abandon the GamePad controller. However, Nintendo made it very clear during E3 that it is committed to both its console and its unique controller. We saw a handful of new Intellectual Properties announced along with an old friend to help win over newcomers and sceptic fans alike. Splatoon – Nintendo's colourful take on the online third-person shooter; Project Giant Robot, a robot battling game which has the play control a self created giant robot using the GamePad's motion controls to dodge and attack their opponents and Project Guard, a take on the tower defence genre where the player uses the aid of cameras to stop an onslaught of robots. Mr. Miyamoto himself has designed both Project Giant Robot and Guard and confirmed the latter will connect to Star Fox for Wii U.

However, why would these games catch anyone's attention? New Nintendo IP often ends up slipping under the radar and being ignored, what makes these different? What makes Splatoon, Project Giant Robot and Project Guard, special?

Nintendo simplicity

It's not often that Nintendo introduces new IP for any of their systems, but this isn't restricted to Nintendo — many of the major developers will tell you leaping into something new is a huge risk. Of course, seeing Nintendo devoting time and resources into making new experiences is nothing new to fans. We've seen them take the plunge (with varying success) with titles such as Chibi Robo, Pullblox, Dillon's Rolling Western, HarmoKnight and the “Wii” series of games to name just a few.

Arguably, the only recent IP to join Nintendo's uppermost ranks is Pikmin launched back in the GameCube era. Despite these hit and misses, the company continues to experiment with genres and innovate. We've started to see a comeback recently from other devs and they too are starting to take that risk again; they're seeing real success with some of these attempts. The latest example is from Ubisoft, with Watch Dogs, which hacked its way into a lot of player's consoles (although Wii U owners will have to wait until later this year). Of course, Ubi's game is a sandbox title and had the market to itself when it eventually landed — how are games in over-saturated genres like shooters and tower defence ever going to draw a crowd? Well, it seems Nintendo has thought of that, and it's unique simplicity that has turned those genres on their heads.

Making a splash

As discussed earlier, Splatoon is Nintendo's take on the shooter genre. This isn't a genre Nintendo has really dabbled in before, and it certainly hasn't created a shooter that mainly has focus on online play — local multiplayer will be supported, though. We all know about traditional games in this genre, often painted a dull brown with lots of shooting of the opposition to gain points. Nintendo has thought of a solution to this irksome issue too, taking everything that makes an online shooter and engineering it to be accessible to an even wider audience. It replaces the usual burly male space marines with cute anime-styled characters and bullets with ink; the name of the game is cover more of the arena with your team's ink than the other team. It's fast, it's colourful and it's every bit Nintendo. Below is just one of many quotes from Nintendo on how it came together.

...the overall design is taking a very Nintendo approach, where it’s very gameplay-focused. We designed the gameplay and the features of the game first, and the characters themselves were born out of those features.

Born from the idea of replacing bullets with ink, it even helped to evolve the character's design and the ability to turn into a squid. It grabs our attention by taking something we're all very familiar with, changing one thing, allowing for creativity in gameplay and design, and creating something completely different with a brand new experience. The changes allow people who would never normally touch a game like this to join the fun and those familiar with it will find it refreshing.

Mech-ing the grade

Miyamoto has taken a similar approach to two new Wii U concepts shown during their Treehouse Demonstrations; Project Giant Robot and Project Guard, both of which have to potential to be much more than tech demos. Project Giant Robot is a take on the Fighting game genre while adding a pinch of sumo to the mix, while Project Guard's skeleton is built from Tower Defence.

Both of the games are pretty self explanatory; Project Giant Robot has the player build a custom robot which is then pitted against an opponent robot of equally unique design (one robot shown was a Matryoshka doll with needle arms.) The player controls their robot with the Wii U GamePad, with the second screen showing the view as seen from the cockpit. Moving the GamePad sways the robot's balance using the gyro controls while the joysticks move the left and right arms, respectively. The aim of the game is to simply topple the other robot over. It was far from the star of the show — and at times actually looked rather awkward to play — but it gained interest and showed that very simple mechanics can make for a fun experience. Perhaps most importantly, it proved that Nintendo's designers are working around the clock to exploit the GamePad's functions.

Elsewhere, Project Guard has the player controlling 12 individual cameras and using the GamePad as a "quick-jump map" which allows players to switch between different security cameras in a heavily-guarded fortress. The main point to the game is to guard your fortress from invading robots which are trying to sneak past the player's defences. Again, it's a very simple in concept and while Miyamoto has said the game is "experimental", he has also made a point in saying these simple concepts could work their way into his upcoming Star Fox sequel on Wii U.

