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Super Mario Bros. Movie Actor Bob Hoskins Passes Away Aged 71

Posted by Damien McFerran

Famed British actor succumbs to pneumonia

British actor Bob Hoskins has died from pneumonia aged 71. Following a successful career which spanned six decades, he retired from acting in 2012 after being diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.

Hoskins was arguably one of the most recognisable faces in modern cinema, having worked with directors such as Steven Spielberg, Robert Zemeckis, Oliver Stone, Neil Jordan and Terry Gilliam. Early roles in British films like The Long Good Friday and Mona Lisa brought him to the attention of Hollywood, and movies such as Mermaids and Who Framed Roger Rabbit? would propel him to global stardom.

However, Nintendo fans will forever remember him as Mario Mario (that's his second name, see?) in the live-action adaptation of Super Mario Bros., in which he starred alongside Dennis Hopper and John Leguizamo. The movie was a critical and commercial flop, but has since gained cult status. While Leguizamo has largely positive memories of the film, Hoskins was never happy with the movie and publicly lambasted it on several occasions:

The worst thing I ever did? Super Mario Brothers. It was a f****** nightmare. The whole experience was a nightmare. It had a husband-and-wife team directing, whose arrogance had been mistaken for talent. After so many weeks their own agent told them to get off the set! F****** nightmare. F****** idiots.

The death of Hoskins sadly means that no more live-action Marios exist; back in 2009, Captain Lou Albano — who portrayed the portly plumber in the American TV show — died aged 76.

Rest in peace, Bob. You may have hated Super Mario Bros. The Movie, but millions of people are glad that it was you who brought the character to life.

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chiptoon said:

One of my all time favorites. What a sad sad day. He will truly be missed.



bezerker99 said:

I just rewatched Who Framed Roger Rabbit a few weeks ago on Netflix!! I really enjoyed Bob Hoskins. Such a talent, RIP.



SuperMinusWorld said:

One of the greatest actors to ever live. The Super Mario Bros. movie is terrible but in a strangely good way. And Hoskins' Mario is actually really likable and heroic. Rest in peace, Bob. I'll always remember you.



GeminiSaint said:

And just yesterday the Nostalgia Critic posted a video about Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Coincidences, how do they work?



Marshi said:

No way! Bob hoskins was a legend. He showed us all it was good to talk. That being a right hand man of an evil pirate wasnt so bad. And ofcourse,that being in a movie so bad could actually be very good.

R.i.p sir Hoskins,this one will miss you terribly



2Sang said:

Bad movie, but good actor. Hopefully there's plenty of koopas for him to step on in heaven.



Andremario said:

The movie was meh! So I eternally feel your pain Bob but who framed roger rabbit was my fave! R.I.P good buddy!



Marre35 said:

So sad. Thanks Bob for the memories. I guess i will be watching Mario Bros & Who framed Roger Rabbit? again then...



TreesenHauser said:

Very sad to hear this news. I still have a guilty pleasure kinda vibe for Super Mario Bros., but I'll never watch Who Framed Roger Rabbit the same way again. May he rest in peace.



Action51 said:

Rest in Peace, Mr Hoskins.

We will remember the cringeworthy "Super Mario Bros. Movie" with a smile....but we will never forget your many great films like "Brazil" and "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" either.

You'll be missed.



Not-Another-Ad said:

Legendary actor who stared in some brilliant films, I'll always remember him for who framed Rodger Rabbit.

Rest in Peace, Bob Hoskins, you'll be missed.



Ryno said:

Hoskins, you were one of the best of your era. Thanks for the memories.



Gobelee said:

Hook, Super Mario Bros, and Who Framed Roger Rabbit? This man defined my childhood. R.I.P.



ajcismo said:

Mr.Hoskins was a darn fine actor and will be missed. My condolences to his family.



AlexSora89 said:

Farewell, Mr. Hoskins. You wore Mr. Nintendo's overalls, hanged around Disney and Warner Bros. characters, and played a friggin' Pope. You earned your place in Heaven.



BoobooMama said:

Aww man... He was one of the few truly great actors. He always carried his roles so well. You will be missed, Bob!



Anguspuss said:

Greatest film ever. Seriously whoever came up with the smb movie idea needed a big slap



MagicEmperor said:

Rest in peace, Bob. Despite being a Nintendo fan,I will forever remember you () as Eddie Valiant. Who Framed Roger Rabbit is one of my favorite movies of all time, so thank you for that.



marck13 said:

Ruhe in Frieden. Super Mario Bros. was the first VHS-movie I ever bought.



HandheldGuru97 said:

Loved him in Who Framed Roger Rabbit, still haven't seen the Mario Bros. movie kinda scared to actually Rest in peace Bob Hoskins, you'll be missed.



Excep7ional said:

Wow. I remember watching the Mario Bros movie when I was young, and at that time I really didn't care if it was a bad movie or not. I just knew it was a movie with Mario in it and enjoyed it based off that alone. Also, Who Framed Roger Rabbit is one of my favorite movies ever, so rest in peace.



Bakajin said:

The SMB movie may be a cult classic, but I think Damien is exaggerating when he says millions of people enjoyed it.



XCWarrior said:

@Bakajin There are millions of Nintendo fans, so yeah, millions of us enjoy it, even if it is, well, you know....

Super Mario Bros. Great movie... or GREATEST movie?

Clearly the time has come for a live action sequel. Make it happen Nintendo.



Tasuki said:

Even though the movie itself sucked he did do Mario justice. R.I.P Bob thanks for all the great times.



DiscoDriver43 said:

r.i.p. Bob Hoskins. You always be remember from all those good movies such as Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and Mona Lisa ...and probably Nixon not video game movie garbage like Super Mario Bros.

Seriously i think Tomb Raider is the only decent Video game movie and that is only because of Angelina Jolie. Street Fighter doesn't count because that one is so bad it's good



Mus1cLov3r said:

R.I.P Bob Hoskins...

But on an unrelated note, when you learn Mario's last name is also Mario, you would assume Luigi's last name is Luigi. But that wouldn't make sense because they are brothers. So his name would be Luigi Mario... In other words, Mario always gets the spot-light, even with their last names!



audiobrainiac said:

Can't tell ya how saddened i am by this. Though people now scoff at the Super Mario film quite a bit, it was a great part of my youth and i'll always love it, as were the rest of the films in Bob's career. He was a complete bad a$$, and he will be missed. Rest In Power, Bob (Super Mario) Hoskins.



AshFoxX said:

I saw this news yesterday. I hoped it was a joke. I made the comment to my wife that we already lost Mario in 2009, then Luigi died last year. Now Bizarro Mario is gone. At least we still have one Luigi left, and he was awesome in Kickass 2.

"Good-Bye Eddie Valiant..."



Beau_Skunk said:

This article is a li'l misleading, I haven't seen him bash the movie on "several" occasions, just with that quote.
I don't think he hated the movie itself, I've seen behind the scenes videos on Youtube where he talked about the movie calmly, and with a smile on his face.

Rereading his quote, I think he just hated "making it," because as he said the 2 directors were jerks as he put it. I think he just hated them.



Squashy said:

How sad, 71 is far too young for anybody to go. He was a very talanted actor so at least he'll never be forgotten and will continue to entertain forever.

@Gobelee Yeah Hook he was the perfect Smee!

@AlexSora89 Haha quite right, what more do you need to do?

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