It's time for another Kickstarter campaign summary, with quite a few details that have changed since last week. We have two notable success stories, including a campaign that looked like a close call but secured success late in the day; there has also been a cancellation and others that look doomed to failure.

As always the focus is on current campaigns or those that have been completed in the past seven days, so those that have dropped off the list do so as they are now finished.

Let's get on with it.

Funded Projects

Hex Heroes — Wii U included in core target [funded with $86,946 of $80,000 target reached

This is a "Party RTS" (real time strategy) with some serious pedigree, being led by artist and co-developer of popular PC title The Bridge, Mario Castañeda, with music from the much-loved Grant Kirkhope. Initially planned as a Wii U exclusive due to its core idea of local multiplayer for up to five players, with the GamePad player leading four others on the TV, it then added a PC version to broaden the potential audience. Has added additional cameos from popular YouTube channel Game Grumps, along with varied game characters.

Chances of Wii U release — Funded and confirmed.

Twisted Fusion — Wii U exclusive [approx £3,250 of £3,000 target reached, 3 days to go]

This début Nintendo game from Lewis Pugh, who's previously released a number of smartphone games, will utilise the Nintendo Web Framework on the home console. Described as an "open platformer", the gameplay in the pitch video brings to mind Renegade Kid's Mutant Mudds, while there'll also be an adjustable difficulty scale on the Wii U GamePad screen.

Chances of Wii U release — Funded and confirmed.

Project Updates

Cult County — Wii U and 3DS included in core target [approx $43,504 of $580,000 target reached, 5 days to go]

The project initially confirmed for the 3DS was moved to Unity-supported systems, which means Wii U, PC, PS3, PS Vita, PS4 and Xbox One. Following some fan pressure, however, the 3DS has now been added as part of the core goal along with the other platforms. As before when announced in 2013, this will be an episodic survival-horror FPS, with Renegade Kid aiming to use its experience from Dementium: The Ward and Dementium II on the DS.

Chances of Wii U / 3DS release — Almost impossible, with no sign of a boost in momentum.

Cosmochoria — Wii U included as $25,000 stretch goal [approx $20,750 of $10,000 target reached, 3 days to go]

This title is already funded for its main release on PC, so is already successful. It looks like a colourful, charming take on Asteroids style gameplay as you explore and plant seeds on planetoids when fighting off aliens. It's Wii U stretch goal has been drastically reduced from $150,000 to $25,000.

Chances of Wii U release — It'll be very tight, but with a late boost common in campaigns this may squeak past the $25,000 Wii U target.

Tom Sparks and the Quakes of Ruin — Wii U included as $210,000 stretch goal [approx $2,150 of $50,000 target reached, 4 days to go]

Described as a "3D diesel-punk action-adventure game full of crazy weapons", it takes an isometric top-down viewpoint and promises an action adventure of exploring, upgrading weapons and challenging enemy fights.

Chances of Wii U release — No chance.

Popup Dungeon — Wii U included as $100,000 stretch goal [approx $36,000 of $80,000 target reached, 21 days to go]

This is described as a "roguelike papercraft RPG that lets players create any weapon, ability, enemy, and hero they can imagine." Developer Triple.B.Titles has enjoyed Kickstarter success in the past, and has cited the second screen of the GamePad as an exciting potential feature for the dungeon play.

Chances of Wii U release — The campaign is going well so far, so there can be reasonable optimism at this point.

Hover: Revolt Of Gamers — Wii U included as $100,000 stretch goal [approx $48,700 of $38,000 target reached, 25 days to go]

This is an open-world freerunning/parkour game inspired by Jet Set Radio and Mirror's Edge, and looks impressive in its early demonstration footage. The developer has explained that the Wii U goal reflects the work to make the game run on the system, but also a desire to utilise the GamePad for asynchronous play.

Chances of Wii U release — Positive. In the past week it's blazed by its target with around $30,000 of fresh funding, so momentum is strong.

Nintendo Underdogs Reorchestrated (NUREO) — Approx $3,838 of $6,000 target reached, less than a day to go

This is a fan-driven project — headed up by Colin McIsaac — that aims to produce an album of 20 tracks for "underappreciated" Nintendo themes. Examples cited are WarioWare's "Ashley's Theme," Super Mario RPG's "Beware the Forest Mushrooms," and Mario Kart's "Rainbow Road"; stretch goals include live instrument soloists and guest arrangements.

Odds of success — It's looking unlikely in the final hours.

Source — Wii U included as $75,000 stretch goal [Approx $13,250 of $50,000 target reached, 14 days to go]

Originally targeting PC, PS4 and Xbox One, this is a "a metroidvania action adventure game" in which the player flies through the environments, with enemies, alternative realities and boss battles included. A project of the married duo Fenix Fire, the funding will help pay for additional development help.

Chances of Wii U release — It's looking unlikely without a boost in momentum.

Cancelled Project

Flying Hamster II — Wii U and 3DS as unspecified stretch goals [$32,901 of $150,000 target reached before cancellation]

The original Flying Hamster was released on PSP, Vita and iOS, but this sequel will aim to expand the original idea with a large "hub-based open world", with action platformer gameplay and rather cute visuals. The struggling campaign, which looked doomed in any case, has been cancelled with confirmation that FDG Entertainment will now collaborate and help fund the game.

Chances of Wii U / 3DS release — Unclear. The status update confirmed that "other ports" will follow the PC version. Does that include Wii U and 3DS? As they never even had specific stretch goals, we won't hold our breath.

So those are some crowdfunding efforts currently doing the rounds on Kickstarter. Let us know which ones interest you, and likewise point us to any we've missed in the comments below.