Of course, these are all risks, and taken on face value can they seem rather unimpressive — the Treehouse segments which showed off the two "Project" titles were perhaps a little too long, and the thin nature of each concept was plain for all to see. But these games gave us a tantalising glimpse into how Nintendo works; a simple concept can one day be something much, much more. This is why Nintendo's simplicity and risk-taking shown at this year's E3 has us excited — what was shown off might not have blown anyone away in the same way that Far Cry 4 and Assassin's Creed: Unity did, but who knows where Splatoon, Project Giant Robot and Project Guard will lead? Just because something is simple, doesn't mean it's any less astonishing or inspiring — and as Wii Sports proved all those years ago, simplicity is something Nintendo does very well indeed.

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User Comments (73)



NintyMan said:

Nintendo seems to have nailed it as far as Splatoon is concerned, since that I've been seeing that game on the internet a lot. It's really given a boost to new Nintendo IP. Project Giant Robot did look clunky, but that might be the intention, and it's still a very early concept, as Miyamoto told the Treehouse guys that he will later add kicking to the robots' attacks. Project Guard will ultimately end up being part of Star Fox U, and with some more fleshing out, that little game might end up being a bigger treat to play.




Splatoon looks boring, like a $10 eshop game made by Nickelodeon boring.

Other than it being a new IP from Nintendo, I don't know why everyone is going crazy over it. The character designs are horrible.



Action51 said:

Hey speaking of all this:

What does Michael Pachter have to say for himself after his smug rant from the patio deck chair?

It's kind of amazing, he was dead wrong AGAIN, but he will continue to be treated as some kind of wise insider...when he's really just a rich guy who probably reads a few gaming websites.



Nintenjoe64 said:

Pikmin the only one that has been elevated to the uppermost ranks?

What about the Wii series, Xenoblade, Nintendogs, Brain Training and I'm sure there are a few more that have sold and reviewed better....



Play-Doh_25 said:

@LUIGITORNADO The character design and some other parts of the game need some work, but the mechanics of the game seem really fun. Switching between person to squid to get around the level, the different types of weapons you can use, and the way that you have to ink the most area to win (reminds me of graffiti for tony hawk pro skater which was incredibly fun) all seem really cool. This game has a lot of potential to be really great.



Nicolai said:

I'm gonna call it right now: Sometime between now and Splatoon's release, Sony, Microsoft, or some 3rd party developer is going to announce a knock-off shooter that has you fight to paint the turf. It happens with anything that catches popularity this quickly.

I personally really like the design of the characters, and the urban setting. The only time it seemed like "Nickelodeon" to me was the opening of the trailer, when Wii U was splattered with orange ink, which looked like Nickelodeon's "slime" at the time.




@Play-Doh_25 @Link506
We'll I hope it turns out good for those interested, but I'm not. I was hoping for a new story driven IP from Nintendo this E3 and they didn't give us any. Splatoon reminds me of a Mario Party mini game.



Peach64 said:

Splatoon was the best bit of Nintendo at E3 for me, and I cannot stress how happy I am that they've finally come up with a new IP after all these years (completely agree Pikmin was the last real one) but I found the Project Robot and Project Guard demos to be pretty disappointing. I guess they're just concepts right now, but if you said to me Miyamoto is making a game about giant robots that fight in a destructible city, I'm interested. Then, seeing the footage, was a bit of a let down.

I wonder if it's too late to campaign for Squid Girl in Smash Bros?



Kaze_Memaryu said:

There are some things to look out for, though.

First off, these new IPs are potentially very strong, and as such present a huge obstacle to 3rd parties.
Competing with Nintendo titles is very hard, due to the creative gameplay-centered approach. They invent new means of control for a system, and simultaneously create games centered around it. But their approach is very specific at times, with 3rd parties not being able to balance utilizing new peripheral and new technology.
Sony/Microsoft hardware are not less impacting, but less creative, since they don't offer anything substantial in enhancing ones gameplay possibilities with their hardware, instead focusing on strong technology to allow making bigger games that leave a quick positive impression, but not always a long-lasting one.
The thing is, Nintendo's approach was a bit dull during the Wii era, but now they've found back to their old self - they created stuff that wasn't there before, that stood out among the E3 presentations, and people were curious about what it was. And they finally saw games from Nintendo again, not activities.

