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Gunman Clive Sells Quarter Of A Million Copies Across All Formats, "Vast Majority" On 3DS

Posted by Damien McFerran

Japanese eShop sales have been "very good", too

Bertil Hörberg — the talented fellow behind the excellent Gunman Clive — has already revealed that the 3DS version of the game has sold better than its smartphone counterparts. However, he now has more good news to share — the game has been downloaded 250,000 times across all formats, with most sales coming on Nintendo's handheld:

Hörberg has also confirmed that Japanese sales of the game have also been very encouraging:

It's encouraging to see the game has found a wide audience, and that the 3DS is able to challenge the likes of iOS and Android when it comes to earning potential. Are you a fan of the game? Let us know by posting a comment below.


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ninjapenguin1 said:

Just downloaded this game last week. Definitely worth the $2, not terribly difficult but entertaining for speed runs.



Bassman_Q said:

I love that game as well; it was short but had plenty of charm. Glad to see sales have been great for him. Looking at those screenshots makes me want to replay the game again! Can't wait to see what else he has up his sleeves to create.



Goginho said:

Great platformer with unique visuals. Definitely a fan of this kind of style. We want more



Nik-Davies said:

Really enjoyed the game. Was one of my first eShop purchases. Wouldn't mind a Gunman Clive 2, or even a full retail game for the Wii U & 3DS with much more content.



AlexSora89 said:

The game deserved every bit - no pun intended - of its success.
Undoubtedly the best-spent 2€ of 2013 for me, hands down.
Congratulations, Bert. I propose a toast. To Bertil!



unrandomsam said:

I think I got more out of this than Mutant Mudds (Even though I paid £8 for Mutant Mudds).

It cannot be my best game of 2013 because as far as I know I got in 2012.

I suspect he has made more from this than the EU release of Code of Princess. (Which I would need a demo or a significant price reduction to risk).



XFsWorld said:

That's great. Smart phones has mega millions of users compared to 3DSs user base. Gunman Clive 2 would be nice.



Windy said:

** Claps For Bertil Hörberg ** Great Job Hope you sell many more of your excellent game



Windy said:

@ricklongo Part 1 was so good. To this day it's still one of my Favorite Experiences on 3DS. Such a surprisingly great title at a low price. We Love ya Bertil Hörberg hope to see more soon



Aqueous said:

I liked it, took me a long time to get to downloading it but great game. I'll be watching any more games he puts out on Nintendo Systems.



RetroRider said:

Got the game awhile ago, so worth playing through multiple times, especially once you unlock the secret character.



daveh30 said:

This game was a lot of fun and has a very unique style and design. It's short, but well worth the $2 cost of admission. Everyone should give this a playthrough.



Stu13 said:

This is great news. Gunman Clive would still be a steal at twice the asking price. Hopefully this ensures that his next project will hit the eShop.



JaySonsa1298 said:

This game definitely needs a sequel. For two bucks you get a game with a pretty good amount of content.



orravan85 said:

Love this game! Really hope this encourages more iOS developers to consider bringing their IP's over to the 3DS.



KingofSaiyans said:

Just downloaded this a few days ago. For 2 dollars? There's no excuse no 3ds owner should be without this game.



Klimbatize said:

@Artwark (#12) LOL, that is one of the funniest posts I've read in a long time. Thank you so much for that.

Anyway, I've been a big proponent of this game since it's release. It's just pure fun and it's a steal at only $2. I'm glad to hear of it's continued success and I look forward to his next game...

...And then he can make Clive 2!



Technosphile said:

For awhile I would put the 3DS to sleep with Clive open while I StreetPassed just to spread the word. Bertil's a genius.

He has a Wii U devkit, what will he think of next?



electrolite77 said:

Good to hear. Hopefully this encourages more developers to port tablet games across. I can't be bothered with most of them on the iPad but put them on the 3DS with proper controls and they're great!



JaxonH said:

The game is a gem, it really is, and looks superb in 3D. And this is proof that quality games can exist for that price range. Gunman Clive, Fractured Soul and Steamworld Dig are my top 3 picks for 3DS eShop indie games. And in case anyone was wondering what Fractured Soul is, it's a really awesome title originally planned as a retail release for the DS, but ended up landing in the 3DS eShop (think it's around $10 give or take).

