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Super Mario 3D World Sells 57% of Its Initial Shipment in Japan

Posted by Lewis Childs

Roughly 175,000 copies shipped at launch

Last week we reported that Super Mario 3D World had sold 99,588 copies in its first week in Japan, making it the lowest debut for a 3D Mario platformer, although this does not take into account eShop download sales. The game came in at number 2 in the Japanese charts behind Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII for the PS3; the arrival of the latest Mario instalment saw Wii U hardware sales increase by about 5,000 in the region.

Media Create, the primary Japanese sales tracker, has reported that Super Mario 3D World sold 57.17% of its initial shipment. This means that Nintendo had shipped roughly 175,000 copies at launch, a surprisingly low figure given the strength of the Mario brand. This could mean that Nintendo had realistic expectations given the Wii U’s install base, or that retailers weren’t willing to stock any more copies of the game at launch.

Here’s a list of first week sales for other 3D Mario entries:

1) Super Mario 3D Land - 344,698 (1,861,023 total)
2) Super Mario Galaxy 2 - 337,569 (1,032,853 total)
3) Super Mario Sunshine - 280,610 (789,989 total)
4) Super Mario Galaxy - 256,341 (1,025,664 total)
5) Super Mario 64 - 162,113 (1,639,914 total)
6) Super Mario 64 DS - 120,062 (1,231,535 total)

Nintendo have high hopes that Super Mario 3D World will not just be a system seller this holiday season, but also a title that will sell well over the next few years.


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Falchion said:

Well it could be worse. At least its pretty close to other 3d mario titles, and i think this lack of sales definately has to do with the low console base. I bet once more games come out it will sell better, one good game doesn't always convince people to buy a console



Gallimastro said:

@Falchion Needs stronger third party support. Not sure how long Ubisoft can support it. Honestly, I think if the console was the best place to get RPGs and (new ones, not rereleases) and more HD remakes of N64-Gamecube era titles the install base in Japan might see an increase. Right now though it looks like they're trying to win back the casual market first.



BlatantlyHeroic said:

I'm pretty sure the Japanese buy more games digitally than physically. I demand to have someone find out how well it did digitally and combine the sales to find out how well it ACTUALLY did.



WaveGhoul said:

Looks like Nintendo is going to have to release a 4th New Super Stale bros sequel to make up for lost money. That or they can start focusing on more suprising and fresher ideas like a StarTropics 3DS sequel. They need to take more risks with some of their franchises, especially the ones that have been tossed at sea. this is the downside to massive budgets, longer development time, and the amount of people in dev teams.



Cevan said:

That's a shame. Hopefully though it sold well digitally, as those numbers haven't been revealed yet.



Falchion said:

@CountWavula I would buy a new startropics game in a heartbeat! They should get Retro on that!

@Gallimastro i think nintendo has almost given up on the hardcore market to sony at least when it comes to home consoles... I think nintendo consoles are for people who want to play nintendo or other kid-friendly games and maybe a few others



Moshugan said:

None of the other 3D Mario titles were available as downloads when they were released. That has to be taken into account. Even I bought the game from the eShop even though I'm a huge Mario fan!
But it's a realistic estimate from these figures that it might have made it worst.



element187 said:

@renaryuugufan92 that's only physical release too. Lots of people downloaded it. The night of release saw a pretty big explosion in sm3dw Miiverse posts.

We will only know the physical numbers. And I would say 100k physical in Japan might actually be good if the download numbers represent a quarter or more from that point....... But taking the install base into account, 100k physical into a million user install base works out to 10% attach rate for physical copies. I would love to see the download numbers for all regions.



Sir_Deadly said:

I personally think they should include the eshop sales as well. Technically its still considered a copy that was sold if u bought it digitally. I think the only reason they didnt add it in here, is because Wii U is the first system where u could DL retail games. They should add those sales figured into it because i dnt believe a game everyone has been playing and has gotten so much praise has a low sales figure. Can u guys find out how much digital sales eshop made and add those into the number as well and then compare them?



unrandomsam said:

Super Mario 64 - 162,113 (1,639,914 total) - That is the interesting one.

Home original version did better than the handheld port.

Super Mario 64 DS - 120,062 (1,231,535 total)

If it really is as good as Mario 64 it should perform in a similar manner over the next few years.



Jazzer94 said:

The Japan sales numbers aren't that bad I really think some people are blowing it out of proportion.



sinalefa said:

Do the Japanese have Deluxe Digital Promotion or a similar deal? That could have pushed more digital sales if they do. I got two $5 credits after getting 3D World.



Oren87 said:

Were people really expecting 200k+ people to rush out and by a Wii U and Mario within 48 hours of release?