Secondly, the more thorough implementation of the GamePad leaves less people thinking: what's up with that? Now they're getting it, and that means that the WiiU is FINALLY starting to deepen its profile. People start to understand what a WiiU is, and that's going to make many people curious. But they have to support it more, and they need outside ideas to keep up the pace, since they can only handle so much.

But when in doubt, there's alway SPLATOOOOOOOOOOON!!!



TheJebou said:

Am I the only one who thinks that nintendo wasn't THAT triumphant at the E3?? It was fine but the reveals were just boring (except for Zelda ofc though the amount of details was disappointing).



PuppyToucher said:

@Peach64 I always enjoy reading the comments you have. I feel like you always have an interesting opinion and I appreciate the way you take the time to explain it.



Vhyper1985 said:

I still think the main reason Nintendo succeeded this E3 was because of 2 things: 1- New games, the games that were announced like Captain Toad, Splatoon, Kirby & even the remastered Bayonetta inclusion hadn't been leaked beforehand on websites & so were genuinely a surprise & 2- Gameplay! So many trailers at E3 were pre-rendered CG, there were exceptions of course but having things like the Treehouse Live actually playing these games made all the difference! With regards the new IPs I think they all show huge potential, the project Robot & Guard demos were really early in development so should hopefully get even better over time, as for Splatoon, again it was early gameplay & I remember reading somewhere that there will be a single player campaign so at least it does have a few demographics in mind rather than just being a multiplayer game with a limited audience, although even if Splatoon doesn't have a deep story we still have Bayonetta, Xenoblade, Zelda etc to make up for that... I personally am looking forward to Splatoon, I think it has potential to be the next big IP for Nintendo (if they add a decent story to it even better) but with the shooter genre being as popular as it is right now I think this is something Ninty needed to make, either way plenty of good games coming & lets be honest the real winners are us gamers because of it!



bizcuthammer said:

@LUIGITORNADO expecting a story driven game of any sort from Ninty is a good way to set yourself up fir disappointment. Story really isn't Nintendo's focus, and is seen by them as only a complimentary element to games. While companies like Square, Naughty Dog, etc, prioritize story telling first and then design gameplay later, Nintendo does the opposite. It's why Nintendo's games are more fun to play than anyone else's, yet also why the stories of their games are traditionally shallow afterthoughts. Nintendo aren't storytellers... They are toymakers. Fun mechanics take priority over cinema-esque cutscenes.

The good thing is, Nintendo knows this, which is why they buy and partner with studios like Monolith Soft and Camelot and Intelligent Systems who can make games witg epic stories like Golden Sun, Xenoblade and Fire Emblem.



HAL9000 said:

Splatoon is amazing and a breath of fresh air. The entire xbox one presentation was all bro-shooters because all you do is kill other people and be aggressive in a brown environment. For the record, I am not against mature themed games, but it was ALL that they showed.
I play co-op games with my wife at home, or have my afterschool 7th/8th grade kids play on school Wii U. Nintendo actually is addressing a game that I can play with my family, kids and students.
The entire idea of splatoon is painting the environment, not shooting each other. I can play the entire match painting the floor if I am not good at sniping and still contribute to the team.
Bravo! Take my money!



MrWalkieTalkie said:

I loved Nintendo at E3 this due to their plain and simple focus on what matters: fun. They didn't delve into development process or sales or any of that stuff. They just showed us the many new projects they've been working on and how much that they'll be and how much fun they had while making it.



SleepyCrossing said:

Nintendo's new IP's look great... Project Guard is doing things no Tower Defense game ever has. People say it looks boring, but you must remember its a /tower defense/ game- its probably the most exciting game to hit the genre!

Splatoon is definitely a breath of fresh air in the shooter genre, but the mechanic that has me most interested is the territorial aspect. You can see your territory very plainly and move through it via squid transformation. That is something that just wouldn't work in an IP like Call of Duty.

Project Giant Robot, Project S.T.E.A.M (lets not forget about this 3DS gem), Captain Toad.. so many possibilities. And it looks like Kirby and the Rainbow Curse is going to make fantastic use of the Gamepad. This E3 was exactly what the Wii U needed.

Combined with Zelda U, Bayonetta 1&2, Devil's Third announcement, the promise of (two?) new Metroid games, Mario Maker, Yoshi's Woolly World and even more I'm forgetting- of course Nintendo triumphed!