The game uses 2 screens to mirror two worlds, only one is in a different dimension, and can vary from the other, usually just little things, but enough that you'll have to constantly switch you "soul" between the 2 characters to progress. It's one of my favorite games, and had it received some marketing and a retail release I think it could have done very well.



DualWielding said:

the success comes from its pricing strategy, the guy understand that selling a quarter million at 1.99 is better than selling only a few thousands at 4.99



sinalefa said:

This was one of the first eShop games I bought. Great value for the money, and I love how you can use different characters to encourage multiple playthroughs.

Congrats to him!



Shambo said:

@Terrible_Majesty Add a fisful of dirt, and I'm totally okay with that!

And on a sarcastic side note: don't get any ideas, 3ds is STILL doomed to irrelevance because of smart phones!



artofmana said:

I called this game superb and nostalgia inducing on iOS. I just got my 3DS in November and will pick this game up for it in the next few days with some eShop cards. In the meantime, this is what I wrote for the iOS version and I'm sure the 3DS version deserves even more praises thanks to the 3D effect and controls. Maybe there is extra content, too!

Gunman Clive is a truly polished game with a subtlety and peculiar humor and atmosphere entirely it's own. At first, I thought Sunset Riders with a sketch effect coat. But that doesn't do this game justice. In fact, it seems to pay homage to Mega Man and Metroid with its pacing and some of the angles you have to fire at enemies with. But platforming and "rescuing the princess" is all Mario and there are even terrific gravity platforming a la side scrolling Mario Galaxy levels. Some of the bosses made me think of Sonic the Hedgehog machines and one of the final bosses made me think of The Adventure of Link (the 2D side scroller) with even the music seeming to pay homage to that game.

But with all these excellent allusions to great games, Gunman Clie stands out as its own game. Perfectly balanced with a steady increase in difficulty, attention to detail and the ability to jump in without any explanation. With so many games demanding complicated explanations of their gameplay at the front, it's refreshing to have a game where the game design makes it immediately obvious what and how you are supposed to play.

You probably already guessed that I like this game and while it is a short romp, you will love it--especially if you are a retro gamer. The art and music complete what is a solid game with a quirky sense of humor. Though it is short, I don't think anything needs to be added to it. It is perfect as is and even sports some of the finest touch controls for a game of its kind to date (I played on an iPad).

What I will be looking forward to and willing to shell out a higher than average iOS game amount of cash for is a sequel. Until then, I think I will keeps this on my device for a replay soon.

Thanks for a great game and a great time. Peace!



Falchion said:

$2 is a lot for people to pay on a phone but its nothing on a 3ds. So if u want to sell a game for money, its more likely to sell on the 3ds but free-to-play models thrive on ios and android



dumedum said:

@Falchion it's true. F2P is the only way to entice the innocents crowds on the mobile front giving them a false sense that they're not wasting a lot of money. Sad but true.



Falchion said:

@dumedum Most companies mark up their games when the bring it to the eshop. Zenonia went from $2 to $8 and cut the rope went from $1 to $5. Without those increases I bet those games would have sold really well on the eshop



Windy said:

@Falchion I would have bought those games in the Eshop had they been priced the same as the Other shops. I will hold out on principle.



Giggity55 said:

Wow...I bought this game about a week after it released and still haven't played more than 40 minutes. Maybe I should finish it........



WaveBoy said:

Without a doubt one of thee' weakest experiences I've had on 3DSWare. I thought it was a total bore and utterly pointless...I've already played tons of platformers over the years, since the late 80's that THIS platformer borrows heavily from(Some will argue it's a 'celebration', i'll argue that it's a lack of creativity)and they all did it 10 times better with a lead character that's actually memorable. For $1.99 maybe i shouldn't be so harsh, but yeesh.... I just don't understand the praise this game is getting. Heck, you're FAR and away better of with Contra, Mega Man, Donkey Kong and whatever else this game steals from. Gunman Clive i found was a snore from start to finish.

Oh well, it's still more enjoyable than Call of Duty 99.