100k plus download sales is actually very respectable considering the small install base. Mario should be a game that will sell Wii U's at a steady rate over a larger period of time.

Also... Seems to have sold well in the US.



vattodev said:

Come on, you're a NINTENDO fan site. Don't post bad news based purely on speculation. There is not download sales in those numbers, the week counted for only a few days and there is only 1 million Wii U users in japan. That means that in those few days 10% of the install base bought it! Next to christmas! There are so many reasons why people would wait a few weeks before buying and still it has a 10% attach rate!
Please stop trolling Nintendo with rumors people spread on NeoGaf. You're a Nintendo fan site.



Peach64 said:

Why does everyone want Nintendo Life to ignore bad news? A lot of Nintendo fans are interested to see how this game does, because if it flops, then we can expect to see far less 3D Mario games, and a lot more 2D 'New' Super Mario ones instead.



Ash_Anne said:

I think there is a bit of brand fatigue going on with Mario. I wish Nintendo would remember that they have more IPs other than Mario. He can't save every system.



Jazzer94 said:

@SirGreatNose So you can predict bad results for a console that has not released in a particular region but NintendoLife can't report on sales figures for a game on Wii U.



Mr_Nose said:

@Jazzer94 Edited, for you.

@Peach64 The thing is, if I want bad news, it's easy to get. I joined a 'fan' site, to be surrounded by like-minded folks. I wouldn't expect that on say, a Cleveland Browns fan site, the major articles are about how much the Browns suck. Oops! Oh, no I didn't. No, I want to hear about the games, and other features, and experiences of other players and fans. Interests. My interests. I don't need to be reminded of negativities associated with them. Like I said, I can get that all over the internet. Why would I even need to frequent a fan site?



Spoony_Tech said:

@vattodev Well Japan doesn't really celebrate CHRISTmas so you can't figure that in. Also the dl rate in japan has been around 10 to 15% so even if that's true we are only looking at 115k or so. It will sell from word of mouth more then anything!



Gerbwmu said:

Without digital sales being released, it really is apples to oranges comparison. Looks like a great game that I plan on getting after Christmas.



Oren87 said:

@Peach64 Not everyone. I want to take the bad with the good! Can't really know what's going on without all the facts.

I don't really understand how they could make fewer 3D Marios considering we only really get 1, maybe 2, per console generation.

Current sales figures (factoring in the reported US sales) would suggest the market is big enough to justify them being developed.



vattodev said:

@Spoony_Tech I'm not sure where did you get this 15% sales from download. Myself, I always buy online these 2GB Nintendo games that refund me 10% back. My Mario 3D world costed only 20$ because of the deluxe promotion.
And about december sales, check any reports of weekly console/game sales in Japan. I'm not sure if they do anything for christmas, but december's sales are usually 5x the number of sales in previous months. Something happens in december there.



vattodev said:

And to be honest, an enterprise that ships 175.000 copies to a 1.000.000 market is heavily relying on digital sales. The numbers may be bigger than you think.



Aran said:

Tus isn't that bad, maybe it didn't have those great sales because we are near Christmas, I think people is waiting to give this game as a Christmas gift, and there's that great new bundle with Mario 3D World and Mario's hat.



SCAR said:

The sales aren't even bad. The physical sales were within their expectations and it's not counting digital sales.

It would be like saying Xenoblade Chronocles sold ONLY 500,000 copies and that's a bad thing, when that's how many were available to begin with. That was an actual argument, too.

If they shipped out 1,000,000 copies, there would be a problem here, especially since they would have expected the entire Japan market to buy a disc copy. That doesn't make any sense.



Peach64 said:

@SirGreatNose but NLife aren't saying Nintendo suck, and they definitely aren't saying this game sucks. They gave it full marks and loved it. It's not the same situation. It would be closer to that team doing bad in the league… would that fan website then never talk about results? Would they just completely ignore the games being played each week? It's not great news here, I know, but it's not like Nintendo Life are the ones being negative.



Zobocop said:

Hard to say these numbers mean anything. We all know Mario Sunshine didn't change the outcome of the Gamecube.



Tsusasi said:

If you want to post an article that compares other Mario sales, then do it right... otherwise the result is exactly what has happened here: trolling and fanboy rants. The number you quote is for a couple of days of sales and doesn't include digital sales, from everything I've read. So here's where this article falls apart then.

How many days sales are these other Mario totals for? What was the installed user base for each of the systems at the time of release? What are the numbers for the digital sales on the ii U? Without that information, these comparisons mean next to nothing. We could be comparing 5 days of sales to 2, and against a system with 2 or 3 times the installed user base. It's green apples to red apples, at best. The only thing these numbers have in common is the name Mario.