Iggly said:

Nintendo surprised me quite a bit this year's E3, the reveals were quite unexpected when it came to the new IP's. Anyone who says Sony or Microsoft won this year's E3 obviously hasn't seen Nintendo's side of announcements.



AlexOlney said:

Did anyone else notice that Project Giant Robot used a font commonly used in StarFox?



Kirk said:

Overall Nintendo had a great E3 show, the best of the three by a long way imo, but I've already said that I think it needed about 5 or 6 more big first party games to really have enough content to make any real lasting impact imo (since it basically has no third party support at this point). If the "Digital Event" was about half an hour longer with those 5 or 6 extra games I think they would have totally nailed it.

It's what the various games we saw and information we garnered from Nintendo's E3 show actually means going forward for the rest of 2014 and beyond that I really think warrants a bit more critical analysis however...


It terms of it's overall art-style/look and character designs I'd generally agree but not in terms of the gameplay. The game actually looks like a lot of fun in terms of how it actually plays.



Shambo said:

@bizcuthammer Yeah, but the story-telling in Majora's mask is still unbeaten in my opinion. It's not fully told, it's experienced.

Too bad CiNG went down though, they had some amazing story-telling as well.



FilmerNgameR said:

If Splatoon has good team strategic game play like TF2 then I would consider it but for now it just looks weird.



AJWolfTill said:

@TheJebou Did you watch any of the Treehouse stuff? Every game got a huge amount of exposure, so that is a very unfair thing to say.



Action51 said:

@Kodeen - that how it works?

"First rule of Pachter, we don't talk about Pachter"...something like that?

Sorry, no.

I have every right to point out that he's just not very good at what he does, and that it's laughable the industry still puts any stock in his analysis. When is the appropriate time to point this out... After his next prediction fails spectacularly?



unrandomsam said:

@AJWolfTill With the exception of Starfox. (Unless I missed that - If I did I would be happy to be proved wrong) which I think might well be the most interesting of them all.



Gashole said:

This article shocks me. So much blind faith, just because of future wishful thinking. This isn't like them at all to be doing this, as gathering facts and updates on a rational, periodical (and methodical) basis, is the best way to approach this.



sinalefa said:


I guess he/she was referring to Zelda U, but everyone is dying to see more of it. I still disagree about the reveals being boring, but to each his own.



DJSmith99 said:

@Fazermint Give the game a chance before you guys criticize it. People said they wanted a new ip from Nintendo, now you have one. Just wait till it comes out, try it, and if it sucks then criticize it all you want.



zool said:

Again the pudding is getting over egged. Splatoon is being hyped and this will gather momentum until it gets a review and I hope it lives up to it.



DiscoGentleman said:

"We want new IP from Nintendo!"
"What's this new game? It sucks! It should be a Wario shooter instead!"

Typical awful Nintendo 'fan'.



TheJebou said:

@AJWolfTill Well I guess that's true Somehow I just kept waiting nintendo to throw more something totally unexpected into their show, but they did give a lot of exposure to the games everyone has been looking forward to which is nice.



JaxonH said:


Exactly. Yet another example of gamers thinking the grass is always greener on the other side. They say they're tired of remakes and want something "new", then when they get something new they say they wanted a remake. They say they want games utilizing the gamepad's features, then when they get a game utilizing the gamepad's features, they say they don't want to use that feature. They say they're tired of crap VC on Wii U, and want games that weren't released on Wii VC, then when they get brand spankin' new GBA VC they complain about it coming to Wii U. It never ends.

With that said, there's quite a few members here with a decent amount of common sense and don't partake of such nonsense. Which is why I prefer this site. Nintendolife definitely has the most rational Ninty fans imo. A lot of other sites have a majority membership that either criticize everything Nintendo does, or defend everything Nintendo does to the uttermost. Some Ninty sites I've frequented, you can't even say you like a game on another console without getting bum rushed lol...



TwilightOniAngel said:

Far cry 4 and assassins creed unity blew you guys away wow. Those games look so boring it kills me.And its sad far cry is going the same route as assassins creed getting released every year.



DiscoGentleman said:

@JaxonH Right? These are the kinds of 'gamers' that hurt Nintendo by not trying new IP, despite clamoring for it.

"WE WANT THIRD PARTY SUPPORT" - Doesn't buy any 3rd party games

Nintendo is trying to pull itself out of the perception that their consoles are just "Mario Machines", but horrible fans like these are only furthering this stereotype.



