With Super Smash. Bros. on 3DS just months away, sitting pretty with a Summer release window, we're starting to get to the nitty-gritty of details in Masahiro Sakurai's Miiverse posts. His latest 'pic of the day' shows us the greater flexibility that we may see in character customisation or, in some cases, variations of character models.

We already know of the ability to switch between the female and male Wii Fit Trainers, and Sakurai-san has now provided the following update stating that a similar choice will be available with The Villager.

Pic of the day. You can choose to play as the girl villager too!! How lovely.


The Villager's move-set certainly looks like one of the most challenging in the game — if you can hit anyone with that chopping tree animation, you'll be on great form. Will you be alternating between the different character options?

[via miiverse.nintendo.net]