Here's Another Huge Batch of Hyrule Warriors Screens to Enjoy

Spare no-one

Hyrule Warriors is no longer a Japanese title that we hope to eventually see in the West, as Tecmo Koei's extravagant Dynasty Warriors / Zelda mash-up has been confirmed for a September arrival. It'll be all about wiping out hundreds of enemies, taking on a boss, and then doing that all over again, all within a world full of fan-service.

During E3, meanwhile, Zelda was shown in action as a playable character, as was Midna, and we saw much more of the game in action.The official website has also released a batch of new screens showing a variety of new areas and moves. We also have more grounds to compare these to gameplay, too, with a flashy E3 trailer showing more of the title's stronger aspects.

Check them all out, and the trailer, below.

So, are you excited about picking this up in September?

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