DiscoGentleman said:

@JaxonH Yeah, I agree about it being decent here. Still a bunch of fanboys & fangirls, but comparatively speaking- this is the place to be.
Also agree about there being plenty of good Nintendo fans. It's just always the awful ones that are loudest.



Findonovan95 said:

I'll be honest and say that I wasn't that impressed by Splatoon and to an extent, I'm still not that impressed. However, I do see how it could become a great game. It was unexpected and I presume that as I see more of it I'll begin to like it more. (I didn't watch all the tree house stuff btw)

On another note; the peek we got of Zelda U looked absolutely amazing and I am seriously hyped for it and pretty much every other game they announced, lol



FJOJR said:

Microsoft is like "we've had people of all ages play our shooters for years. In fact they're mostly under 14 years of age mentally and/or physically."



FJOJR said:

Project Guard and Giant Robot don't excite me right now. Both are bare bones right now and definitely have gamers wondering why they don't just announce new entries in franchises that have not seen the light of day in more than a generation. Plenty of them that date back to the NES too.



GraveLordXD said:

@Hernandez because Sony and Microsoft was pretty lackluster
And that's all most people expect out of the Wii u is to be a hardcore Nintendo fans system
I sure didn't buy a Wii u to play third party over priced games



unrandomsam said:

@Hernandez It would have been a triumph if all that stuff was available immediately after the presentation. 2015 is ages away and Nintendo has a history of axing stuff even further in development than any of that stuff.



tux_peng said:


When I first saw splatoon, I though- meh. Seeing gameplay at treehouse made me excited though. It is not as I first though, "just a shoot0en-up where it;s mostly luck" It need quite a bit of strategy, and yet still very comic



IceClimbers said:

@Hernandez I would say the Wii U can become more than a hardcore Nintendo fan console. There were a lot of people online that aren't hardcore Nintendo fans (or even normal Nintendo fans for that matter) that have shown a large amount of interest in the console. I've read lots of the comments on general gaming sites and social media sites as well as polls, and lots of them say Nintendo won E3 without a shadow of a doubt, and have interest in the Wii U.

Honestly, I didn't think Kart 8 was going to actually boost sales that much - I think most people are waiting for the holiday season for when Smash is out for a nice combo of Kart and Smash, on top of other games like Hyrule Warriors and Bayonetta 2.



IronMan28 said:

It's tough to argue that Splatoon looks similar to most shooters out now, which is partly why it appeals to me. Seriously, the game looks like it's a summer cartoon, and I mean that in the most endearing way possible. Additionally, it reminds me of an XBLA Summer of Arcade game, which is even cooler to me. Nintendo are taking an interesting approach to western development, which is intriguing at worst, and exciting at best. Bravo, Nintendo, bravo.



TheAdza said:

Splatoon was my favourite game of E3, however without some more knowledge of the game and it's single player/local multiplayer and local co op, it could turn out to be a bit disappointing to me personally as I don't play online very much so I am hoping it will be a very robust offline experience. And seeing it is releasing next year, perhaps even some amiibo compatability might be added. Those squiddy/anime characters are brilliant and pretty original.



Caryslan said:

I'll be blunt, as a 3DS and PS Vita owner, I'm kinda bothered by how those two systems were disregarded and treated at E3. I understand Nintendo's focus is on trying to save the Wii U, and Sony's main business is home consoles, but I felt rather insulted.

One new 3DS game was all Nintendo could bother to show off? Gee, thanks Nintendo, way to flip the bird to the 45 million 3DS owners who have bought your system. Yeah, Pokemon and Smash are coming, and you have a new IP arriving as well. What about your other franchises? Why not show off a Majora's Mask remake if you have really been working on it? How about some other 3DS games?

But at least Nintendo bothered to show off the amazing one new game at E3.

Sony could not even be bothered to do anything with the Vita besides remind us how we well soon be able to play PS3 games on our Vita and how they have "100 games"(most likely more ports) in development for the Vita.

Sony, why not show off those games? Was the BS about your stupid show really that important?

I'm not bashing the home consoles, and I know the Wii U needed the boost, but why are handhelds just being disregarded at E3 this year?

Especially the 3DS! There are games coming to the system, and Nintendo can't be bothered to even devote at least a potion of their direct to showing off the unannounced 3DS games!

