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Asaki commented on A Totally Complete Version Of Star Fox 2 Reall...:

I wonder what the "missing elements" are. The patched prototype feels pretty finished to me, aside from the missing multiplayer mode (which didn't seem all that exciting anyway).
A VC release would be a no-brainer...Recca got released to VC, DK Pie Factory had a limited release...I'm sure Nintendo could dig up lots of other gems, like Sim City NES.
While I'm on the topic of unreleased Argonaut games, would also be awesome to see an English release of X some day. I've always wanted to try it, but the language barrier is a little too steep for me.



Asaki commented on Video: Go Beyond The Beards With This Behind T...:

This game looks like it would fit perfectly on the Sega CD or the 3DO @_@
They're trying to get as wide a range of music as they can into the game...isn't that what caused sales of GH to plummet after 5 and Band Hero?



Asaki commented on Reminder: New StreetPass DLC Games Offer a 'Th...:

@TerrapinJess Yeah, at first I tried playing Find Mii also (the other games weren't out until the next year), but quickly realized that level 1 heroes aren't going to get you very far, no matter how many you have, and I just focused on puzzle pieces. The next year I did the same, but if passes were slow (like when we were in an event room for a while), I'd go through some of the other games.

On a separate note, I really, really like the new game vault. Warrior's Way went in there immediately; I got 100% on that one and see no reason to beat it a third time.



Asaki commented on Reminder: New StreetPass DLC Games Offer a 'Th...:

@TerrapinJess Yeah, it's kind of like that. My friends and I go to a local "everything Japan" convention every year, and your queue fills up almost instantly. You can stand in one spot outside and just constantly empty it out for a while. That's how we got the "100 StreetPass tags in one day" accomplishment (and numerous others), and it's where we fill up on pink puzzle pieces for the year.



Asaki commented on Reminder: Xenoblade Chronicles 3D Out Now for ...:

I thought about getting this, but it's a moot point since NOA hasn't released the New 3DS yet, and still no sign that they plan to...
Thought about trying to import one and region unlock it, but knowing my luck, NOA would release it in the US immediately afterwards >_<



Asaki commented on Monster Tale on Its Way to the 3DS eShop in a ...:

I already have the DS game, don't know if I'd want to double dip. It's pretty fun for a Metroid clone, but not quite as meaty as the real thing. I didn't get super far yet, but I'm not sure how they can cut out MORE backtracking, it doesn't have very much to begin with (which I see as a flaw for this genre of game).
The original game came out pretty late in the DS's life, and the box art looked like some generic shovelware title. Hopefully they make a lot more sales on the eShop, it deserves it.



Asaki commented on Fans Are Translating Dragon Quest VII On 3DS B...:

Would be neat if they could figure out a way to patch the actual cart (and region un-lock it) in real-time using a browser exploit. People might need to start snatching up copies while they're still selling for only two digits.



Asaki commented on Review: Undead Storm Nightmare (3DS eShop):

8 seems pretty high, the demo was very boring. You could walk right past most monsters...which made smashing crates pointless, since you don't need ammo or health...which makes the overall game...pointless. Maybe it gets better after the extremely short first level?



Asaki commented on Video: Behold the Sheer Majesty Of The Backlit...:

Biverting means first, the image is inverted electronically (using an IC), and then the image is inverted again using a polarized film in the screen.

It creates much better contrast than backlighting alone, and is claimed to also reduce motion blur.



Asaki commented on Video: Hanging Out With Arino In The Japanese ...:

I really hope this comes out over here, even if it's only an eShop title, but I have doubts =( I've never seen the show, but the first game was just awesome.

Too bad piracy killed any chances of it selling.



Asaki commented on Soapbox: A Case For The Defence: Castlevania 64:

@ToxieDogg Yeah, I never understood why peoples' main gripe with the game was the camera. Every other over-the-shoulder N64 game was exactly the same, and you never hear people saying "Mario 64 was the worst game."
@SuperMarioBros3 I wouldn't say Simon's Quest was "half-baked in [its] execution", but the confusing translation of the US version certainly didn't do it any favors. There's an English re-translation out there (not Redaction) that's really awesome, and adds a few optional extras like a real-time day/night cycle (no pausing to read those famous quotes) and save slots.