Good for him. Excellent value for what the game gives you. Now take it to the next level on the WiiU!



ikki5 said:

and then you get some companies/developers that say 500k is disappointing sales....



Zodiak13 said:

Never really got into the game, but there is nothing in particular that I disliked, just never hooked me. Still, I am glad the game has done well, and would likely support his next game regardless of whether or not I plan to play it.



Tasuki said:

One of the best things I have spent 2 dollars on. I enjoyed everything about this game. The music and graphics worked really well with this game. I look forward to his next game.



WaveBoy said:

I guess I'm just not a fan of these Indy fake-retro titles, especially those that don't have a single trinket of creativity in their bones and boast a lead character that is more forgettable than Bubsy himself and even Aero the Acrobat.

I ask myself, why would i play Gunman Clive when i can play those very games(That are far superior mind you) that it borrows heavily from instead? It does nothing to further the genre or innovate, not that it needs to i know....Heck, mega man 9 was nothing short of amazing and felt like a true successor to MM2, it felt enormously fresh in the sense that it was a new 8-bit NES game by a franchise that was beaming full of innovation WITH the first incarnation back on the NES.....Yet now being plunked in a genertaion mostly consisting of dazzling 3D graphics. Who thought going backwards would be so awesome? I did.

I don't know, doesn't anybody else find playing the same ol' stuff from some random indie duder' who ripped gameplay mechanics from previous renowened franchises all whipped up in an artsy fartsy presentation growing a little....well....stale? it's just a remix of dull ideas wrapped up in a flash-looking disposable package. It doesn't help that there are so many bloody games being released these days, a lot of which are all starting to feel the same but with different skins...

But ultimately, for $1.99 you can do far FAR worse. Like buying a a couple of snicker bars, wait a second!

Put that $2 towards Mega Man 2 or 3 on the 3DS's VC, i can assure you, you will have LOADS more fun and both games will leave a lasting impression that will blow your 8-bit noggin!



Kolzig said:

It's quite nice game. Pricing is excellent in this one. It was actually the first 3DS eShop game I bought. Mainly it was because of the price, but it was a nice surprise that the game is quite entertaining for that small price.



accc said:

He (Bertil) later posted a pie chart which showed that the 3DS version accounted for 80% of the overall sales. Attention mobile developers: Want an easy way to quintuple the sales of your games? Release them on the 3DS! (And don't overcharge for them!)



SageWaterDragon said:

@dumedum Meh, more like iOS: 1, 3DS: 2. We still don't have Infinity Blade on the Android side of the spectrum, and I am still grumpy about that.



WindWakerLink said:

That's good! Gunman Clive is fun game and the music is awesome! LOVE THE ART STYLE!! My top favorite stages and songs are Stage 9 & 11! They are so awesome!



tanookisuit said:

Good for you and your game. I had it on the iOS platform until my iPad2 got wrecked and it was fantastic, even using crappy touch controls it worked well. I'll probably end up getting it in time on the 3DS though as it supposedly will NOT work on a Nexus 7 which is my replacement tablet and that's depressing.



Ralizah said:

It was a fun, high-quality platformer with a really cool 3D effect that was priced competitively. I suggest to everyone I know who might enjoy it.,



CharleSketch said:

Having completed the game a while ago I must say it's good for the price and... that's it. The character is way too floaty (probably a leftover from touchscreen controls), some enemies respawn randomly, and, despite the charming visual style, it does get boring to look at after a while. I guess it's okay to dip back in every couple of months or so, but if my memory space is ever running low, it's the first thing I'm uninstalling.

Those $2 could've definitely gone one something worse (I still regret the $3 I spent on that psn thing, Linger in Shadows) or something much better ($1.50 to re-buy Kirby Super Star on Wii U), but all in all it's okay.



Windy said:

@dumedum Yep I have both 3DS and IOs and hardly game on IOs. I use the Ipad for mainly websurfing. Everytime I do get a game I find myself getting frustrated with no Control pad. Touchscreen controls are an amazing technology but I think it will never take the place of a good control pad when it comes to gaming. I have Gunman Clive for both systems and It's far better on the 3DS

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