I don't own a Wii U, so while the announcements are interesting, they don't mean anything to me. On the other hand, I own a 3DS, and I would have loved to have seen some new games shown off on that platform and it be given a major place at the biggest game show of the year.

Two years ago, Nintendo did an entire separate press conference for the 3DS and its games. I'm not even asking for that. I just want a little time in the direct for 3DS games.

Props to Nintendo for showing off some off stuff for the Wii U, they did it better than anyone. But they and Sony also deserve some major jeers for not even making their handhelds a major part of the show.



Dauntless said:

Nintendo had the right approach for all the gamers that were home and not at E3. Watching a live stream of a Press conference is boring. Nintendo's approach of prerecorded video footage is much more entertaining for everyone else sitting behind a monitor.



jakysnakydx said:

@midnafanboy Thank you for pointing that out... Assasin's creed 4 took the most social media hype as graphs showed and I don't get why. "Oh my gosh look! We get to do THE EXACT SAME THING VERBATIM!!!" It's just beyond me why everyone's so excited about that game. As for Far Cry 4 exact same situation... I remember when far cry was that game series that just kept coming out but everyone wanted it to die, then 3 comes out and "OHMIGOSH! I LOOOOOVE THIS GAME AND ALWAYS HAVE!" I don't get it :/
Anyone who likes those games, awesome, I really don't care but personally I just don't get why it influences the masses so much.



jakysnakydx said:

@Hernandez That poses a real question I think almost all gamers and others alike tend to disregard. If Nintendo made a system just as powerful as the PS4 and XBone with no game pad would people by it? Why or why not? That's what I really want to hear, why or why not? I want to hear reason from anyone who takes up this question. I say no because then what? We have three systems that are ALL exactly the same and offer the same content. We'd then have three systems ALL exactly the same with no difference except for each systems individual properties. The final determination would be one simple question! What do you want more? Halo and Gears of War? Legend of Zelda and Mario? Or God of War and Uncharted. Why would anyone choose the system based on anything else? At that point they'd all be priced the same, offer the same third party content across the board and any one who isn't a 'Nintendo fanboy' who likes those first party games would have absolutely no reason to buy it.

If Nintendo created a PS4 equivalent it would have no market.



jakysnakydx said:

I also want to say: I LOVE how people who like Nintendo content are all 'fanboys' no matter what age, how long they've been playing video games or any other defining feature and all 'real' gamers are those who like games with porn, violence and bad language. If you don't like THOSE games you don't really like video games and you're probably a Nintendo fan boy.
I like Playstation, I do, I've always liked their first party content. I like Ubisoft's policies and how they run their organization but I don't actually care for much or any of their content. EA doesn't have a SINGLE game that attracts me in anyway and because of that I'm not a real gamer. Personally I think it's asinine. Bethesda is a joke whose ONLY skill in video games is recreating blood and comments from Bethesda employees (especially executives) in regards to what makes a game I find beyond hypocritical and moronic.
It's just... the whole dynamic of society and 'what a video game ought to be' according to many, doesn't make any sense to me.



Mahe said:

Triumph? Nintendo's E3 was a quagmire.

Regarding their "new" IP, Pikmin is bottom of barrel alongside trash like Dillon. Nintendo has made a lot of mediocre to bad games recently.



kensredemption said:

@Mahe Stop being such a ninny. 90% of your comments are just you whining about Nintendo over every little triumph they earn. Get over yourself.

Besides, bypassing the idiotic press and appealing to the fanbase directly - most of whom are actually able to convince those around them to invest into Nintendo - will do wonders for Nintendo. Meanwhile, Microsoft is STILL doing damage control over the XBO and Sony's hubris has led them to a pool of gaming stagnation that will keep them in the muck until next year. Come this fall, Nintendo is going to wipe the floor with the plethora of action titles that will appeal to whom Nintendo intended to in the first place: The hardcore gamers.



unrandomsam said:

@kensredemption Damage control is different when you have basically unlimited resources like Microsoft has. (Even if they have to pull something like selling it at 50% of the cost of the PS4 they will). As soon as they are not on top they start competing properly (Same no matter what market it is) and it is generally a good deal until they are on top again.



unrandomsam said:

I am surprised that Microsoft isn't working to rid the market of Sony. (Keep Nintendo so they can say they don't have another monopoly).