This is sensational, and irresponsible... and horrible math. A quick clarion call to the fanboys of all systems to bump traffic and revenue, or just a really bad editorial decision? You decide.



SCAR said:

Also, to the people saying a New Super Mario ASAP. No.

There was one for DS, Wii, 3DS, and Wii U. The only reason why you're thinking another might come out soon, is because the Wii, 3DS, and Wii U games came out fairly close to each other. There won't be another NSMB. until next gen.



DreamDrop said:

I like how people assume Digital sales will be phenomenal. Fact is, WiiU needs games from Metroid or Zelda to atleast keep it afloat for a few years before we get WiiU2



cfgk24 said:

Digital Sales? A year ago - I would not have bought Digital downloads - preferring physical copies. . .but now? I am really happy buying Digital copies -especially on my 3DS. I prefer to support Nintendo's profits directly rather than those of third party sellers. . .



Caryslan said:

@SirGreatNose What does it matter? Japan has never been a major region for Microsoft since the first Xbox. That's not some hidden secert that Microsoft has kept buried for years. They made a small push early in the 360's lifespan to get some JRPGs on the system, but otherwise, Microsoft is mostly focused on Europe and NA.

Why would a Xbox website post anything about the Xbox's sales in Japan short of it somehow exploding to the top of the charts? Its well know the Xbox has gotten an icy reception in Japan and to write articles about it is pointless.

The reason why its a big deal when Nintendo or Sony have trouble in Japan is due to the idea that Japan is the home market of those two companies. Nintendo and Sony have both had major success in Japan, and its a big deal if their systems struggle.

It would be the same if the Xbox One just flops in the US and Halo 5 barely sells anything compared to the previous games. Because North America is the home market of the Xbox, its expected to do very well here.

There's nothing to report when it comes to Japan and the Xbox. Microsoft has never spun the Japanese numbers in their favor, and they have all but admitted that they have no chance of ever getting a foothold in Japan. To write anything now would be beating a dead horse. The Xbox sells poorly in Japan, everyone knew that years ago. What's to write about? "Seven Years Later, the Xbox 360 still is at the bottom of the Japanese charts?"

Japan is meaningless to the Xbox brand. Its managed to do well in other markets and the rare western game that does sell in Japan is also found on the PS3.



KingofSaiyans said:

Why are digital sales never included in these reports? I buy all my games digitally and I want my copy to be included in that mix of numbers



DualWielding said:

I think accounting for digital sales the attach rate would be pretty high, about 80% of Wii U owners would get this game. However, I don't think it would really increase hardware sales dramatically



Darel18 said:

I told you guys, this Cat-Mario is not what people are waiting for (not saying that the game sucks). Sadly, neither Bayonetta 2. Wii U will raise their hardware sales when Mario Kart 8 is released, only then Nintendo will have a strong community base to sell their games and have stronger third-party support.

Same thing happened with the 3DS and, as Reggie acknowledge, is happening with the Wii U.

I'll buy my Wii U after MK 8, then I'll buy the games I'm interested in, like Bayonetta 2, Wonderful 101, Donkey Kong Tropical and maybe Zombie U, for now.



Tsusasi said:

@Darel18 Actually, people love cat Mario. I have no idea where you got your information from, but not only has this Mario gotten rave reviews, so has the addition of the cat suit.

And to address comments regarding digital sales, I don't know about anyone else, but I personally am not saying that they will be insanely high. The fact is they are a part of the sales numbers, and not including them or other critical info means these comparisons carry no weight.



Rei7 said:

I think a price drop for Wii U would save Wii U..
The lack or user having a Wii U is causing all this problems..
Then again since there is no download sales stat all this article might be irrelevant.

I have much love for the Wii U compared to PS3, 3DS and Vita. But the fact that Nintendo games are pricy physically and sadly digitally, might be the causes why people didn't get the Wii U. People have been leaning towards PC gaming though. Although it is expensive, people could compensate on the invest as Steam provides dirt cheap price for awesome games just look at their Autumn Sale, it is AWESOME.

I'm a multi-platformer and a lot of benefits still goes to PC compared to console. But that didn't stop me from loving my Wii U. Wii Party U and Mario 3D world has keep me busy with my friends.. 4 player multiplayer all the way! This is why Nintendo games rocks!



