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OutRun Confirmed As The Next 3D Classic Racing to Japan

Posted by Kerry Brunskill

3DS gamers, get ready to race

While Sega had us distracted with the excellent 3D Fantasy Zone: Opa-Opa Brothers, it's gone and announced another classic that Sega fans have all been patiently waiting for — Outrun. This information is so minty-fresh that nothing else is currently known — not even an estimated release date — but we can at least play our current 3D Classics library safe in the knowledge that they're going to be joined — in Japan, at least — by one of arcade's true classics in the near future.

Of course, we're still awaiting news of when the current batch of 3D Classics arriving in Japan will make it West. The initial run certainly created a buzz among keen 3DS download fans, so we can only hope that sales were sufficient to ensure continued localisation of these titles.

For now all we can do is show you the Outrun logo and ask you to let us know how excited you are to hear Magical Sound Shower coming out of your 3DS in the future.


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Gnoll said:

I already hear the music in my ears... Please SEGA make this gaijin happy and send this and Afterburner westward ASAP!



Peach64 said:

Shame it's going to take so long to get to the west, but will definitely get this when it does arrive.



Kirk said:

Sega really is doing the eShop proud with all these 3D Classics titles.



ledreppe said:

Never played the original, so unsure if it's my thing. Loved 3D Streets of Rage, was it made easier for the 3DS? Because I died a lot and just seemed to keep respawning at the same point until I finished the game (even on hardest)?!



Kolzig said:

This is the 3D version of the arcade Outrun right? Ahh so awesome with M2's development for sure.



Mk_II said:

Friend of mine got the original "stand up" arcade game. Really awesome game to play, even after all those years



PinkSpider said:

I'm really behind on buying these, I need to catch up
This will be the icing on the cake. Well done Sega
Now give me some form of HD remake in Wii U E Shop and I'll be we'll happy



Porky said:

@SanderEvers Lol I just have to, you saying "Europe, pretty please" while the thought of they would have go through all the costly ratings to release in Europe. XD



MAB said:

M2 VC support is the only reason I'm hanging onto my 3DS... Everything after RE Revelations has been either mediocre or way too casual friendly to even consider handing over cash for



Whopper744 said:

We still haven't got Afterburner in the US. I'm wanting it and now Outrun. With the few that are available, I've been more impressed with Segas VC games than what Nintendo puts out.



Technosphile said:

That's wonderful, but since the west is STILL waiting on After Burner 2, I know it's gonna be awhile.



flojomojo said:

Such a great game. Am I correct in thinking this is "only" the second 3D remake, the first being the 3D glasses version on the Master System?



sinalefa said:

This should have been one of the first games released in this collection. Oh well better late than never. Hoping for localization.



Cesco said:

Next title in the series: POWERDRIFT 3D... Pretty pleaaaaaaaase!!! ^_______^



Humphries90 said:

This was at the top of my list for more Sega 3D classics. I loved Super Hang On, so I know I will love this too.



Ristar42 said:

Well, this is only my favourite ever videogame.

The Japanese Saturn stand alone release is the best version as of now.
The SEGA AGES US and PAL Saturn versions have a bug with the car becoming stuck in an uphill animation if you take the left route from the first stage.
I'm sure M2 will add overseas and Japan track versions.
My question is, will we have the correct car sprite, the Ferrari has not been seen since the version unlocakable in the Xbox release of OutRun 2, a game which had an offical liscence. Dreamcast versions have the stand in car...



sillygostly said:

A million times YES!!!!!

I've been waiting for a DS/3DS Outrun game for what feels like forever (ever since I missed out on that GBA Sega compilation), so while I would have liked a new Outrun game built from the ground up for the 3DS, I'd happily settle for this. I was tempted to buy the limited editions of Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed for the bonus Outrun track, but I really didn't enjoy either version of the demo to justify coughing up all that dough for a single track.

Now if only SEGA would commission a new OutRun title for current home consoles… or heck, I'd settle for the old games via VC (oddly, the original OutRun was never released on Wii…)



B3ND3R said:

It would be awesome if they included songs from Outrun 2 in it.. Shiny World and Risky Ride are my official favorite racing songs from Sega. Followed by Super Sonic Racing of course.



JJtheTexan said:

HOLY SMOKES!!! I REALLY hope this makes its way West. LOVE LOVE LOVE this game... lost so many quarters on the arcade version as a kid.



B3ND3R said:

On second thought, add "Super Sonic Racing" to the set list in this too xD that would be HILARIOUS.



Mr-X9000 said:




AshFoxX said:

I used to play this game ages ago on the Amiga, and I loved it then. I think the nostalgia has worn off since then, though, especially since I can only ever get about three minutes of gameplay out of it before the timer expires.

Apparently that means I suck at it.



Windy said:

@KnightRider666 You know it! I wish Nintendo would get off their butts and make some 3d Classics. Their handling of 3d classics and the VC are not acceptable. I'm so glad sega stepped in for the 3d Classics



joey302 said:

YEA BABY!!!! Out Run one of my favorites of ALL time!! I love you SEGA!! Bring it west with afterburner and Fantasy Zone.... & Wii U next please?? I'm positive that you're missing out on $$$$ on that eshop guys!!



Fandabidozi said:

The first time I played Outrun, on a stormy ferry crossing to France, is one of my most cherished gaming memories. Need this game on my 3DS ASAP



Pahvi said:

... despite just buying a PS3, all these 3D classics are making me think of getting a 3DS. Even though I'd play it only on my sofa, straight in front of my home consoles, and the 3D classics are so far the only games I'm interested on the system.

/me goes to listen to Magical Sound Shower on YouTube

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