If they can get the Playstation part of Sony bleeding money then they will win.



jakysnakydx said:

@Hernandez My argument is that I don't believe there are many people out there. And your example is exactly the same as the one I gave. You have all the third party offerings and then it's just a question of what exclusives you want. That said what do we have? A Wii U exactly like what we have now with all the 'Nintendo fanboys' getting WIi U for the NIntendo exclusives and the rest of the world still doesn't have a reason. Basically what you're asking for is WIi U to garner third party support. That's really it. Even if they did get it, why would the rest of the world change systems? They don't want Nintendo exclusives to begin with so what attraction to 'real men and real hardcore gamers' have to juimp ship to Nintendo? Nothing. It'd be exactly where we are now without such abysmal support.
That's how I see it at least. It would be AWESOME to have that content here as well on Wii U but I don't think it would 'save' Nintendo as you think it might.



TwilightOniAngel said:

@Hernandez your logic is that a console that has zero third party support it's dead on arrival.Well the wiiu had third party support at some point, but the developers who made those games made them watered down and pathetic.For example assassins creed 4 black flag for the wiiu with no DLC the others versions of the game did.Splinter cell blacklist for the wiiu no local co op the other versions did .The point im trying to make is the wiiu had third party support, but not the support that sony and microsoft has right now with there systems.



TwilightOniAngel said:

@jakysnakydx Hype is the only thing that ubisoft needs to sell there games like watch dogs that game was so hyped up, and it's not the same game they promised us a long time ago.But it sold very well cause of it and ubisoft just needs hype and the game will sell well. So that's why assassins creed is being made every year cause of hype ubisoft makes at the E3 with there cgi trailers.And now Far cry is going that route be prepared to see annual releases of watch dogs and far cry.



remlapgamer said:

i think splatoon is intended for children and might be a good title for them, reminds me of plants vs zombies garden warfare shooter edited so its content/material will be approved by parents for their young children, but I will probably get it anyway because Nintendo will get this right and it will be fun.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Splatoon really looked ace and Project Guard like a really great thing for a new minigame collection.
I have my doubt about making the latter an integral part of the new Star Fox game though. I’ve always seen the best games in the series as strictly single-player affairs so it would’ve to be nothing but mindblowing if it goes for a more social route.
I’m also not a big fan of Wii Sports. It might be great for a few minutes of quick multiplayer fun but it doesn’t have a lot of lasting appeal to me.



MoonKnight7 said:


Whoa, quagmire huh? Impressive word you used there, unless you were using it just for the sake of sounding intelligent. In this context though, using deep, multi-layered words is a bit superfluous, don't you think? I mean we get it, you despise Pikmin, the gamepad and puppies. Also, Pikmin was a full retail release, while Dillon was an eshop download, so to place those two together is an excessive and disproportional comparison.



kensredemption said:

@Hernandez Everyone I've talked to with any connections to the gaming industry agree that Nintendo took home the gold at E3, even though the library of games was fairly light. If Nintendo actually managed to secure any more big third-party titles, NO ONE would EVER buy a PS4 or XBO. The lifeblood of Sony and Microsoft is third-party games because their first and second-party developments are almost non-existent.

Last year at PS4's launch their exclusives were Killzone, Knack, Warframe and some indies that are now available on the XBO. This year I've only seen inFamous: Second Son and War Thunder. DriveClub and The Order are being pushed back until next year. Things were even worse for Microsoft since they just had Dead Rising 3, Forza and Ryse with Titanfall not even bolstering in sales on the XBO.

As much as I'd like to quell the neurotic whining of the fanboys and doubters, if Nintendo decided to Chuck Norris the competition the gaming industry would lose a lot of support since the loudest members of the gaming demographic are a bunch of ill-informed, ignorant drones who refuse to learn anything more about their competition other that the juvenile stereotypes perpetuated about them.

Once word spreads that Bayonetta 2 and Devil's Third are Wii U exclusives, those that are smart enough will perceive Nintendo as a more than legitimate threat.



kensredemption said:

@unrandomsam I'm not sure if I read that right, but you said Microsoft is on top and has virtually unlimited resources?

The only other products I'm aware that Microsoft has is their OS and music player, and I'm fairly certain that third parties are contributing to their obscene amounts of advertisements for the system, in addition to celebrity endorsements.

Rule of thumb: If a company has to try that hard to sell you a product, you can bet that they're struggling.



jakysnakydx said:

@midnafanboy like you said before... hype. It's true. I have NO desire to play assassin's creed ... any of them. Or Far Cry. Both are the same mediocre games that came out 10 years ago. ANyone here remember when farcry was a joke?

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