Dave24 said:

Problem with WiiU is the Gamepad itself. I'm not saying it's bad, in my opinion it's awesome thing, but I play it, so I know it, but how anyone else should know, when they are not showing any of it's possibilities in interesting way? They showed throwing stars and showing maps or off-tv play... Cool, but what else? To be honest, even Nintendo have no idea what to do with it other than map. There were few awesome ideas in 3D World, but it felt more like test of what works and what doesn't rather than game making feature.
Also, PS4 and X1, and with that 3rd party - with Wii it wasn't the problem, after all Wii was console for Nintendo games, but people had more money. Now, with all the crashes of economy and trouble with money, people are not so happy to throw away 300 euro for only Nintendo games. Price drop won't fix anything, because people are not convinced into buying it, either be lack of "big games" or underused gimmick controller.



ultraraichu said:

I remember one time seeing a Nintendo direct when they show a chart explaining how sales of downloadable games are becoming increasing popular. This and that digital purchase are not calculated with total sales, my best judgement is that Super Mario 3D World did way better then the media puts on.



MadAdam81 said:

@vattodev Either that or the disc sales figure was higher than 100,000. Another possibility is that they started slow and will add more stock later.
But considering the fact that Japan has just over 1/4 of all Wii Us and far less than 1/4 of all 3D World sales, it's not too bad.
It would be interesting to see all physical and digital sales figures for the opening, my guess is about 650k, which wouldn't be too bad seeing as how many are waiting to buy it.



IronMan28 said:

I'd like to point out digital sales are not included in this, which does deserve mention. Until we get those figures, it's tough to speculate how well 3D World sold in its first week. Counting physical sales is becoming less relevant as time goes on, sorry for those that like retail, but you probably won't be in the majority forever.



TheGZeus said:

@Darel18 O_o
You couldn't get me to play a cart racer, let alone buy one. When a friend, who also has a 3DS got MK7 they emailed me saying "it's like they took all the best parts of the other games and put them together" (paraphrased) and my thought was "eew".
This game, however, is the first to make me think "hmm. Might actually get that system before it's obsolete and cheap".

My main point here is that your opinion is your opinion, and your tastes are your tastes. They do not necessarily reflect the tastes of others.
You can like what you like, but that doesn't mean that's what will sell to other people.



Mr_Nose said:

@TheGZeus @Kodeen
Oh, forgive me. The fact that it's called Nintendo Life, contains news, reviews, features, games, media, and forums all relating to Nintendo and all of it's products, made me think it was a Nintendo fan's site.

Silly of me to assume.



StabEDealin said:

The premise of this article is off-putting. My wife and I are playing this right now and its amazing. The best Mario we've ever experienced. If others are missing out then it really is the end of Nintendo; when others won't play even the best on principle or lack of prestige modes....



XCWarrior said:

It's not that Mario is no longer super effective in Japan, its that they want their handhelds, consoles are secondary.

Very much the opposite of here in the US.



JusticeColde said:

@Peach64 I say this site would be better if they didn't make an article every time Pachter takes a dump or some idiot says "Nintendoomed."

Bad news is ok, full-on advertising of negativity and blatant hate is just wrong.



Henmii said:

I agree that without digital sales we don't get the whole picture, but I just think that Japanese people have enough of Mario! And I think the same goes for Europe and America! Nintendo has reached saturation point!



Yoshis_VGM said:

Nintendo Life, I caught a mistake in your article. Actually, I got two.

First, you said that 3D World shifted 100,000 copies in a week...incorrect. It shipped 100,000 copies in two days. Which, given the Wii U's small install base in Japan, that's a huge number.

Second, you forgot to mention that this only covers physical copies. Here in North America, 3D World shifted 250,000 copies in 48 hours, but Miiverse saw an explosion of posts immediately after midnight on the east coast struck. You need to mention that that number only represents physical copies, because once you factor in the digital copies, the number will be much higher.

It's also worth noting that the Wii U shifted 110,000 units worldwide this week. By comparison, it sold 160,000 units in the first quarter of this year. The Wii U is slowly, but surely, getting better.



natethehero said:

I believe Nintendo is correct that this game will have long legs, just like the New Super Mario Bros. series that started with the DS. Every one of those has generally sold continually well due to their 2D multiplayer friendly (sort of ) nature. Families and friends can play together. Super Mario 3D World is the first 3D Mario game to offer true co-operative/competitive multiplayer. That, and the fact that it's a much easier game for newbies and 3-Dimensionally challenged gamers, due to the more isometric perspective preventing players from getting lost or easily frustrated. Very clever, Nintendo. Give gamers the best of both types of Mario games. It should pay off.



Mahe said:

@natethehero Yeah, paying off... with the lowest sales of even any 3D Mario, not even to mention the massive sales of 2D Marios!



vattodev said:

So I read an amazing comment in another site that posted this same news:
The Last of Us (PS3), another game that is running for game of the year, received many praises for topping the japanese charts in it's release week.
It sold 117k retail copies. Not that more than SM3DW, but it's on a 9 million install base.
Please stop spreading rumours of bad news, NintendoLife!

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