High five! We made a terrible movie!

As you may or may not be aware, the Super Mario Bros. live-action movie is now two decades old. Attacked by critics and gamers alike when it originally hit cinemas, the film has nonetheless gained a cult following in the past twenty years.

LA's Nuart Theatre played host to a special screening on May 24th, and John Leguizamo — who played Luigi in the film — was kind enough to record a special message for those in attendance. In the video, he talks about some of the fun experiences he had during production — which involve strippers and almost slicing off Bob Hoskins' fingers — and also states that the film was quite ground-breaking for its time.

Although Leguizamo admits that mistakes were made, he seems to be pretty proud of the movie and is amazed that people are still talking about it after all these years.

You can watch the full message below — if you're a fan, then let us know what you think about Leguizamo's comments by posting one of your own below.