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E3 2014: LA Times Reveals Hot Scoop of New White PlayStation 4 From Nintendo

Posted by Thomas Whitehead


As always, E3 2014 has been full of reveals and even the occasional shock. It seems one huge announcement has slipped us by, however, with the LA Times delivering a reveal for the ages.

Below is the print edition of the paper with that epic story, as spotted by Jorge Albor on Twitter.

In terms of monstrous typos and mistakes, this is right up there with the very best. Nintendo and Sony did once collaborate on a disc-based system as an expansion for the Super NES, however, though the big N decided to move on from the project and worked to release the Nintendo 64 as a cartridge-based console instead. Sony continued work on the technology anyway, and entered the market with the PlayStation.

Still, we don't think a collaboration is currently on the cards for Nintendo to release a PS4. Oh, Los Angeles Times, what have you done?


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brewsky said:

Kye Dodson plays the Nintendo Splatoon...

Oh, good lord. They have lost even more credibility.



Yoshis_VGM said:

Whoever wrote that article makes me want to cringe. I'm a high school journalist and it is so blatantly obvious that this reporter doesn't know how to research. But this is absolutely hilarious too.

Also, the whole Nintendo Splatoon thing is poorly worded. They make it seem like Splatoon is the name of the console. They should've made it clearer that Splatoon was actually the game.

Lastly, why must there be a winner of E3? Does it really matter? (referring to the " Sony wins" section)



LexKitteh said:

Wow. I understand not everyone is a gamer, and not everyone follows game news, but if you're going to write a professional article, do some research! A quick Google search could have made all the difference.



Yorumi said:

Oh man I want to play the Nintendo Splatoon is that their new portable?



Nik-Davies said:

Sony: Winner? o_O
Looking back at Sony's, it was pretty much garbage. If it wasn't for LBP3 and Uncharted 4, I would've hated the whole thing



sinalefa said:

Well, if they confused the Playstation with a Nintendo product, they can get confused with thinking that Sony "won" E3 over Nintendo.

The Nintendo Splatoon was clearly the best part of E3



Capt_N said:

Maybe this could have been mostly fixed w/ punctuation. Nintendo's Splatoon, or better still Nintendo's new game, Splatoon on their Wii U console. Almost same thing for the headline, save for the "debut" part; it would make clear the headline was 2 different subjects: Nintendo's white defeat, Sony wins, if that is at all what they were getting at. It just makes no real sense. Ppl make mistakes, but wow, what a mistake! A few typos could have a huge impact. It's just telling that non-gamers can not be introduced to the goings-on/events of the gamer's world by other non-gamers. Gamer's are the best ppl to introduce non-gamers to the events/goings-on in the world of gaming.



NintyMan said:

That headline is funny enough, but "the Nintendo Splatoon"? This is the hardest I've laughed in a while! That game must be getting so popular to make this journalist think it might be a new console instead of a game. On top of that, I think the person even misspelled the guy's name playing the Wii U.

Part of me doesn't want to laugh so much because this is a newspaper in a city with millions of people with some who wouldn't know any better may be deceived, but this still makes a good laugh.



Dizzard said:

Well, Nintendo have been advertising for the PS Vita.

I guess Sony must be giving up and handing the reins over to Nintendo.



GuardianKing said:

I think they were talking about the Wii U, actually. It might just be a bunch of self-entitled brainiac journalist(s) trying to make a clever statement or something along the lines of "Wii U is FINALLY a next gen not really".



Ash_Anne said:

Wow, this guy failed.

So, if Sony wins e3 according to this guy, doesn't that means Nintendo wins because they "own" the PS4?



artofmana said:

Wow, oh wow, oh wow. That is pretty sad. I mean, I know people who don't particularly care about video games shouldn't expected to know all the ins and outs, but this is beyond acceptable for any journalism outlet. I've seen blog posts by middle schoolers that are more accurate!



DarkKirby said:

OMG Nintendo and Sony are having a corporate merger!

Super Smash Bros. vs Sony All Stars!



Chibi-Hobo said:

Why be political opponents on a video game enthusiast website, when you two can come together in rage-and-ridicule dumping on the author and/or his bosses for not being video game enthusiasts themselves?

@DarkKirby — I was thinking the same, except for Video Game All-Stars Kart Racing.

These ideas all remind me of the hilarious bizarre "Cartoon All Stars to the Rescue" anti-drug special from circa 1990. ... Only MUCH more bad-ass.



Silent said:

''Pac-Man returns as a character in the new version of Smash''

These guys reaaally don't do research do they?



Hints_Whispers said:

We should probably cut Paresh a break. The writer of an article doesn't usually come up with the headline. The editor does that as they're piecing together the page.



Bulbousaur said:

The real mystery is why the LA Times thought a new PS4 colour was worth article worthy with all the other much more exciting announcements at E3.



Giygas_95 said:

A little off topic, but about the thing that says "Sony: Winner?" I wish people would just stop saying "so and so won E3." It's a show, not a contest.



Iggly said:

Even though I'm not one to care about grammar, but sheesh even I'd try to have top grade grammar whenever I do a report.



Brother_Jolteon said:

I can only imagine all the trolls just trolling little kids about Nintendo Splatoon. And then those kids begging their parents to get a Nintendo Splatoon, it's obviously gonna be the best imaginary system ever!!! lol



hYdeks said:

ya I seen that on Facebook, shows how sad and out of touch LA Times is lol

As for what I seen at the bottom of the article, Sony definitely wasnt the winner this year,not even close! Nintendo and Microsoft deserve that title WAAAAY more, they came out, showed us games we wanted, and kept everthing sweet and short so they could show lots of games. Sony on the other hand bored the crap out of us for 2 hours with stuff we knew about, and in the middle showed 2 games that where new (Little Big Planet 3 and Uncharted 4).



JubilifeRival said:

After reading this helpful article, I preordered the new Nintendo handheld, the Nintendo Splatoon!



JubilifeRival said:

But seriously? E3 isn't a contest. If it was, Nintendo won. Sony didn't have anything good and Microsoft was okay.



Franklin said:

Gaming is now a huge industry, and 2 minutes of research on the internet could have corrected this. There's no excuse. The reporter should be fired. There are many unemployed people in the US who deserve the opportunity more.



LoveSugoi said:

I can't even find this funny because terrible journalism is high on the list of things that really piss me off. There's NO excuse to not know what you're writing about, IT'S YOUR FREAKING JOB TO KNOW.



Obito_Sigma said:

HOLY SHIZ! I forgot that Nintendo has announced the NEW White Playstation 4! This is the biggest news of E3, a new color to have as an alternative to that ugly Black Playstation 4. Oh, and that new Nintendo handheld known as the Nintendo Splatoon.

Ahhh, yeah!! First I have my Nintendo 3Deees and my Nintendo Wii U, and now I have my Nintendo Play Station and the future Nintendo Splatoon! Nintendo really knows when to make new hardware of the future!

Splatoon is love, Splatoon is life.



Nathan said:

Perhaps an alternate universe where the Nintendo-Sony deal actually went ahead, has seeped into our own.



RichRadEx said:


But laughing aside, I'm not sure how the writer of this article got these two company's names mixed up but even then we get them mixed up from time to time.

Or maybe that's just me.



Marshi said:

Almost as bad as the youtube video on The young Turks where they said watch dogs was plagerising some american star because the game character wore a hoody and was black(which the star in question always wore)...Journalism at its best folks!

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